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Don't Get Slushed!

Find out how you can prevent Winter Slush from invading your business with Matting!

Posted On: Jan 23, '20

The slush is coming!

Don't let it turn your entry into a slip-n-slide - with the right floor mat you can control the dirt and slush that makes it's way into your business. With matting, up to 80% of dirt is trapped in a specified location, which makes for easier and quicker clean up. Not only does matting improve the look of your floors, but the longevity as well.

Depending on the amount of foot traffic in your building, there are different stages of matting and different sizes that would work best.

For example, in a heavy traffic area a Multi-Stage system would supply the best results for a high foot traffic area (like schools, malls, major retail locations).

Find our full selection of floor matting here!

Want to learn more and find the right matting system for you? Check out our handy Floor Matting video from our Clean Care series. It will help explain the different materials that could save your floors from the slushy post-winter mess.

No More Residue Blues

Betco's pHerfect can get rid of that annoying Ice Melt residue!

Posted On: Jan 20, '20

With new and improved ice management chemicals comes the potential for annoying residue that may ruin your lobbies or entryways.

Featuring a product from our Vendor Spotlight, Betco's pHerfect Floor Neutralizer and Cleaner is the pherfect solution to your ice melt residue blues! With neutralizing agents and surfactants to both penetrate and clean off common ice melt ingredients - like sodium and magnesium chloride. All in one step.

Simply dilute 5 oz. per gallon (1:25) of water, then mop or scrub floor. Follow with a clean water rinse and you're done!

Stay Warm with our Winter Flyer!

Our Winter Flyer will be around as long as the snow is, stock up and stay warm.

Posted On: Jan 14, '20

The weather is taking a turn for the downright frozen, and it pays to be prepared!
Did you know our Winter Flyer is up until the end of February?

That’s deals on everything you need to survive Winter, including Milwaukee Heated Gear essentials!

Get heated Hoodies, jackets, vests and the battery accessories to go with them before time and stock runs out! Add a cuffed toque and you'll be winning winter.

Looking to stay warm inside too? Find space heaters on sale as well!

Be safe and stay warm, the Winter will be over soon!

Keep Sturdy with Ladder-Aide!

Sturdy even on stairs with Ladder-Aide and Ladder-Aide Pro

Posted On: Jan 6, '20

Getting up on a ladder has enough risks, but when those hard to reach places are above a set of stairs the risks triple. Whether you're painting, repairing, or trying to take down some holiday lights - using a ladder on it's own on stairs is a dangerous game.

Professional or Homeowner alike can feel safer with Ladder-Aide. It's the best solution to keeping your ladder safe and sturdy while working on steps.
It's quick and easy to set up, doesn't require any permanent installation so it's easy to move, and just as safe as solid ground.

The Ladder-Aide works with extension, straight or telescopic ladders with up to a 19" (48cm) base width and 4.5" (11cm) foot size. Got a bigger ladder? No problem! Upgrade to the Ladder-Aide Pro for a 22" (56cm) base width and 7.5" (19cm) foot size.

Before you set up your ladder, set up the Ladder-Aide and Ladder-Aide Pro!

Drive Safe, Arrive Safe

Winter driving doesn't end with the holidays! Stay safe until Spring.

Posted On: Dec 30, '19

Even with the end of Winter coming near, January and February are never predictable when it comes to weather and even with the melt comes the risk of added water to the roads! Here are some tips to keep your New Year safe.

- First and foremost is to NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Anything that hinders your reaction speed and attention has no place behind the wheel.
- Seatbelts are a must! When used correctly they save lives, remember to keep the lower belt snug over your hips and the shoulder belt across your chest.
- See and be seen. Clear all snow off your vehicle. This includes off the windshield, hood, roof, and back window. Remember to turn on your lights in the early mornings, in low visibility, and after sunset.
- Give yourself ample room to avoid a collision by staying back and paying close attention to the vehicles ahead of you. Particularly when roads are wet or covered in snow. This includes staying back at least a car length (or more), avoiding the use of cruise control, and avoiding passing when visibility is low.
- Learn your vehicle and how it reacts in a skid. Remember to stay calm, take your foot off the brake and ease off the gas. Look to where you want to go and shift to neutral (or push in the clutch). When you regain traction shift back to drive (or release the clutch) and accelerate gently to continue driving.
- Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. It should include an ice scraper/brush, first aid kit, flashlight, shovel, sand/kitty litter, traction mats, warning light/flares, booster cables, survival candle + matches, fire extinguisher, extra washer fluid, a reflective vest, and a survival blanket.

Holiday Shipping Dates

See below for an Order By Date to ensure your order arrives on time during the rush!

Posted On: Dec 12, '19

The excitement of the season is in full swing and that means postal services and couriers are working hard to ensure every gift, card, and ounce of holiday cheer make it to where they need to be on time.

While AMRE Supply stores will be closed December 25th, 26th and will be closing at 3pm local time on the 24th, both Canada Post and Purolator will be delivering as usual the 24th and 31st.

In light of the busy season, AMRE would like to recommend placing your order before December 20th in order to receive your item by December 24th.

Any orders made during AMRE Supply's holiday closed hours will be received and shipped out next business day.

Janitorial Equipment Blowout!

Time to Ditch the Mop and Bucket for Some Real Efficiency!

Posted On: Dec 2, '19

Pushing a mop around might give a great sense of accomplishment and hard work, but when it takes up hours of your valuable time, finding an option that not only allows for efficiency but also affordability is a top priority.

Whether you need a carpet extractor, auto scrubber, or floor sweeper AMRE's Janitorial Equipment Blowout makes your decision to upgrade easy!

Choose from the best brands in the business like Betco, Dustbane, or Bissell with equipment to suit all required levels of clean. Like the Betco MotoMop - the perfect solution for messes undeserving of the hassle a mop and bucket brings.

Really looking to up the floor care for your large facility? Try the Dustbane Hurricane. A Ride on Autoscrubber with a 21 Gallon capacity cleaning solution tank and 21" scrubbing width, so you can get the job done in one go.

With a cleaner for every floor, there's a solution to every cleaning problem. Find the flyer here and see how you could save!

But only while quantities last.

Black Friday and Beyond

One day isn't enough to take in incredible Frederick York Sales!

Posted On: Nov 29, '19

Black Friday doesn't have to be a one day stampedes for TVs, instead why not upgrade your fixtures from the comfort of your couch at more than HALF the price all the way until the new year?

60% off stylish kitchen faucets with pull down sprayers, and 70% off gorgeous bathroom sink faucets and roman tub fillers - give your plumbing the fancy magazine treatment without the high class price. From November 29 all the way to December 31st; there's no rushing upgrades here.

Click here to view the flyer and find the next great improvement to your home!

Retrofit is the new Renovate!

Why change your fan when you can change your grille?

Posted On: Nov 25, '19

You put work into making your entire home suit your style, and a full dingy ventilation fan assembly can seem like an impossible task to change out.

But why change the whole fan when you can change the grille AND add some light?

The Broan & Nutone LED Grille Upgrade allows you to do exactly that. Upgrade your tired grille to something more fitting to this decade in just 5 minutes or less.

Bright white grille, no additional wiring, sized just right to conveniently cover existing dry wall cuts and a 750 lumen soft LED light.

Find the right cover for your exhaust fan with Broan and Nutone.

Milwaukee Heated Gear

Keep Safe and Warm, No Matter the Weather

Posted On: Nov 13, '19

Whether you’re on the jobsite or on the slopes, keeping your core warm is essential for spending extended periods of time out in the cold. According to, here is what happens when your body falls below your regular temperature:

When your body first drops below 98.6˚F (37˚C), you may experience:

  • shivering
  • an increased heart rate
  • a slight decrease in coordination

When your body temperature is between 91.4˚ and 85.2˚F (33˚ and 30˚C), you’ll:
  • decrease or stop shivering
  • fall into a stupor
  • feel drowsy
  • be unable to walk
  • experience quick alternations between rapid heart rate and breathing too slowly
  • shallow breathing

Between 85.2˚ and 71.6˚F (30˚C and 22˚C), you’ll experience:
  • minimal breathing
  • poor to no reflexes
  • inability to move or respond to stimuli
  • low blood pressure
  • possibly coma

Milwaukee Heated Jackets and Hoodies can reach a temperature of 54°C / 130°F, making them perfect for keeping you at the ideal temperature - no matter what’s raging outside. With tough-shell outer layers on most models, they'll keep you warm and dry.

Check out our selection of Heated Gear, from Hoodies to Jackets to Vests, there’s something for everyone and every condition.

Shovel Snow Safely

Clear Snow the Safe Way With These Tips!

Posted On: Nov 12, '19

Did you know that Shovelling Snow is one of the most common causes for injury, or even death, during the Winter? The work raises blood pressure more than other forms of exercise, paired with cold air can cause arteries to constrict, which decreased blood flow. These combined make the perfect storm for heart attacks. Being out in the cold and moving heavy loads snow off frozen ground also leads to slipping hazards!

Here are some tips for shovelling safely:
• Shovel right away. Don’t wait for snow to pile up and get heavier, keep your driveway or sidewalks clear when the snow is still light if possible.
• Stretch and warm up before heading outside. Particularly your shoulders, back, and thighs.
• Over the age of 55? Don’t shovel alone OR in the morning (avoid it altogether if possible). The AM has been proven to be the most likely time for a heart attack to strike, and age puts you at a higher risk. Consider professional snow removal services, or investing in a Snow Blower.
• Avoid twisting and throwing the snow out of the way, instead push it around with an ergonomically shaped shovel. Like the Garant Poly Blade Snow Pusher. Have a snow blower? Stay safe by keeping away from hazards and protecting your hearing with Ear Muffs, like these from Silverline.
• Proper footwear is key to avoiding painful slips and falls. Wear boots with Winter level grip, or add a pair of Ice Cleats to turn any shoe into slip safe boots.
• Dress for the weather. Wearing Cold Weather Gloves and dressing warmly will allow you to take your time and not rush through the chore. Being comfortable and protecting yourself from the cold are essential to shovelling safely. Looking for some extra heat? Try a Milwaukee Heated Jacket, they’re battery powered with strategically placed heating zones to keep your core from feeling the chill.
• If you’re starting to feel tired or dizzy, take a break! Hydrate, warm up, and only return once you have your breath back. Shovel lighter and smaller loads of snow at a time, even if it will take longer.

With these simple tips in mind your necessary shovelling chores can be done comfortably and safely! Leaving you more time to enjoy the beauty of Winter instead of suffering from it.

Filter It Out

How much is your filter getting out?

Posted On: Nov 8, '19

With a recent press release detailing the effects deteriorating plumbing infrastructure is having on tap water throughout Canada, ensuring your water is safe to drink is paramount in protecting from any long term effects. Even though Lead Pipes were banned in 1975, and estimated 500,000 Canadian homes still have them, causing lead in

Its always important to know what is in your water and what your filter is actually getting rid of.

Rainfresh Instapure Faucet Filter System - F5C
Attaches easily to your kitchen faucet in minutes without any tools. Reduces Lead, Cyst, chlorine and improves taste & odour.

Rainfresh Undersink Drinking Water System - UCS2
A full under sink system that reduces lindane and cysts, along with chlorine, taste and odour. When paired with the LR1 Lead Chemical Reduction Filter Cartridge, it becomes highly effective (> 99%) in removing Lead VOC and other chemicals.

If you have a water dispenser in your Refrigerator the right filter makes all the difference.
Whirlpool Filters
G.E Filters
Frigidaire Filters

Having a Filtration system in place for all your drinking water sources is the best way to protect from any contaminants, as well as improve general taste! Find our Filtering Flyer here for deals that will help get you started.

Fire Safety Month - How to Test Your Alarms

Do your detectors pass the test?

Posted On: Oct 22, '19

When it comes to your smoke detectors, keeping them in good working condition is a necessity that’s often overlooked.
According to, Smoke Alarms/Detectors should be tested Monthly and cleaned every 6 months.

How to Test your Alarm:
• Most alarms will come with a specific ‘ Test ‘ button. Follow the user manual for your particular alarm.
• Use an Alarm Tester such as The Smoke SABRE to produce synthetic smoke that will set off the alarm.
• Battery operated Alarms (excluding sealed battery alarms) should have their batteries changed every year, even if their Low Battery Alarm has not yet sounded.
• For Hardwired alarms, be sure to test them after a power outage or any electrical work to ensure their connection is still strong.

To clean your alarm simply open the cover and vacuum the interior, or dust carefully. Be aware that in some models the alarm may sound while doing so.

If you’re in the process of building or looking to add some alarms to your home or business, here are some tips for finding the best place for them:
• The best locations are ceiling mounted in or near the centre of a room, hall or stairway, and at the head of each stairway.
• They should be at least 2’ (60cm) away from any corner.
• Should never be recessed in walls or ceilings OR painted.
• Kept away from outside doors or windows as well as at least 2-3’(60-90cm) away from light fixtures.
• For Hardwired alarms, contact a qualified electrical contractor and never install the alarm in the electrical circuit - especially if connected to an on/off switch.

If your Smoke Detector/Alarm isn't passing the test, replacing it immediately is the best way to handle it. Check out our selection of Smoke Alarms - ranging from 10 Year Worry Free Batteries to Hardwired.

Fire Safety Month - Planning for Safety

Is your business prepared for a fire?

Posted On: Oct 15, '19

Having a plan in case of a fire is an important part of running a business. Not only to protect your employees and customers, but your investments as well!

FLB291 - The Safety Media Fire Log Book is a nationally accepted log book with over 100 pages of forms to record your fire protection maintenance duties. Keeping a keen eye on your safety equipment is the first step towards ensuring if the worst happens - you’ll be prepared. It includes Step-by-step procedures detail the inspections and tests for:
Fire Alarm
Emergency Lighting
Exit Lights
Emergency Power Systems
Fire Separation
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Smoke-Control Systems
Special Extinguishing Systems
Sprinkler Systems
Standpipe & Hose Systems
Water Supplies for Fire Fighting & Fire Pumps
Service Equipment

Keep necessary information like Building info, extra keys, and a detailed Fire Escape Map in a AA65 - Fire Safety Plan Box. This gives Firefighters the information they need to accurately and quickly assess the situation.

Depending on your location and building, a Fire Lock Box can be a great aid for the Fire Department as well. Fires can happen at any time, whether you’re there to open the door or not, so keeping emergency spares in a lock box only the Fire Department can access your building quickly and with minimal damage (in the case of a false alarm.)

You can find more information on how to prepare a Fire Plan from Natural Resources Canada..

October is Fire Prevention Month at AMRE

Learn everything you need to know about your Smoke and CO Detectors

Posted On: Oct 1, '19

All this month AMRE is focused on safety and being prepared for anything. This month you’ll find great deals on everything you need to keep your business and home safe.

Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are always working hard, but how often do you check them? Are they positioned in the right place? Do you know the difference between photoelectric and ionization?
AMRE Spec Sense is here to give you the rundown on everything you need to know about these necessary devices that keep you safe.

If they need replacing, we've got you covered with our Repair and Replace Series!

Need a new round of batteries for your home detectors? This month’s Vendor of the Month, Energizer, can help!

If you’re looking to do away with batteries, take a look at Kidde’s selection of 10-Year-Worry-Free Alarms or Hardwired alarms.

Portable Heaters and How to Make the Most of Them

Proper room, location, and set up is important when heating your home!

Posted On: Sep 24, '19

Nothing says cozy like a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and a heater warming the room. With memories of the Polar Vortex still fresh in many of our minds, the latter is going to be an important integration to your home.

Having a portable electric heater pointed directly at your feet may feel like the best way to go, but is that really making the most efficient use of it? With the right placement and attention paid, your little electric heater can go a long way in keeping your home at the perfect level of toasty.

• Control with Doors - You’ll feel the effects of a portable heater best when the heat can be confined and controlled. Putting it at the bottom of a staircase, for example, will only allow the heat to escape upwards instead of circulating around the room, whereas placing it in the corner of your home office will make your nights more comfortable. Even more so with the addition of a closed door or gentle ceiling fan (just remember to have it spin clockwise at a low speed to push the warm air down).

• Create a Buffer - You wouldn’t put an open flame right up against a wall or within reach of curtains, so it only makes sense to avoid doing the same with your electric heater. Keeping a foot or two away from walls, curtains, blankets, and other potentially flammable materials is the best way to ensure you have the best possible positioning while keeping your home safe.

• Out of Reach - Heaters can, as expected, become very hot when used for longer periods of time and with kids or pets in the house looking for warm they can become a burn hazard. Letting your kids know they aren’t to touch and keeping away from pets is your best bet to a safe and cozy environment.

• Remember; Less is More - As handy as they are, portable electric heaters can easily run up your electric bill if not monitored carefully. Choosing a heater with a timer or using an outlet timer can help control how long your heater stays on and ensure that you aren’t using more than you need. Efficiency is key!

Find the perfect heater for your home with AMRE's selection of heaters!

Meet Moen Flo!

Protect your home plumbing from leaks and bursts with Flo's daily monitoring!

Posted On: Sep 17, '19

From thermostats to air conditioners, our Smartphones are making our homes easier to monitor and more efficient to manage. Saving energy and heating bills - but what about your Water?

Introducing Moen Flo! The first Water Security System that monitors your home plumbing and alerts you to high pressure, leaks, and - as we get into the colder months - can stop a frozen pipe before it bursts. All with a notification straight to your phone.

Flo runs daily Health Tests on your plumbing network to ensure that its running efficiently and within your set Water Consumption Goals. If a leak is detected anywhere in your home, Flo will send you a real-time alert so you can find the leak asap. Don’t know how to fix it? Moen’s Solutions Team is on standby to help you find it, and figure it out.

Get even more peace of mind with a deductible reimbursement guarantee, extended product warranty, enhanced water usage data, proactive monitoring and more - with Moen Flo.

Available for Special Order now!
Visit for more information and video.

Autumn Prep Essentials

Don't let the snow ruin your spring! Start preparing now for a beautiful garden later.

Posted On: Sep 10, '19

Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and its time for the rakes to come out. Winter could be months away or just weeks - but there’s still time to prepare for it.

Every knows to rake the leaves up off their lawns, but what about the rest of your garden and yard? Here are some tips to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be for the Winter months.

• First thing’s first, rake up some leaves! While having a few out and about can be great for your lawn, leaving too many results in a heavy mat that can smother the grass below. Use a wide rake, like R000226, and either bag or compost the excess leaves. (after jumping in them of course).

• Put the bag back on your lawn mower. Autumn is prime time for weeds to start releasing their seeds, especially dandelions. Cutting without catching can help them spread easier and leave your spring covered in weeds.

• Trim down the grass surrounding the base of your trees - especially fruit trees! This is where fungal infections can really thrive and dig into your trees. Try the 2725-21HD Milwaukee Cordless Trim Trimmer, complete with battery and charger.

• Evergreens younger than 3 should be wrapped with burlap as the ground begins to freeze to protect them from Winter Burn. Leave them wrapped until the ground thaws and their roots can safely transport water to the branches.

• Trim your trees, shrubs, and hedges in preparation - but don’t forget to clean your equipment afterwards! Autumn diseases, like mildew, can be notorious for getting onto your pruners and spreading. White Vinegar or mild bleach can disinfect your tools easily.

With all those done, you’re ready to take on Winter and enjoy your Spring garden all the more.

Fight Against Cold + Flu

Cold and Flu season is back, and AMRE wants to help you fight it

Posted On: Sep 3, '19

Cold and Flu season is coming up quick, and with kids heading back to school its prime time for germs to spread. Do you have the proper cleaning equipment to help fight back?

Office and School

DB52880 - 4 Litres of disinfecting power in Dustbane’s Oxy-Q Foaming formula. Dilute according to your area of application and knock out the Cold and Flu.

DB72000 - The Dustbane Professional Cordless Handheld sprayer allows you to reach every nook and cranny germ could be hiding. Pair it with Oxy-Q, or your favourite trusted brand.

C9STN + C9WALLW - A quick a simple solution with DIN Disinfecting Wipes. Perfect for wiping down your computer equipment, phones, desks, or other equipment where germs thrive.


WE96200 - Certainty Surface Sanitizing Wipes! Easy and convenient, clearing your surfaces from hitch-hiking viruses is a breeze.

56200TP - From Laptops to Smartphones, there’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to sanitizing. TouchPoint wipes are alcohol free but easily clean dirt, germs, and finger prints from your favourite devices.

3345-06 - New from Purell, Professional Grade Multi-Surface Sanitizer! The hand-sanitizer brand you already know and trust now comes in a spray to tackle your hard surfaces and stop viruses in their tracks.

In the end, being prepared and actively stopping the spread of germs will get you and your family through the season - but in the event that you are caught by the Cold or Flu, just remember to stay home, rest up, and keep clean.

Powder vs Pods vs Liquid Detergent?

Since the dawn of alternative laundry solutions, there’s been a constant question of which works best - with everyone seeming to have a different opinion.

Posted On: Aug 20, '19

Since the dawn of alternative laundry solutions, there’s been a constant question of which works best - with everyone seeming to have a different opinion. Whether you go by convenience, power, or fragrance - there’s highs and lows across all three staples.

Cheapest cost per load
Recyclable packing
Work particularly well in removing outdoor stains like mud, dirt, or grass.
Long shelf life

Larger, heavier boxes
May not dissolve all the way in cold water
Can leave residue
Must be kept dry to avoid caking

Lightweight and portable
Convenient and easy to use
Pre-measured detergent, so no over use
Packaging eliminates water additives, so it stays stable for longer

More expensive per load
Designed for average soil and load - heavy soil requires 2 pods
Cannot be downsized for small loads
Dangerous choking hazards

Most effective on oil and grease stains
Less expensive than pods (when measured effectively)
Can be used as a pre-treater or spot cleaner

Using too much can result in residue
Detergent Bottles leave a great strain on landfills
Heavy to transport and carry
Mixed with water, which limits cleaning power stability

Armed with the Pros and Cons of each - which are you going to go with for your next load?

How is Your Air Filtration?

Learn the Importance of Air Filtration in Your Home!

Posted On: Aug 13, '19

When you hear Air Filtration, you may think of just cleaner air - but do you know the work that’s truly going in?

When you have an Air Filter for your furnace, not only is it keeping your air cleaner, but its also keeping your HVAC systems healthy by preventing lint and debris from plugging the heating or cooling coils. Where even a particle as small as 0.1 microns could cause a short circuit on a microchip!

Sourcing the National Air Filtration Association, here are some other great benefits to a proper air filtration system:
• Protecting the general well-being of the occupants of a space
• Protecting the decor of occupied spaces by removing the staining portion of airborne dust
• Reducing maintenance of building interiors by reducing the frequency of washing such items as Venetian blinds and fluorescent bulbs
• Protecting the contents of occupied spaces including paintings, tapestries, and other items of historic or cultural value
• Elimination of fire hazards by removing lint and other materials which might accumulate in ductwork
• Extension of shelf life of perishable dairy products by removing airborne mould during processing operations
• Removing airborne bacteria from operating room air to help prevent postoperative infection

Ready to look into your Air Filtration and ensure its working its hardest? Take a look through AMRE’s Air Filters, Cleaners, and Purifiers Category or come visit us in store!

BBQs Round Two!

Get Ready For MORE Amre BBQs!

Posted On: Aug 6, '19

The Second Round of Amre's Summer BBQs are back to end off the season! See below for when your local branch will be hosting lunch!

Don't forget to enter our draws, talk to our vendors, and remember the store front is still open! Even with some door-crashing good deals.


Aug 21
Hamilton, ON

Aug 22
South Edmonton, AB

Sept 5
Richmond, BC
Downtown Edmonton, AB
Windsor, ON
Scarborough, ON

Sept 6
Saskatoon, SK

Sept 12
Winnipeg, MB
Calgary, AB
Mississauga, ON

Sept 25
London, ON

Sept 26
Surrey, BC

Spills Happen

So be prepared with a Full Spill Kit!

Posted On: Jul 16, '19

Spills happen, whether they’re just a mess or dangerous depends on the chemicals - but with the proper Spill Kit any spill can be wrangled like an OSHA pro.

The make up of a spill kit can range from simple to heavy duty, but every kit should have a variety of the following:
Absorbents (like mats, socks, and loose products)
Containment dikes and drain covers.
Patch and repair tools (such as non-sparking wrenches, fast setting epoxy putties, plugs, and/or wraps).
PPE (personal protective equipment).
Tools (wrenches, hammers, dustpans, scoops, and shovels)
Bags and containers to collect and hold used materials.

Using this, you can make your own spill kit!

Here’s how:
AMREPAIL - 28L Pail to hold your supplies
7550G - Absorbent Sock
M-N8780 - Disposable towels
208-L - heavy weight rubber gloves
Eye Protection
Disposable Masks
Emergency Repair Tape
4312 - Dust pan
288500WHT - Utility scoop
GG3550XSB - extra strong garbage bags

Or, for a quick and simple already complete Spill Kit, See 7510G Globe Emergency Response Spill Kit! Complete with everything you need to properly and safely contain a spill.

Remember to check your spill kit and refresh the items inside after every use. Kits should be tailored to suit whichever chemical poses the most threat of spilling in the area!

It's DogiPots Duty!

DogiPot is on a Mission to keep your spaces clean

Posted On: Jul 9, '19

When Fido’s got to go, its not only on the dog owner to be prepared, but the park as well! Mistakes happen and not everyone has a baggie on hand - that’s where DogiPot comes in.

Provide park goers with convenient all-in-one Pet Stations to not only keep up with their duty to clean up after their pets - but to offer a proven reminder system to easily encourage owners to pick up after their dogs! Friendly signage, pickup and liner bags, along with attractive Pet Stations to house it all.

DogiPot Junior Bag Dispensers
- Clean edges and easy to extract bags make this a functional addition to any post, but it's printed on signage that proves to be an educational reminder to all dog owners. With a 400 bag capacity and bottom locking access panel, it makes maintenance quick, secure, and easy.

DogiPot Litter Pickup Bags
- Holding 200 bags per case these litter bags are the perfect combination of strength and environmentally-friendly materials. They’re the right size for pickups, not too large and not too small. Add in their Oxo-Biodegradable material and they’re the perfect refill for DogiPot Dispensers.

With a combination of easy to install replacement bags and attractive pole mounted stations, DogiPot has you - and your spaces - covered when it comes to encouraging responsible dog ownership.

Keep Your Air Pure

Keep your home free of harmful smoke particles with the help of HEPA

Posted On: Jun 11, '19

With the heat of Summer comes the threat of Forest Fires. The Western regions of Canada go through a yearly danger zone of smoke that affects everyone, but in particular those with respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease, and children.

The use of an Air Purifier may seem small, but finding the right one with a true HEPA filter can filter out the smoke particles and make your home a safe place to breath. These particles can be incredibly small, in between 0.4 and 0.7 microns which allow them to get themselves deep into your lungs. This also makes Dust Masks unreliable. A HEPA Air Purifier paired with a few small changes to your home is the best bet for keeping your air as breathable as possible.

Get an Air Filter with a true HEPA filter (removing down to 0.3 microns) with an appropriate area of effectiveness for your home or room. Here are some examples of Air Purifiers with varying size ranges:
05-A-1KWP-06-K - 50 sq. Feet
03-A-3KWP-00 - Up to 300 sq. feet.
05-A-1KWP-06 - Up to 1300 sq. feet.
Avoid Ozone or Ionic air purifiers, while they help with general air purification they will not remove the finer Smoke particles.
If you have an Air Conditioner, close off the fresh-air intake to prevent it from bringing in more smoke.
If you must go outside and want a mask to protect yourself in heavy smoke areas, find one that is NIOSH certified and marked N95, N100 or P100. AMRE carries several options of masks, from disposable to reusable silicone with cartridges.

For a look at the current Smoke Forecast and areas that will be affected, you can view a live feed at Firesmoke.Ca. Remember always follow your Provincial Fire Bans, and never leave a flame unsupervised.


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