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Whirlpool Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat

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$18323     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  

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SKU: WP68601-6

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Whirlpool Genuine OEM WP68601-6 Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat. The temperature control thermostat regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator. It turns on and shuts off the compressor as needed to maintain the set temperature.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric & Ikea.

Possible Repair Solution For:
Fridge section is too warm, fridge section is too cold, freezer section is too warm, freezer section is too cold, will not start, frost buildup, leaking water.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.

This part is also known as a cold control.
Edmonton (DC): 1
Edmonton (South): 0
Calgary: 0
British Columbia
Richmond: 1
Surrey: 0
Winnipeg: 2
Saskatoon: 0
Hamilton: 1
London: 0
Mississauga: 0
Scarborough: 2
Windsor: 0
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Works with the Following Brands

  • Admiral Logo
  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
  • Whirlpool Logo

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GT22X8DV (BOM: DC87A) GT22X8DV (BOM: DC88A) GT23A83A GT23A83V GT23A8XA GT23A8XV GT23A93A GT23A93V GT23X83A GT23X83V GT23X8A (BOM: DF92A) GT23X8V (BOM: DF91A) GT23X93V (BOM: DF89A) HRNT1504A (BOM: AF09A) HRNT15152A (BOM: CF11A) HRNT15152A (BOM: CF18A) HRNT1515A (BOM: BF10A) HRNT1515A (BOM: BF10C) HRNT1515A (BOM: BF10E) HRNT1535A (BOM: DF07A) HRNT1535H (BOM: DF08A) HRNT1535V (BOM: DF06A) HRNT1716A (BOM: BF33A) HRNT1716A (BOM: BF33D) HRNT1906A (BOM: AF53A) HRNT1917A (BOM: BF53A) HRNT1917A (BOM: BF55C) HRNT1917A (BOM: CL52A) HRNT19192A (BOM: CF52A) HRNT1919A (BOM: BF60A) HRNT1919A (BOM: CL55A) HRNT23192A (BOM: CF96A) HRNT23192 (BOM: CF95A) HRNT23393A (BOM: DF99A) HRNT23393V (BOM: DF98A) ICNT18F9LA (BOM: 5B51B) ICNT22F93A (BOM: 5B78A) ICNT22F93A (BOM: 5B78B) ICNT22F9LA (BOM: 5B53B) INT21D8A (BOM: 5A77A) JRT152 (BOM: AJ01A) JRT152 (BOM: AJ01B) JRT153 (BOM: 7C51A) JRT153L (BOM: 7C51B) JRT153R (BOM: 7C56A) JRT171L (BOM: 9C63B) JRT171R (BOM: 9C62B) JRT172L (BOM: AJ22A) JRT172L (BOM: AJ22B) JRT172R (BOM: AJ21A) JRT172R (BOM: AJ21B) JRT172R (BOM: BJ21A) JRT173 (BOM: 7C52A) JRT173L (BOM: 7C57B) JRT173L (BOM: 7D71B) JRT173R (BOM: 7C57A) JRT173R (BOM: 7D71A) JRT174 (BOM: CJ23A) JRT175A (BOM: DJ23A) JRT175W (BOM: DJ24A) JRT191 (BOM: 9C64B) JRT192 (BOM: AJ51A) JRT192 (BOM: AJ51C) JRT192 (BOM: BJ51B) JRT192 (BOM: BJ51C) JRT192 (BOM: CJ51B) JRT194 (BOM: 7C53A) JRT194 (BOM: 7C53B) JRT1950A JRT1950W JRT196 (BOM: AJ55A) JRT196 (BOM: AJ55C) JRT196 (BOM: BJ55A) JRT196 (BOM: BJ55B) JRT196 (BOM: CJ55A) JRT197B (BOM: DE79A) JRT197B (BOM: DE80A) JRT197W (BOM: DE79A) JRT197W (BOM: DE80A) JRT211 (BOM: 9C65B) JRT214 (BOM: 7C54A) JRT214 (BOM: 8C01A) JRT2150A JRT2150W JRT216 (BOM: AJ73A) JRT216 (BOM: AJ73B) JRT216 (BOM: AJ73C) JRT234 (BOM: 7C55A) JRT236 (BOM: AJ95A) JRT236 (BOM: AJ95B) JRT236 (BOM: AJ95C) JRTD224 (BOM: 7B21A) JRTD225L (BOM: 9C76A) JRTD225L (BOM: 9C76B) JRTD225R (BOM: 9C75A) JRTD225R (BOM: 9C75B) JRTD226L (BOM: AJ82A) JRTD226L (BOM: BJ82A) JRTD226L (BOM: BJ84A) JRTD226L (BOM: BJ84B) JRTD226R (BOM: AJ81A) JRTD226R (BOM: BJ81A) JRTD226R (BOM: BJ83A) JRTD226R (BOM: BJ83B) JRTDE227B (BOM: DJ83A) JRTDE227LB (BOM: DJ84A) JRTDE227LW (BOM: DJ85A) JRTDE227W (BOM: DJ82A) JRTDE228B JRTDE228LW JRTDE228W JRTDE229A JRTDE229B JRTDE229LA JRTDE229LB JRTDE229LW JRTDE229W JRTE175L (BOM: DJ32A) JRTE175W (BOM: DJ31A) JRTE197B (BOM: DJ58A) JRTE197W (BOM: DJ57A) JRTE198A JRTE198B JRTE198W JRTE199A JRTE199B JRTE199W JRTE217B (BOM: DJ75A) JRTE217B (BOM: DJ76A) JRTE217W (BOM: DJ75A) JRTE217W (BOM: DJ76A) JRTE218B JRTE218W JRTE219A JRTE219B JRTE219W JRTF1950A JRTF1950W JRTF2150A JRTF2150W JRTI195 (BOM: 9C66B) JRTI214 (BOM: 8C02A) JRTI214 (BOM: 8C04A) JRTI215 (BOM: 9C67B) JRTI234 (BOM: 8C05A) JRTI235 (BOM: 9C69B) KRB17HA-3A3 (BOM: 9D30A) KRB17HN-3A3 (BOM: 9D30A) KRB17KA3A3 (BOM: AF30A) KRB17KN3A3 (BOM: AF30A) KRB17LA3A3 (BOM: BF30A) KRB17LA3A3 (BOM: BF30B) KRB17LN3A3 (BOM: BF30A) KRB17LN3A3 (BOM: BF30B) KRB18HA3W3 (BOM: 9D35A) KRB18KA4W3 (BOM: AF41A) KRB18KA4W3 (BOM: AF42A) KRB18KA4W3 (BOM: BF41A) KRB18KA4W3 (BOM: BF42A) KRB18KA4W3 (BOM: BF42B) KRB18KN4W3 (BOM: BF41A) KRB18KN4W3 (BOM: BF42A) KRB18KN4W3 (BOM: BF42B) LRTD19A (BOM: 9E11A) LRTD19A (BOM: AH59A) LRTD19A (BOM: AH59C) LRTD19A (BOM: AH59D) LRTD19A (BOM: AH59E) MMC1500CGE MMD1700CGE MX400 NDNT189J (BOM: 8B28A) NDNT229GA (BOM: 5E69A) NDNT229GA (BOM: 7D59A) NDNT229GXA (BOM: 5E50A) NDNT229JA (BOM: 8B21A) NDNT229JA (BOM: 8B21B) NENT156EA (BOM: 4D63A) NENT156E (BOM: 4D63A) NENT156EH (BOM: 4D63A) NENT156GA (BOM: 5E21A) NENT156HA (BOM: 7A63A) NENT176HA (BOM: 7D53A) NENT198HA (BOM: 7A71A) NENT198KA (BOM: BC64A) NENT217FA (BOM: 5D80A) NENT238HA (BOM: 7A72A) NNT156DVA (BOM: 5A51B) NNT156DV (BOM: 5A51A) NNT156GA (BOM: 5E61A) NNT156GA (BOM: 7A28A) NNT156GA (BOM: 7D54A) NNT156G (BOM: 7D54A) NNT156GH (BOM: 7D54A) NNT156GZ3A (BOM: 8D45A) NNT156GZ3 (BOM: 7D11A) NNT156GZA (BOM: 7A08A) NNT156GZA (BOM: 7A08B) NNT156JA (BOM: 8A27A) NNT156JA (BOM: 9G41A) NNT156JA (BOM: 9G41B) NNT156KA (BOM: AC01A) NNT156KA (BOM: AC01B) NNT156KA (BOM: BC01A) NNT156KA (BOM: BC01C) NNT156KA (BOM: BC01E) NNT156K (BOM: AC01A) NNT156K (BOM: AC01B) NNT156K (BOM: BC01A) NNT156K (BOM: BC01C) NNT156K (BOM: BC01E) NNT156KH (BOM: AC01A) NNT156KH (BOM: AC01B) NNT156KH (BOM: BC01A) NNT156KH (BOM: BC01C) NNT156KH (BOM: BC01E) NNT156LA (BOM: CC02A) NNT156LA (BOM: CC02B) NNT156L (BOM: CC01A) NNT156L (BOM: CC01B) NNT170K (BOM: CC28A) NNT176BA (BOM: 7D55A) NNT176DA (BOM: 3C74A) NNT176DA (BOM: 3E62A) NNT176DA (BOM: 4C76A) NNT176D (BOM: 3C74A) NNT176D (BOM: 3E62A) NNT176D (BOM: 4C76A) NNT176DH (BOM: 3C74A) NNT176DH (BOM: 3E62A) NNT176DH (BOM: 4C76A) NNT176DVA (BOM: 5A52A) NNT176DVA (BOM: 5A52B) NNT176GA (BOM: 5E62A) NNT176GA (BOM: 7A29A) NNT176GA (BOM: 7D55A) NNT176G (BOM: 7A09A) NNT176GZA (BOM: 7A09A) NNT176GZA (BOM: 7A09B) NNT176GZA (BOM: 7D47A) NNT176GZA (BOM: 8A34A) NNT176GZ (BOM: 8A34A) NNT176GZH (BOM: 8A34A) NNT176JA (BOM: 8A28A) NNT176JA (BOM: 9G43A) NNT176JA (BOM: 9G43B) NNT176KA (BOM: AC21A) NNT177JA (BOM: 8A36A) NNT177JA (BOM: 9G44A) NNT177JA (BOM: 9G44B)
NNT177J (BOM: 8A36A) NNT177J (BOM: 9G44A) NNT177J (BOM: 9G44B) NNT177JH (BOM: 8A36A) NNT177JH (BOM: 9G44A) NNT177JH (BOM: 9G44B) NNT177KA (BOM: AC23A) NNT177KA (BOM: AC23B) NNT177KA (BOM: BC23A) NNT177KA (BOM: BC23C) NNT177KA (BOM: CC23A) NNT177K (BOM: AC23A) NNT177K (BOM: AC23B) NNT177K (BOM: BC23A) NNT177K (BOM: BC23C) NNT177K (BOM: CC23A) NNT177KH (BOM: AC23A) NNT177KH (BOM: AC23B) NNT177KH (BOM: BC23A) NNT177KH (BOM: BC23C) NNT177KH (BOM: CC23A) NNT178BVA (BOM: 5A56A) NNT178BVA (BOM: 5A56B) NNT178BV (BOM: 5A56A) NNT178BV (BOM: 5A56B) NNT178GA (BOM: 5E63A) NNT178GA (BOM: 7A30A) NNT178GZA (BOM: 7A10A) NNT178GZA (BOM: 7A10B) NNT178GZA (BOM: 7D48A) NNT178GZA (BOM: 8A35A) NNT178GZ (BOM: 7D48A) NNT178GZ (BOM: 8A35A) NNT178GZH (BOM: 7D48A) NNT178GZH (BOM: 8A35A) NNT179JA (BOM: 8A30A) NNT179JA (BOM: 9G42A) NNT179KA (BOM: AC25A) NNT179KA (BOM: AC25B) NNT179K (BOM: AC25A) NNT179K (BOM: AC25B) NNT194KA (BOM: CC62A) NNT195D3VA (BOM: 5D54A) NNT196DA (BOM: 4C77A) NNT196DVA (BOM: 4C77A) NNT196DVA (BOM: 5A53A) NNT196DVA (BOM: 5A53B) NNT196GA (BOM: 5E64A) NNT196GA (BOM: 7A31A) NNT196GA (BOM: 7D56A) NNT196GZ3A (BOM: 7D13A) NNT196GZA (BOM: 7A11A) NNT196GZ (BOM: 7A11B) NNT196JA (BOM: 8A29A) NNT196JA (BOM: 9G45A) NNT196JA (BOM: 9G45B) NNT197JA (BOM: 9G49A) NNT197J (BOM: 9G49A) NNT197JH (BOM: 9G49A) NNT197KA (BOM: AC63A) NNT197KA (BOM: AC63B) NNT197KA (BOM: BC63A) NNT197KA (BOM: BC63B) NNT197KA (BOM: CC63A) NNT197KA (BOM: CC66A) NNT197K (BOM: BC63A) NNT197KH (BOM: BC63A) NNT198GA (BOM: 5E65A) NNT198GA (BOM: 7A32A) NNT198GA (BOM: 7D76A) NNT198GZA (BOM: 7A12A) NNT198GZA (BOM: 7A12B) NNT198GZ (BOM: 7A12B) NNT198GZH (BOM: 7A12B) NNT199JA (BOM: 8A31A) NNT199JA (BOM: 9G46A) NNT199JA (BOM: 9G46B) NNT199KA (BOM: AC65A) NNT199KA (BOM: AC65B) NNT199KA (BOM: BC65A) NNT199KA (BOM: BC65B) NNT199KA (BOM: CC65A) NNT199KA (BOM: CC67A) NNT199KA (BOM: CC69A) NNT199KAC (BOM: CC69A) NNT199K (BOM: AC65A) NNT199K (BOM: BC65A) NNT199K (BOM: BC65B) NNT199K (BOM: CC65A) NNT199K (BOM: CC67A) NNT199K (BOM: CC68A) NNT199KH (BOM: AC65A) NNT199KH (BOM: BC65A) NNT199KH (BOM: BC65B) NNT199KH (BOM: CC65A) NNT199KH (BOM: CC67A) NNT218GA (BOM: 5E67A) NNT218GA (BOM: 7A34A) NNT218GA (BOM: 7D57A) NNT218GXA (BOM: 5E48A) NNT219JH (BOM: 8A32A) NNT219JH (BOM: 8A38A) NNT219JH (BOM: 9G47A) NNT219KA (BOM: BC80A) NNT219KA (BOM: BC80B) NNT219KA (BOM: CC80A) NNT238BSVA (BOM: 5A60A) NNT238GA (BOM: 5E68A) NNT238GA (BOM: 7D58A) NNT238GXA (BOM: 5E49A) NNT239JA (BOM: 8A33A) NNT239JA (BOM: 8A39A) NNT239KA (BOM: AC95A) NNTI219KA (BOM: AC78A) NNTI219KA (BOM: AC78B) NNTI219KA (BOM: BC78A) NNTI219KA (BOM: BC78B) NNTI219KA (BOM: CC78A) NNTI219K (BOM: CC82A) NNTI239KAC (BOM: CC92A) NNTI239KWC (BOM: CC91A) NR460A (BOM: AF03B) NR460 (BOM: AF03B) NR460H (BOM: AF03B) NR530A (BOM: AF24B) NR530 (BOM: AF24B) NR530H (BOM: AF24B) NR580A (BOM: AF56B) NT153MW (BOM: DC01A) NT153MW (BOM: DC01B) NT153MW (BOM: DC02A) NT153NA NT153NW NT155MW (BOM: DC03A) NT155MW (BOM: DC03B) NT156MW (BOM: DC05A) NT156MW (BOM: DC05B) NT156NW NT15A5VA (BOM: 5A61A) NT15A5VA (BOM: 5A61B) NT15B43GA (BOM: 5D56A) NT15B43GA (BOM: 5D76A) NT15B43GLA (BOM: 5D56B) NT15B43GLA (BOM: 5D76B) NT15D4VA (BOM: 5A65A) NT15D4VA (BOM: 5A65B) NT15E5VA (BOM: 5A66B) NT15E5VA (BOM: 7A20A) NT15E5VA (BOM: 7A20B) NT15E5V (BOM: 5A66A) NT15E5V (BOM: 5A66B) NT15E5V (BOM: 7A20A) NT15E5V (BOM: 7A20B) NT15E5VH (BOM: 5A66B) NT15E5VH (BOM: 7A20A) NT15E5VH (BOM: 7A20B) NT15H41A (BOM: 9B01A) NT15H41A (BOM: 9B01B) NT15H43GA (BOM: 8D53A) NT15H43G (BOM: 8D53A) NT15H43GH (BOM: 8D53A) NT15H4A (BOM: 7A48A) NT15H4A (BOM: 7A48B) NT15H4A (BOM: 8A04A) NT15H4A (BOM: 9B02A) NT15H4 (BOM: 8A04A) NT15H4 (BOM: 8A41A) NT15H4 (BOM: 9B02A) NT15H4H (BOM: 8A04A) NT15H4H (BOM: 9B02A) NT15H5A (BOM: 7A49A) NT15H5A (BOM: 7A49B) NT15H5A (BOM: 8A05A) NT15H5A (BOM: 9B03A) NT15H5 (BOM: 7A49A) NT15H5 (BOM: 7A49B) NT15H5H (BOM: 7A49A) NT15H5H (BOM: 7A49B) NT15HX3A (BOM: 8D01A) NT15HX (BOM: 9D01A) NT15L4A (BOM: AA01A) NT15L4A (BOM: AA01B) NT15L4A (BOM: BA01A) NT15L4A (BOM: BA01C) NT15L4A (BOM: BA01E) NT15L4 (BOM: AA01A) NT15L4 (BOM: AA01B) NT15L4 (BOM: BA01A) NT15L4 (BOM: BA01C) NT15L5A (BOM: AA03A) NT15L5 (BOM: AA03A) NT15L5H (BOM: AA03A) NT16HXA (BOM: 8D05A) NT16JXA (BOM: 9D04A) NT173MA (BOM: DC24A) NT173MA (BOM: DC24C) NT173MW (BOM: DC23A) NT173MW (BOM: DC23C) NT173NA NT173NW NT177MA NT177NA NT177NW NT17B6VA (BOM: 5A70A) NT17B6VA (BOM: 5A70B) NT17B6VA (BOM: 5E31A) NT17B6VA (BOM: 7A24A) NT17B8VA (BOM: 5A71A) NT17B8VA (BOM: 5A71B) NT17B8VA (BOM: 7A25A) NT17B8V (BOM: 5A71A) NT17B8VH (BOM: 5A71A) NT17D4GA (BOM: 7A45A) NT17D4VA (BOM: 5A69B) NT17E53GA (BOM: 5D57A) NT17E53GA (BOM: 5D77A) NT17E53GLA (BOM: 5D57B) NT17E53GLA (BOM: 5D77B) NT17E53VA (BOM: 5D43A) NT17E5VA (BOM: 5D42A) NT17E5VA (BOM: 5D42B) NT17E5VA (BOM: 7D01A) NT17H4A (BOM: 7A50A) NT17H4A (BOM: 7A50B) NT17H4A (BOM: 7D49A) NT17H4A (BOM: 8A08A) NT17H4A (BOM: 8A25A) NT17H4A (BOM: 9B04A) NT17H63IA (BOM: AF19A) NT17H63I (BOM: AF19A) NT17H6A (BOM: 7A51A) NT17H6A (BOM: 7D50A) NT17H6A (BOM: 8A09A) NT17H6A (BOM: 8A26A) NT17H6A (BOM: 9B05A) NT17H6 (BOM: 7A51A) NT17H6 (BOM: 7D50A) NT17H6 (BOM: 8A09A) NT17H6 (BOM: 8A26A) NT17H6 (BOM: 9B05A) NT17H6H (BOM: 7A51A) NT17H6H (BOM: 7D50A) NT17H6H (BOM: 8A09A) NT17H6H (BOM: 8A26A) NT17H6H (BOM: 9B05A) NT17H8A (BOM: 7A53A) NT17H8A (BOM: 7A53B) NT17H8A (BOM: 7D52A) NT17H8A (BOM: 8A24A)