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We're upgrading!
Click here for full details, and read the FAQ below for more information.

System Upgrade FAQ

System Upgrade FAQ

Posted On: Jan 31, '23


How can we contact you?
Local Branch contacts remain the same
- Customer care can still be reached at 1-800-661-9891
- Accounting can still be reached as follows:
- If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us at
1-888-440-4880 Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM EST- 17:30 PM EST or email us at:

Will my login change?
Your account login will stay the same, even if your account number changes.


How will the system change impact my payment methods?
The method of payments accepted remains the same.

Will my online account page change?
Your Account page on will not change; however, you will see enhanced screens related to the invoice gateway to see your invoice and statements.

Will my account number change?
If your AMRE account number is 5 digits long: Will remain the same on the new system.
If your AMRE account number longer than 5 digits: A New 5-digit account number will be reassigned.

Will invoice and statements change?
They will be upgrading to a New look that is also in an easy to read PDF format.
- Sent once per evening to your accounting department (to the contact already on file)
- Will automatically be emailed to your AP department from
- Please add this email to your whitelist not to miss receiving any invoices.
- Your monthly statement will display differently, please see HERE for more information.

Where can I find my monthly statement on the Invoice Payment Portal?
When you select Online Bill Payments, you are redirected to BillTrust website, statements are found under the CLOSED tab. See more information and instructions [ HERE ]

Can I still pay my invoices on website?
Yes! You can utilize the same process, but with an upgraded payment portal. Find more information here in [ ENGLISH ] and in [ FRENCH ]


Can I place orders the same as before?
Yes, ordering from AMRE remains the exact same:
- By phone
- Instore – same friendly AMRE staff
- On our website

How will the system change impact customer pricing?
Your pricing will remain the same.