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Edgewood Matting - Custom Solutions

Find your Custom Solution with Edgewood Matting!

Posted On: Sep 14, '20

Not finding the right matting solution? AMRE Supply now offers custom matting and until September 30th, you'll receive an additional 20% off your Edgewood Matting Custom Order!

Get the perfect combination of scrapers, wipers, and more in the size that fits your entrance or work station to a T - with just one phone call.

Visit us in-store and speak with your local expert, or give our Customer Care Centre a call toll free at 1-800-661-9891.

Learn more with this month's Vendor Spotlight Flyer!

Edgewood Matting Vendor Spotlight

This Month's Vendor Spotlight is Edgewood Matting!

Posted On: Aug 25, '20

A new month means a new Vendor Spotlight!

Edgewood Matting brings you the flooring solutions you need, just in time. As the weather cools down, the boots come out - and that means a mess of your entryway. With the proper combination of floor mat types. From wipers to scrapers, low traffic to heavy - there's a solution for every entrance.

Learn more about what mats are best for what soils, and how to properly align them with your building to get the best results on our Floor Matting episode of Clean Care!

For more tips and tricks, check out and subscribe to our Clean Care series on Youtube!

Explore the great deals from Edgewood in this month's Vendor Spotlight Flyer!

Perk Up Your Parks!

Get the Perfect Park with Bike Racks, Benches, and More.

Posted On: Jul 8, '20

Parks are a haven for people wanting to get outside within the convenience of the city, but an unkempt park can easily turn a peaceful picnic into a disaster. Let AMRE Help you find the right pieces you need to keep up your perfect park.

Bike Racks
You have the best bike trails, but where can bikers store their bikes for a quick stop into a shop or run around a playground? Bright and sturdy, with a variety of different shapes to suit your needs, Frost offers the solution. Choose from single pole 'Stop' style, Surf Style, or Linguini style - all available in bright colours or black.

Benches are essential for providing a comfortable place for visitors to rest and take in the beauty of your park. From feeding pigeons, to supervising playtime, to just enjoying the world - a good bench is all you need. Choose from 4' to 6' long benches in colours to match your bike racks!

Doggy Stations
Whether you're off-leash or on, dogs and parks just go together. Encourage responsible dog ownership with Dogipot waste receptacles, signs, and replacement bags. Strategically placed, these signs and resources remind dog owners to clean up after their pets and dispose of the mess in a safe manner. Make your message and desire for a clean park known!

Waste Bins
Nothing ruins a nice park like the presence of trash. A well placed waste bin makes it easy for visitors to properly dispose of their disposables, and with the Frost Stingray series - will match along with the rest of your park's features.

With a good combination of amenities and sanitary solutions, your park can be the sanctuary every city needs!

Elkay H2O

Keep Hydrated and Clean!

Posted On: Jun 26, '20

Keeping visitors hydrated while encouraging the use of reusable bottles are the perfect reasons to install a Bottle Filling Station. Elkay sanitary 'No Touch' bottle filling stations are sensor activated with an automatic 30-second shut-off timer.

Silver ion anti-microbial surfaces protect users and provide easy cleaning, while the real drain system eliminates standing water.

Promote the reuse of water bottles with a Green Ticker™ that counts the number of bottles saved from the landfill every time it's used!

Explore the Elkay ezH2O Bottle Filler and more Water fountains on AMRE.


Hashtag Trashtag - Lets clean up our greenspaces safely

Posted On: Jun 26, '20

For most Canadians, being at home from work can provide a lot of free time. What you use it for is up to you - but why not use it for a bit of good? Lets bring back #TrashTag and clean up our favourite spaces. Whether it's a local park or your home nest, a little cleaning can go a long way!

Cleaning up parks and personal spaces is a tough job, but it can be made easier and safer with the proper precautions. Here is our list for the best clean-up crews.
- Tough Garbage Bags
- Garbage Bag Stands
- Disposable Gloves
- Nippers
- BRUTE Containers
- Graffiti Remover + Scrub Brushes
- Hand Sanitizer

Parking Lot Perfection

Find the tools you need to refresh your parking spaces!

Posted On: Jun 26, '20

Looking for Professional Lines and all the supplies you need for them? AMRE Supply is your one stop shop for Striping tools, stencils, and paints. Get the perfect lines with a push striping machine or striping wand. Refresh your company lot or residential parking with new lines, new symbols, and even add letter designations with stencils.

How to use the Seymour Traffic Striping Machine:
1. Turn can upside down and place into the holder. The long sides of the spray head must be parallel to the axel.
2. Establish your line width. By loosening the wingnuts on both sides of the machine, you can adjust the can platform up or down. Stripes approximately 2 to 4 inches wide can be applied.
3. Squeeze trigger to activate spray. To avoid any possible "build-up" of paint when starting, it is suggested that the machine be in motion when passing over the starting point.

Looking for the right colour? Here are the cans you'll need:
- Traffic Marking Yellow
- Traffic Marking White
- Handicap Marking Blue

For stencils and more tools, check out our dedicated Striping Category.

Sunscreen Blowout

Supply and Protector Yourself

Posted On: Jun 26, '20

Summer is in full swing and there's no better time to be outdoors! Protect yourself from UV rays with a blowout on Croc Bloc Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Available in three sizes for every adventure you have planned including 34oz pump bottles, 4oz squeeze bottles, and 10ml individual packets. All SPF 30, water resistant, unscented, and featuring Aloe and Vitamin E to moisturize while you protect.

Find all sizes here

Doktor Doom Nest Killer

Don't Let Wasps Ruin Your Summer!

Posted On: Jun 16, '20

Finding a Wasp or Hornets nest around your home or business can be stressful, so removing these nests before they become too large is a large part in keeping your outdoors safe.

Here are some tips to get the best results when removing a wasp/hornet nest yourself.

1. Find a propelled Wasp or Hornet killer. This will allow you to stand at a safer distance when removing them. Check out Doktor Doom's Supercharged jet foam wasp & hornet killer, or wasp & hornet nest annihilator.
2. Choose the best time. Wasps/Hornets are more likely to be back in their nests and inactive an hour after sunset, or an hour before sunrise. These are the best times to apply the spray.
3. Do not spray from a downwind position. Optimal conditions are still air, however in the case of wind it is best to stand up wind.
4. Refer to your spray of choice for appropriate distance to stand away from the nest and shoot the product so it completely covers the opening and outer sides of the nest.
5. Do not go to remove the nest right away, some time may be needed in order for the spray to work it's way through and kill all inhabitants. Additional applications may be required if you notice wasps or hornets still moving around the nest, but once you are confident they are gone, the nest can be destroyed.

Your Summer shouldn't be held back by the threat of angry buzzing, with Doktor Doom you can have the confidence you need to get back outside!

Broadcast Spreaders

Get a Better Spreader with Holland Greenhouse Broadcast Spreaders

Posted On: Jun 12, '20

Properly fertilizing your grass is essential to avoiding brown spots or dead patches. Using a push spreader can make this process easier and more efficient.

By adjusting the holes at the bottom of the hopper to your fertilizer of choice, you eliminate wasted product and ensure the best coverage for your lawn or green space.

Consult your owner's manual for the best practice when it comes to pattern and amount of fertilizer needed for your green area.

Find the right broadcast spreader for your needs in any of our four sizes:
S010580 - 60lbs
S010583 - 90lbs
S010581 - 100lbs
S010582 - 125lbs

Whether for spreading fertilizer, seed, or even ice melt, these Greenhouse broadcast spreaders will give you the perfect coverage for the perfect results.

Doktor Doom and DEET Free!

Ditch the DEET with Jungle Juice

Posted On: Jun 9, '20

Effectiveness against mosquitoes doesn't have to come with a harsh smell or sticky feel. Ditch the DEET and grab Doktor Doom's Jungle Juice instead! With a 20% Icaridin formula you can get up to 12 hours of protection.

Approved by the World Health Organization as demonstrating excellent repellent properties comparable and often superior to the use of standard DEET formulas.

When used according to label directions Doktor Doom Jungle Juice Tick and Mosquito Repellant provides protection against West Nile virus, Lyme disease, Dengue Fever, Malaria and the Zika virus.

Find them apart of our Vendor Spotlight for June in our Doktor Doom Flyer

AMRE Supply Stores are Open to the public!

AMRE Supply Stores are Back!

Posted On: Jun 1, '20

AMRE Supply Stores are open again to the public and our old hours are back in place! We're also happy to announce that Curbside pickups will continue to be available during the weekdays.
UPDATE: Due to staffing concerns, Curbside pickup will be temporarily paused.

Click here to view your local AMRE Supply hours of operation

With this reopening there are a few changes that we are putting in place to help keep you and our team safe.
• In accordance with provincial guidelines, we may limit the number of customers in the store at any one time
• Sanitation Stations have been setup for when you enter and leave our buildings
• Protective shields have been added to our sales counters
• Enhanced cleaning measures will be practiced, including frequently touched surfaces, throughout the day
• Social distancing (6ft) where possible must be practiced by all customers and associates
• Social distancing floor decals and aisle markers will be present throughout showrooms and around sales counters
• Bathroom and kitchen facilities will continue to be closed to the public
• We encourage all customers to wear masks upon entering our facilities

For the safety of our staff and community, we ask that you please refrain from visiting any of our branches:
• If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
• Have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for the virus in the last 14 days
• If you have recently traveled abroad
Anyone not respecting these new requirements may be asked to leave the premises. We will gladly help you by phone or online and will work with you for delivery.

For further information, please see our Customer Communications letter.

U by Moen - Voice Activated!

Control your Kitchen Faucet using your voice with U by Moen!

Posted On: May 12, '20

Your hands are full enough with everything going on in your kitchen. Let your new Kitchen assistant take over when it comes to your Faucet!

U Smart Faucets by Moen work with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home and give you the power to control your kitchen faucet with just your voice. From precise measurements (from 1tbsp to 15gal) to exact temperatures, all you have to do is ask.

"Hey Google, ask Moen to dispense 1 cup of water"
"Alexa, ask Moen to run water at 100 degrees"

Along with Voice Control, U by Moen can also be controlled with a wave, Smartphone App, or manually!

Find the perfect design for your kitchen here and jump on the newest technologies - all apart of our Vendor Spotlight.

Moen INLY Showers

Get Spa Aromatherapy Treatment in your own Shower!

Posted On: May 12, '20

Bring aromatherapy spa treatments home with Moen INLY Showerheads!

Uniquely designed to infuse essential oils directly into the water flow of your shower to create an incredible and sensory shower experience.

Find four Spa-Inspired scents to suit your day:

Zen Time - Relax in soothing waves of lavender field with essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree & Vanilla.

Tropical Day - Escape to a paradise island with essential oils of Lemongrass, Neroli, & Vanilla.

Energetic Morning - Hike through a lush pine forest with essential oils of Lemon, Scots Pine, & Cistus

Sweet Morning - Ease into the day with fresh berries with essential oils of Red Berries, Geranium, & Vanilla

Add them to Moen INLY Showerheads. Featuring Magentix Hand shower technology in either a single hand shower or combination showerhead and hand shower assembly - with two stylish finishes.

Get an incredible shower every day, and an aromatherapy shower when you need it.

Closed for Victoria Day

Amre Supply Branches will be closed Monday May 18th for Victoria Day

Posted On: May 12, '20

Amre Supply Branches and Call Centre will be closed Saturday May 16th to Monday May 18th for Victoria Day.

We look forward to coming back refreshed and ready to serve after the long weekend!

Beat the AC Rush!

Find the Right Air Conditioner For Your Home!

Posted On: May 5, '20

Summer is incoming! The time to beat the rush for cool, comfortable air is now - with Frigidaire's Home Comfort Collection of Air Conditioners. There's something to fit any room of your home, and here's what to watch for when choosing the perfect Air Conditioner.

1. Installation Difficulty:
a. Depending on your handiness with tools and a DIY attitude, you have different options for which Air Conditioner you'll get the most use out of for the least effort.
b. Generally speaking, Built-In Air Conditioners take the most work as these need to be built into a hole in your wall.
c. Window Mounted Air Conditioners are easier to install, but require an appropriately sized window (or window side curtains.)
d. Portable Air Conditioners are the easiest to get going!
2. Choose the Size:
a. Figure out the area that you need to cool. You can do this by measuring the room's width and length in feet, the multiplying those two numbers together to get the square footage. Once you have this, you can shop for the right sized Air Conditioner.
b. You can sort our Air Conditioner category by either BTU or Square Footage. Both of these are directly related to how large your space is.
3. Decide on your Energy Usage:
a. Finding an Air Conditioner that’s Energy Star approved can help keep your energy costs low.
b. Ensuring that you're using the proper sizing will also keep your Air Conditioner from working unnecessarily hard to cool the room.
4. Find a Comfortable Sound Level:
a. You can also sort our categories by Maximum Noise level. Choosing a lower decibel rating will mean a quieter Air Conditioner in your home.

With these in mind, you can choose the perfect Air Conditioner to keep your Summer cool!
Click Here to explore our selection and get a jump on a comfortable home.

Make the LED Switch

Save on Energy and Expenses when You Switch to Led Light Bulbs

Posted On: Apr 27, '20

You care for the planet, and that’s why you try to regulate your energy outputs. But have you switched to LED light bulbs yet? Switching your bulbs can save the average household roughly $300 annually in energy costs, and will last about 20 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
You can even apply for Canada's Energy Savings Rebate Program to get rewarded for making the switch.

AMRE has every shape and size you'll need to fit the fixtures you already have in place, or find brand new styles and fully upgrade your lighting. From common A19's and T8s, to the more obscure R7S mini tubes and CA11 Candelabra in almost every colour temperature available - AMRE wants to help you economically light up your life.

Shop light bulbs today and use our filtering system to pick out the LED you need!

Buy 1 and Dustbane will Plant 1!

Join the 'Give Meaning to Your Cleaning' Initiative with Dustbane

Posted On: Apr 9, '20

Give Meaning to Your Cleaning with Dustbane's 'Buy 1 We Plant 1' Give Meaning to your Cleaning initiative!

For each Ecologo Hard Surface Cleaners Sold, Dustbane will partner with Eden Reforestation Project to Plant a Tree! With over 60,000 trees already planted, AMRE Supply wants to help keep it going and help them reach their goal of 1 Million trees by 2025. Not only are they fighting to combat climate change, but partnering with the Eden Reforestation project provides local villagers in Madagascar with steady, fair-wage jobs to help provide for their families.

Do your part and shop EcoLogo certified products here.
Learn more about Dustbane's 'Buy 1 We Plant 1' initiative here!

Earth Month April

Find the Eco-Friendly Options that Make Your Life, and The Planet's, Easier.

Posted On: Apr 9, '20

Earth Month April is the perfect time to celebrate the planet we call home by exploring our Green and Eco-Friendly products! It's never too late to upgrade to a more sustainable option, and AMRE is here to help you find the perfect one.

Garbage Bags - Reduce landfill waste with PolyEthics Recycled Material Garbage Bags. Made with 100% Recycled materials to create a fully degradable bag - without sacrificing quality or strength! From regular strength to XXXStrong.
Find them Here!

Water Filters - Why buy a new plastic bottle when you can bring your own? Replacing your Refrigerator's water filter gives you perfectly clear water to keep yourself hydrated and your footprint down. Your filter should be changed every 6 months for the best results, and AMRE wants to make it easy - with free shipping!
Find your filter today!

Biodegradable Disposable Gloves - Regular nitrile disposable gloves can take up to 200 years to decompose. With how important they are for the public health, doesn't it makes sense that they be biodegradable? NEW from Watson Gloves: Green Monkey Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves fully degrade in 10 years while retaining the same superior strength you rely on. Find them in Medium, Large, and Extra Large.
Learn More Here

AMRE Branches Closed April 10th and Saturdays

AMRE Branches will be closed for Good Friday and future Saturdays

Posted On: Apr 3, '20

AMRE Supply locations will be closed Good Friday, April 10th, for the Easter long weekend.

Starting April 4th AMRE Supply branches will be closed Saturdays. This gives our employees a chance to rest and maintain their health, while ensuring our cleaning and sanitizing process in AMRE Supply branches is preformed rigorously.

Our Customer Care Centre will be open to take your calls or emails

Shop online 24/7 and have your order shipped directly to your door!

Dangerous Chemistry

Always read your cleaning chemical's labels, and never mix bleach!

Posted On: Apr 1, '20

While keeping clean and disinfecting regularly used surfaces is important, using your cleaning products to their specifications is crucial.

Using the right chemical for the surface you're looking to clean, observing the dwell times, and most importantly - NOT mixing them.

Especially bleach or chemicals that contain bleach.

Bleach on it's own is already a highly toxic liquid, but mixing it with other chemicals can create dangerous and potentially deadly gases.
Here are some common mistakenly mixed home chemicals:

Bleach + Vinegar = Chlorine Gas
(Can irritate the eyes, skin, and even at low levels - cause permanent lung damage.)
Bleach + Ammonia = Chloramine Vapours
(can cause coughing, nausea, chest pain, or even pneumonia.)
Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol = Chloroform
(damages the nervous system, lungs, kidneys, liver, eyes, and skin. And can cause loss of consciousness)

As an added note:
Vinegar + Hydrogen Peroxide = Parecetic Acid
(Irritate and even damage your skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.)

Ordering Online

Ordering Online has never been easier!

Posted On: Mar 23, '20

Even as AMRE evolves our policies to protect both our customers and employees, we're still here to help supply you with the parts and products you depend on.

While our store front doors will be closed to the public, our website is still available 24/7! With industry leading resources, quick chat Customer Care, and same-day shipping on orders placed before 4pm - it's the easiest way to order!

Here are some our great features to help you find the part you're looking for:

Model Lookup Index
Have your model number but no idea what the part you need replacing is? Our Model Lookup Index can help! Just enter your model number into the search, or visit the Index linked above. You'll find model listings for Appliances, Faucets, Exhaust Fans, Range Hoods, and more!

Once you find your model, you'll have full access to part listings and diagrams that will guide you to the replacement part needed. You'll be able to see stock levels and even add the part to your cart directly from the part listing.

Not sure where to find your model number? Check here for the most likely spots to look!

On Site Videos
You already know about our YouTube Channel, but did you know many of these videos can be found on the part pages themselves?

You can view how to properly replace the part you're looking for without even leaving the page. Check out ULNMO2 for an example of installation videos and our full view 360 animations. Letting you see all the connections and edges as if you were instore holding it.

Customer Care Chat
If you have a question that’s too small for an email, our Chat is the perfect go between for answers. Quickly connect to one of our Customer Care Representatives right from any page on the website.

You have the option between shipping directly to your home, or visiting one of our 12 locations to pick up.
When picking up, please see the Customer Communication Bulletin here for more information on how to get your product.

Do You Know the Dwell Time?

Find out and change your cleaning success for good!

Posted On: Mar 20, '20

Have you heard about Dwell Times?

They're an important part of sanitation routines that are often overlooked. If you're the type of person that thinks you an wipe bleach over everything and call it good - this may comes as a shock!

Dwell times can range from 10 seconds to up to 10 minutes depending on the chemical and only count for the time that the chemical is wet. Wiping away a disinfectant or sanitizer too soon can render it ineffective, and leave you with a falsely cleaned surface.

Spray Nine has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Get effective killing power with a dwell time under a minute. (30-45 seconds). Get it in 946ml spray bottles or 3.8 Litre jugs.

General Purpose Bleach has a recommended dwell time of 10 minutes for high strength dilutions (1:10), is readily available, and a powerful disinfectant.

Looking for the same bleach killing power but more convenient portioning and handling control? Try Dustbane UniTab tablets. With the same dwell time and power as bleach but a longer shelf life and less corrosion.

Use with the
Dustbane Sprayer for full and efficient application power - without a cord to hold you back.

AMRE Supply can help keep your janitorial carts stocked with powerful cleaners and safety products.
Providing your team with the tools they need to keep your business clean and confident.

For a full list of Disinfectants for use against COVID-19 and their Contact (Dwell) Times, see the EPA Government Website.

AMRE COVID-19 Update

AMRE Branches will be closed for instore shopping.

Posted On: Mar 16, '20

The health and safety of our customers and employees remains our #1 priority. In light of this, AMRE Supply will be implementing new protocols for shopping with us.

We will be temporarily closing our Instore shopping experience at all locations. Our branch staff are still here to serve you via phone and for pickup - and as always, our website is available to you 24/7.

Our warehouses, deliveries, and customer service teams are currently still fully operational.

Please read our full letter for details here.

Flood Prevention Tools

Find the Solution to Prevent Flood in Your Home!

Posted On: Mar 6, '20

Water damage is 5x more likely than theft, and 6x more likely than a fire to damage your home. With those odds, shouldn't flood prevention be an important part of your home and business?

AMRE Supply makes it easy with our full range of products like water alarms, sump pumps, and the newest in home water control technology - the Moen Flo.

Get the biggest benefit out of you Sump Pump with high quality Little Giant Pumps.

Trying to figure out what size you need, or if you need one at all? Learn everything you need to know with Spec. Sense as Vance walks you through the needs and necessities of a properly working sump pump.

No place for a sump pump but a leak waiting to blow? You don't have to babysit your basement pipes with a Water Leak Detector. Go standard with a Flood Buzz detector for a simple alarm when it comes in contact with water.
Or go a step above with a Honeywell Lyric Wifi water and freeze detector. It connects via Wi-Fi to let you know on your phone as soon as water is detected, whether you hear the alarm or not.

Looking for even higher home protection? Flo by Moen is what you're looking for. An all-in-one security system for your home's water. One valve connects via app to your phone, giving you complete control of your home's water. Whether you're keeping an eye on the shower usage, or staying vigilant with the pipes in your foundation, Moen Flo helps you keep track of any lost or unusual pressures in all; sending you an alert if something doesn't quite look right. In fact, 60% of homeowners immediately discovered a leak they didn't even know they had after installing Flo!

Learn more with Moen and find it here on AMRE

You can find these products and more in our Flood Prevention Flyer!

Schlage Takes the Spotlight

Lose your keys for the last time with Schlage!

Posted On: Mar 2, '20

Schlage lost the key, so you never will!

Lock down savings on everything from privacy knobs to battery powered Electronic Keypad Deadbolts!

There's no need to be intimidated with Electronic Keypads, with Schlage there's no wiring required. Just one Phillips screwdriver.

How To Install:

1. Start with the baseplate, rotating the came to the correct position (look for the arrow point to the Top). Note that the Cam must be vertical!
2. Install the bolt. Make sure it stays retracted throughout the installation!
3. Install the keypad and route the single wire over the bolt, and the tailpiece through the slot in the bolt.
4. Take that wire and plug it into the baseplate.
5. Install the baseplate once wire is attached.
6. Connect the wire and 9V battery
7. Place the battery in the holder and tuck in the wires so they won't be pinched by the cover.
8. Install the cover using the provided self-aligning screws.
9. Next the reinforcement plate and strike must be installed into the door jamb. Take note of the arrows and directions on the reinforcement plate.

After it's been installed you can use Schlage's easy to follow testing instructions and enjoy the freedom of going keyless!


Free Shipping on Refrigerator Water Filters
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