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AMRE Update - Freight Changes

2022 Freight Changes

Posted On: Jan 4, '22

With the ongoing pandemic, our freight and logistics partners have had to adapt to ever changing and increased volumes. This has not only provided people across Canada with the opportunity to receive more efficient shipments, but with increased fuel costs, has challenged these companies to adjust their policies.

With this, AMRE Supply will be increasing our flat rate freight charge to $13.99 for those located within the Canadian Provinces. Territories will see no change.

This policy will come into effect starting January 13th, 2022.

For more detailed information, please see our Policy Change letter here.

We thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate these changes.

Thank you

After the Alarm

What Happens After the Alarm Sounds?

Posted On: Oct 14, '21

We put a lot of focus into the preparations to avoid a fire - but what happens when you're caught in one?

It's important to prepare for all aspects of a home fire, especially with kids. Here are some tips direct from a Fire Chief to get found safely in a fire.

If your exits are blocked and you can't get out, making sure Firefighters know where you are is the top priority!
- Get to the lowest point in either a bedroom or a room with a window
- Close the door and place something along the bottom to prevent smoke from entering
- If there's a window that can be opened, open it. If it can't, use a blanket or pillows to break it and cover all the sharp edges.
- Having a flashlight and/or whistle available in kid's bedrooms is paramount for being found! Teach them to shine that flashlight out a window and blow their whistle as loud and long as they can. A house fire can be incredibly loud when burning so being louder is important.
- Lastly, Fire fighters can look big and scary, but a house fire is never the time for hide and seek. Teach kids to stay by the window, not under the bed or in a closet. It will make them easier to be found and easier to be rescued!

With these tips, and by listening to your local fire department, you can prevent dangerous situations and harm.

Sounds of Fire Safety

Do You Know the Sounds of Safety?

Posted On: Oct 7, '21

October is Fire Safety month and AMRE wants you, your family, and your business to be safe. We've put together our annual Fire Safety Flyer for you with helpful products and tips to master fire safety.

Do you know the sounds of safety?
Smoke Alarms
- A continued set of three loud beeps—beep, beep, beep—means smoke or fire. Get out, call 9-1-1, and stay out.
- A single “chirp” every 30 or 60 seconds means the battery is low and must be changed.
- All smoke alarms must be replaced after 10 years.
- Chirping that continues after the battery has been replaced means the alarm is at the end of its life and the unit must be replaced.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms
- A continuous set of four loud beeps—beep, beep, beep, beep—means carbon monoxide is present in your home. Go outside, call 9-1-1 and stay out.
- A single chirp every 30 or 60 seconds means the battery is low and must be replaced.
- CO alarms also have “end of life” sounds that vary by manufacturer. This means it’s time to get a new CO alarm.
- Chirping that continues after the battery has been replaced means the alarm is at the end of its life and the unit must be replaced.

For Tenants with Sensory or Physical Disabilities
- Install a bedside alert device that responds to the sound of the smoke and CO alarms. Use of a low frequency alarm can also wake a sleeping person with mild to severe hearing loss.
- Keep pathways like hallways and exits lit and free from clutter to make sure everyone can get out safely.
- Ensure emergency signage and backup lighting is in working order at all times.

Colony Toilet Ordering Pause

Colony Toilets Ordering Pause

Posted On: Aug 19, '21

Due to the unprecedented demand, supply, and logistics constraints Colony series toilets are unavailable for reorder. Colony toilets currently in stock are while quantities last.

Search our Toilets category for alternatives!

When to Change Your Air Filter

When to Change Your Air Filter

Posted On: Aug 17, '21

Changing your air filter regularly is the best way to maintain the health of your lungs and your HVAC system. But how regular is regularly?

Depending on your home, occupancy, area, and more it can vary between 12 months and just 45 days!

A good rule of thumb is to check your filter every season, but here are some rough guidelines depending on your home.

Vacation Homes or Single Occupant Homes with no pets
Every 6 - 12 Months

Ordinary Suburban Homes with no pets
Every 90 Days

Home with 1 dog or cat
Every 60 Days

More than one pet or anyone with allergies
Every 20 - 45 Days

Maintaining your Air Filter is a great way to maintain both the appliances that move your air and the air itself! Find the air filter you're looking for with great deals - but time is running out! See the flyer here and start your journey to cleaner air.

Green Pleat Air Filters

Keep it Green with Green Pleat!

Posted On: Aug 6, '21

If you're looking to make your home or business as efficient as possible, Filtration Group IAQ's Green Pleat Air Filters are the top choice. These filters meet the requirements necessary to gain points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building rating system; helping you meet the certifications you need for a better tomorrow.

With exceptionally high MERV 13 efficiency, you don’t have to make a choice between cost effective and eco-friendly.

Here are some benefits to Green Pleat filters:
Advanced, dual-component, synthetic air media
• Charged fibers immediately trap contaminants
• Resulting dust cake enhances traditional filtration
• Promotes high filtration during entire life cycle
• High efficiency filtration in compact depth
– Low resistance to air flow
– Reduced energy costs
– Eliminates need to retrofit to achieve a higher MERV rating
– Provides points toward LEED certification
– Keeps coils and ductwork much cleaner
– Quickly traps pollen, allergens & contaminants

All these features make them the perfect option for office and retail spaces, manufacturing and distribution, educational facilities, doctor offices, hospital, hotels, and homes.

Learn more about Green Pleat filters here; and from our August Vendor Spotlight the Filtration Group.

Why Change Your Filter

Filtration Group IAQ Vendor Spotlight is here!

Posted On: Aug 3, '21

When was the last time you changed your Furnace Filter?
If it's been longer than a few months, you may be over due! Especially if you have allergies, asthma, or pets in the home. Changing your air filter can have a full range of benefits outside of just cleaning up your air, here are some of the top reasons to change it up:

1. Cut Down On Dust - Your HVAC system is a trap for collecting dust. If your filter is over filled, it could be letting more dust particles through. Cleaning the air filter allows it to grab more and keep it from re-entering your home.
2. Reduce Maintenance Costs - While it may not always lead to system failure, a dirty air filter can put unnecessary stress on your HVAC system, causing costly repairs down the road. Ensuring that only clean air is moving through is the best way to keep your home running smoothly.
3. Clogs Cost - An entirely clogged air filter won't just cause potential issues it will make your system work even harder day to day. This can increase the stress on both the HVAC system AND YOU - harder working systems mean higher energy bills.
4. A Healthy Filter is a Healthy You - Cleaning your filter is great for your heating and cooling, but also for your health. Dust, dander, and even mold are kept at bay by a clean air filter. All of these can affect your respiratory health, especially for those with underlying conditions or allergies. Keeping it clean is the best way to ensure the air your breathing is clear.

If you want to avoid these issues and more, Filtration Group is here to help! As our August Vendor Spotlight, the Filtration Group offers a wide variety of air filters to fit you and your HVAC system's needs.

Find the filter you're looking for in our Vendor Spotlight flyer!

PerfectAire ACs

Perfect Aire ACs for any Home

Posted On: Jun 29, '21

This Summer has already broken Canadian heat records and keeping your home from doing the same has become a high priority! No matter the size of your home, PerfectAire has the right air conditioner for you.

Window Mount
These AC units install right in your window to provide comfort and versatility, without having to make larger renovations.

Featuring NEW U-Shaped Window Air Conditioners. Innovative U-shaped design makes opening and closing windows possible even with the unit installed.

These AC units make for a more permanent solution to your Summer blues. Installed through the wall; they save space and give your windows some freedom.

Whether you're moving from room to room or can't install a full AC unit, portables are here to help! They can help cool down your space just as easily as a Window or Wall unit, but feature a more compact style and caster wheels - making them easy to move around as required.

Mini Split
The PerfectAire specialty, Mini-Splits are an exciting combination of easy to install and powerful. No ducts? No problem. These mini-split quick connect kits deliver all-year comfort with none of the fuss that comes with traditional heating and cooling.

With the right Air Conditioner your space becomes a safe haven from the Summer. Be prepared for the hottest part of the seasons with PerfectAire.

Closed for Victoria Day

Amre Supply Branches will be closed Monday May 18th for Victoria Day

Posted On: May 12, '20

Amre Supply Branches and Call Centre will be closed Saturday May 16th to Monday May 18th for Victoria Day.

We look forward to coming back refreshed and ready to serve after the long weekend!

Beat the AC Rush!

Find the Right Air Conditioner For Your Home!

Posted On: May 5, '20

Summer is incoming! The time to beat the rush for cool, comfortable air is now - with Frigidaire's Home Comfort Collection of Air Conditioners. There's something to fit any room of your home, and here's what to watch for when choosing the perfect Air Conditioner.

1. Installation Difficulty:
a. Depending on your handiness with tools and a DIY attitude, you have different options for which Air Conditioner you'll get the most use out of for the least effort.
b. Generally speaking, Built-In Air Conditioners take the most work as these need to be built into a hole in your wall.
c. Window Mounted Air Conditioners are easier to install, but require an appropriately sized window (or window side curtains.)
d. Portable Air Conditioners are the easiest to get going!
2. Choose the Size:
a. Figure out the area that you need to cool. You can do this by measuring the room's width and length in feet, the multiplying those two numbers together to get the square footage. Once you have this, you can shop for the right sized Air Conditioner.
b. You can sort our Air Conditioner category by either BTU or Square Footage. Both of these are directly related to how large your space is.
3. Decide on your Energy Usage:
a. Finding an Air Conditioner that’s Energy Star approved can help keep your energy costs low.
b. Ensuring that you're using the proper sizing will also keep your Air Conditioner from working unnecessarily hard to cool the room.
4. Find a Comfortable Sound Level:
a. You can also sort our categories by Maximum Noise level. Choosing a lower decibel rating will mean a quieter Air Conditioner in your home.

With these in mind, you can choose the perfect Air Conditioner to keep your Summer cool!
Click Here to explore our selection and get a jump on a comfortable home.

Make the LED Switch

Save on Energy and Expenses when You Switch to Led Light Bulbs

Posted On: Apr 27, '20

You care for the planet, and that’s why you try to regulate your energy outputs. But have you switched to LED light bulbs yet? Switching your bulbs can save the average household roughly $300 annually in energy costs, and will last about 20 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
You can even apply for Canada's Energy Savings Rebate Program to get rewarded for making the switch.

AMRE has every shape and size you'll need to fit the fixtures you already have in place, or find brand new styles and fully upgrade your lighting. From common A19's and T8s, to the more obscure R7S mini tubes and CA11 Candelabra in almost every colour temperature available - AMRE wants to help you economically light up your life.

Shop light bulbs today and use our filtering system to pick out the LED you need!

Buy 1 and Dustbane will Plant 1!

Join the 'Give Meaning to Your Cleaning' Initiative with Dustbane

Posted On: Apr 9, '20

Give Meaning to Your Cleaning with Dustbane's 'Buy 1 We Plant 1' Give Meaning to your Cleaning initiative!

For each Ecologo Hard Surface Cleaners Sold, Dustbane will partner with Eden Reforestation Project to Plant a Tree! With over 60,000 trees already planted, AMRE Supply wants to help keep it going and help them reach their goal of 1 Million trees by 2025. Not only are they fighting to combat climate change, but partnering with the Eden Reforestation project provides local villagers in Madagascar with steady, fair-wage jobs to help provide for their families.

Do your part and shop EcoLogo certified products here.
Learn more about Dustbane's 'Buy 1 We Plant 1' initiative here!

Earth Month April

Find the Eco-Friendly Options that Make Your Life, and The Planet's, Easier.

Posted On: Apr 9, '20

Earth Month April is the perfect time to celebrate the planet we call home by exploring our Green and Eco-Friendly products! It's never too late to upgrade to a more sustainable option, and AMRE is here to help you find the perfect one.

Garbage Bags - Reduce landfill waste with PolyEthics Recycled Material Garbage Bags. Made with 100% Recycled materials to create a fully degradable bag - without sacrificing quality or strength! From regular strength to XXXStrong.
Find them Here!

Water Filters - Why buy a new plastic bottle when you can bring your own? Replacing your Refrigerator's water filter gives you perfectly clear water to keep yourself hydrated and your footprint down. Your filter should be changed every 6 months for the best results, and AMRE wants to make it easy - with free shipping!
Find your filter today!

Biodegradable Disposable Gloves - Regular nitrile disposable gloves can take up to 200 years to decompose. With how important they are for the public health, doesn't it makes sense that they be biodegradable? NEW from Watson Gloves: Green Monkey Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves fully degrade in 10 years while retaining the same superior strength you rely on. Find them in Medium, Large, and Extra Large.
Learn More Here

AMRE Branches Closed April 10th and Saturdays

AMRE Branches will be closed for Good Friday and future Saturdays

Posted On: Apr 3, '20

AMRE Supply locations will be closed Good Friday, April 10th, for the Easter long weekend.

Starting April 4th AMRE Supply branches will be closed Saturdays. This gives our employees a chance to rest and maintain their health, while ensuring our cleaning and sanitizing process in AMRE Supply branches is preformed rigorously.

Our Customer Care Centre will be open to take your calls or emails

Shop online 24/7 and have your order shipped directly to your door!

Dangerous Chemistry

Always read your cleaning chemical's labels, and never mix bleach!

Posted On: Apr 1, '20

While keeping clean and disinfecting regularly used surfaces is important, using your cleaning products to their specifications is crucial.

Using the right chemical for the surface you're looking to clean, observing the dwell times, and most importantly - NOT mixing them.

Especially bleach or chemicals that contain bleach.

Bleach on it's own is already a highly toxic liquid, but mixing it with other chemicals can create dangerous and potentially deadly gases.
Here are some common mistakenly mixed home chemicals:

Bleach + Vinegar = Chlorine Gas
(Can irritate the eyes, skin, and even at low levels - cause permanent lung damage.)
Bleach + Ammonia = Chloramine Vapours
(can cause coughing, nausea, chest pain, or even pneumonia.)
Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol = Chloroform
(damages the nervous system, lungs, kidneys, liver, eyes, and skin. And can cause loss of consciousness)

As an added note:
Vinegar + Hydrogen Peroxide = Parecetic Acid
(Irritate and even damage your skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.)

Ordering Online

Ordering Online has never been easier!

Posted On: Mar 23, '20

Even as AMRE evolves our policies to protect both our customers and employees, we're still here to help supply you with the parts and products you depend on.

While our store front doors will be closed to the public, our website is still available 24/7! With industry leading resources, quick chat Customer Care, and same-day shipping on orders placed before 4pm - it's the easiest way to order!

Here are some our great features to help you find the part you're looking for:

Model Lookup Index
Have your model number but no idea what the part you need replacing is? Our Model Lookup Index can help! Just enter your model number into the search, or visit the Index linked above. You'll find model listings for Appliances, Faucets, Exhaust Fans, Range Hoods, and more!

Once you find your model, you'll have full access to part listings and diagrams that will guide you to the replacement part needed. You'll be able to see stock levels and even add the part to your cart directly from the part listing.

Not sure where to find your model number? Check here for the most likely spots to look!

On Site Videos
You already know about our YouTube Channel, but did you know many of these videos can be found on the part pages themselves?

You can view how to properly replace the part you're looking for without even leaving the page. Check out ULNMO2 for an example of installation videos and our full view 360 animations. Letting you see all the connections and edges as if you were instore holding it.

Customer Care Chat
If you have a question that’s too small for an email, our Chat is the perfect go between for answers. Quickly connect to one of our Customer Care Representatives right from any page on the website.

You have the option between shipping directly to your home, or visiting one of our 12 locations to pick up.
When picking up, please see the Customer Communication Bulletin here for more information on how to get your product.

Do You Know the Dwell Time?

Find out and change your cleaning success for good!

Posted On: Mar 20, '20

Have you heard about Dwell Times?

They're an important part of sanitation routines that are often overlooked. If you're the type of person that thinks you an wipe bleach over everything and call it good - this may comes as a shock!

Dwell times can range from 10 seconds to up to 10 minutes depending on the chemical and only count for the time that the chemical is wet. Wiping away a disinfectant or sanitizer too soon can render it ineffective, and leave you with a falsely cleaned surface.

Spray Nine has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Get effective killing power with a dwell time under a minute. (30-45 seconds). Get it in 946ml spray bottles or 3.8 Litre jugs.

General Purpose Bleach has a recommended dwell time of 10 minutes for high strength dilutions (1:10), is readily available, and a powerful disinfectant.

Looking for the same bleach killing power but more convenient portioning and handling control? Try Dustbane UniTab tablets. With the same dwell time and power as bleach but a longer shelf life and less corrosion.

Use with the
Dustbane Sprayer for full and efficient application power - without a cord to hold you back.

AMRE Supply can help keep your janitorial carts stocked with powerful cleaners and safety products.
Providing your team with the tools they need to keep your business clean and confident.

For a full list of Disinfectants for use against COVID-19 and their Contact (Dwell) Times, see the EPA Government Website.

AMRE COVID-19 Update

AMRE Branches will be closed for instore shopping.

Posted On: Mar 16, '20

The health and safety of our customers and employees remains our #1 priority. In light of this, AMRE Supply will be implementing new protocols for shopping with us.

We will be temporarily closing our Instore shopping experience at all locations. Our branch staff are still here to serve you via phone and for pickup - and as always, our website is available to you 24/7.

Our warehouses, deliveries, and customer service teams are currently still fully operational.

Please read our full letter for details here.

Flood Prevention Tools

Find the Solution to Prevent Flood in Your Home!

Posted On: Mar 6, '20

Water damage is 5x more likely than theft, and 6x more likely than a fire to damage your home. With those odds, shouldn't flood prevention be an important part of your home and business?

AMRE Supply makes it easy with our full range of products like water alarms, sump pumps, and the newest in home water control technology - the Moen Flo.

Get the biggest benefit out of you Sump Pump with high quality Little Giant Pumps.

Trying to figure out what size you need, or if you need one at all? Learn everything you need to know with Spec. Sense as Vance walks you through the needs and necessities of a properly working sump pump.

No place for a sump pump but a leak waiting to blow? You don't have to babysit your basement pipes with a Water Leak Detector. Go standard with a Flood Buzz detector for a simple alarm when it comes in contact with water.
Or go a step above with a Honeywell Lyric Wifi water and freeze detector. It connects via Wi-Fi to let you know on your phone as soon as water is detected, whether you hear the alarm or not.

Looking for even higher home protection? Flo by Moen is what you're looking for. An all-in-one security system for your home's water. One valve connects via app to your phone, giving you complete control of your home's water. Whether you're keeping an eye on the shower usage, or staying vigilant with the pipes in your foundation, Moen Flo helps you keep track of any lost or unusual pressures in all; sending you an alert if something doesn't quite look right. In fact, 60% of homeowners immediately discovered a leak they didn't even know they had after installing Flo!

Learn more with Moen and find it here on AMRE

You can find these products and more in our Flood Prevention Flyer!

Schlage Takes the Spotlight

Lose your keys for the last time with Schlage!

Posted On: Mar 2, '20

Schlage lost the key, so you never will!

Lock down savings on everything from privacy knobs to battery powered Electronic Keypad Deadbolts!

There's no need to be intimidated with Electronic Keypads, with Schlage there's no wiring required. Just one Phillips screwdriver.

How To Install:

1. Start with the baseplate, rotating the came to the correct position (look for the arrow point to the Top). Note that the Cam must be vertical!
2. Install the bolt. Make sure it stays retracted throughout the installation!
3. Install the keypad and route the single wire over the bolt, and the tailpiece through the slot in the bolt.
4. Take that wire and plug it into the baseplate.
5. Install the baseplate once wire is attached.
6. Connect the wire and 9V battery
7. Place the battery in the holder and tuck in the wires so they won't be pinched by the cover.
8. Install the cover using the provided self-aligning screws.
9. Next the reinforcement plate and strike must be installed into the door jamb. Take note of the arrows and directions on the reinforcement plate.

After it's been installed you can use Schlage's easy to follow testing instructions and enjoy the freedom of going keyless!

Refresh with Spring Cleaning

Don't Just Clean, Refresh Your Home!

Posted On: Feb 20, '20

Spring cleaning is on it's way and there is plenty to think about when it comes to cleaning up your home. Sure there's the standard scrubbing and mopping, but there are a few simple changes that can really refresh your home to suit your New-Year-New-You mood.

Here are a few ways that AMRE Supply can help you get started:

Dishwasher Safe Floor Registers
- Yeah; cleaning them can be that easy! After gathering all of what your furnace had to throw at them throughout the winter, your floor registers could be carrying a lot you don't realize. Being able to pop them in the dishwasher will not only save you time, but will make the cleaning process far easier! Check out the three colour options here!

Spackle and tools for it
- Your walls go through a lot throughout the year, and most people don't think to repair little dents or marks until they move. But before you can improve the look of your room with a new coat of paint, taking the time to go over old dents and holes will make all your effort stand out! Get Spackling and the Tools you need for it here at AMRE.

Wall Plates
- Ever really look at your outlet and light switch plates? Freshening up your home can be done with these simple accents!
- Feeling a little more DIY adventurous? Change our your old light switch for a sleek and modern Decora switch! Find a variety of styles, colours, and even instructional videos here!

Window Screen Repair Kits
- Get your screens fixed BEFORE the bugs! Nothing ruins a beautiful breeze like a broken screen afterall. With Frames, Screening, Tools, and Latches all available at one place, you can fix up your screens to keep your home easy and breezy - without the unwanted guests.
- Follow along with Vance as he shows you how to repair and replace your window screening in two easy to follow Videos found on every Screening Product Page!

Even with just one of these changes, your home can be ready to Spring away from Winter. Check out our Youtube Channel for more instructional videos for Repairing and Replacing around your home.

ProFlo Complete Toilet Kits

Everything You Need to Upgrade Your Toilet in One Box

Posted On: Feb 11, '20

With February bringing in ProFlo as it's Vendor Spotlight you can find what you need to renew your bathroom - especially your toilets.

ProFlo makes it easy to find the right fixture for your home with Complete Toilet Kits. They include the Tank, Bowl, Seat, Closet Bolts, and Wax Ring - so installation is all out of one box.

Choose between a Round Bowl, Elongated bowl or ADA Elongated bowl; each with High Efficiency Gravity Flush Technology.

You can even replace your toilet yourself with these 10 steps.

1. Start by turning off the water and flushing to remove as much water from the insides as you can. You may want to use LiquiLock Gel , The Trunk or a large sponge to ensure there is no extra water that could spill out onto your floor.
2. Disconnect the water supply and remove the old toilet (starting with the tank bolts, tank, then bowl bolts and bowl.) Plug drain with a rag in the meantime to prevent any sewer gases.
3. Clean off the flange and check it for damage. Replace if need be.
4. Turn the new Toilet Bowl upside down on flattened cardboard or towel to prevent damage then place the wax ring evenly around the bowl flange.
5. Carefully life the toilet bowl, using your legs not your back, and align it with the Flange bolts.
6. Apply even pressure on the bowl (sitting on it works) and rock it side to side and front to back. This will ensure the wax seal is firmly in place. The Toilet should be firm to the floor.
7. Install the washers, nuts, and caps over the flange bolts, making them snug but not over tight - this could damage the china.
8. Install the tank-to-bowl-gasket, tank bolts with washers, and place the tank on the bowl. Tighten the tank nuts and make sure they are level.
9. Connect the water supply to the ballcock, hand tightening it. It is highly recommended you do NOT use channel locks.
10. Turn on the water, flush and check for any leaks. You may need to adjust the ballcock to proper water line height.

If you're looking for more deals on quality ProFlo products, you can find them in our Vendor Spotlight Flyer.

Protecting Yourself and Others

N95 Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Stopping the Spread

Posted On: Jan 31, '20

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, countries all over the world are preparing to keep themselves and the people around them safe. To protect your home and business, there are several things you can do.

The virus spreads via air by coughing or sneezing, personal contact, or contact with an infected surface or object followed by contact to the mouth, nose, or eyes. With this in mind, Face Masks, avoiding the sick, and ensuring to disinfect hands & surfaces are paramount to avoid contracting the virus.

Face Mask:
N95 Rated Respirator Masks offer more protection than traditional disposable masks and are designed to prevent 95% of small particles from entering the nose and mouth - when fit properly to the face. These masks are not designed for children or those with facial hair. Always follow the instructions when using a Particulate Mask for the maximum benefit.
Please Note: AMRE Supply is now SOLD OUT of N95 Masks.

Avoiding Spread:
If symptoms appear, it's time to call in for a sick day. Staying home and getting better is the best way to lessen the spread of any sickness, but especially the highly contagious. Ensuring that you are covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing then immediately washing your hands. If you have employees that show up to work sick, be prepared to send them home to avoid spreading any viruses.

Keep Clean:
Washing your hands with warm water and soap is the best defense against germs. As useful as Hand Sanitizer is - it should only be relied on when soap and water is not available. If you must use hand sanitizer, be sure that it is formulated with at minimum 60% alcohol; anything below 60% is ineffective. See these options for 70% alcohol formulas for higher effectiveness. Keeping surfaces clean is another important aspect to preventing the spread of illnesses, especially if they are frequently used by a multitude of different people / customers.

At the end of the day whether it's the flu, cold, or coronavirus -protecting those around us and maintaining our health should always be a top priority.

No More Residue Blues

Betco's pHerfect can get rid of that annoying Ice Melt residue!

Posted On: Jan 20, '20

With new and improved ice management chemicals comes the potential for annoying residue that may ruin your lobbies or entryways.

Featuring a product from our Vendor Spotlight, Betco's pHerfect Floor Neutralizer and Cleaner is the pherfect solution to your ice melt residue blues! With neutralizing agents and surfactants to both penetrate and clean off common ice melt ingredients - like sodium and magnesium chloride. All in one step.

Simply dilute 5 oz. per gallon (1:25) of water, then mop or scrub floor. Follow with a clean water rinse and you're done!

Stay Warm with our Winter Flyer!

Our Winter Flyer will be around as long as the snow is, stock up and stay warm.

Posted On: Jan 14, '20

The weather is taking a turn for the downright frozen, and it pays to be prepared!
Did you know our Winter Flyer is up until the end of February?

That’s deals on everything you need to survive Winter, including Milwaukee Heated Gear essentials!

Get heated Hoodies, jackets, vests and the battery accessories to go with them before time and stock runs out! Add a cuffed toque and you'll be winning winter.

Looking to stay warm inside too? Find space heaters on sale as well!

Be safe and stay warm, the Winter will be over soon!