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Whirlpool Refrigerator Screw

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$631     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  

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SKU: WP489349

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Whirlpool Genuine OEM WP489349 Refrigerator Screw.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, Admiral, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Roper, Modern Maid, Estate, Caloric, Crosley, Inglis, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Amana, & Norge.
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Mississauga: 1
Scarborough: 6
Windsor: 0
Stock shown on hand can change at anytime without notice or may already be spoken for. Please inquire by phone to confirm precise amounts available at that time.

Product Specifications

Skill Level:

Works with the Following Brands

  • Admiral Logo
  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
  • Whirlpool Logo

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0089861 0089861-REPL 12990101 12992403 4344198
489349 597368 67005822 67006303 8170373
AH378041 AP2942099 EA378041 EAP378041 M0216515
M0216515-REPL M0238731 M0239730 PS378041 Y0089861
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ABB2527DEW ABB2527DEW14 ABB2527DEW (BOM: ABB2527DEx2) ABC2037DEB ABC2037DEB14 ABC2037DEQ ABC2037DES ABC2037DEW ABC2037DEW14 ABC2037DPS ABC2037DTB ABC2037DTS ABC2037DTS14 ABC2037DTW ABD2233DEB ABD2233DEB14 ABD2233DEQ ABD2233DES ABD2233DEW ABD2233DEW14 ABD2533DEB ABD2533DEB (BOM: ABD2533DEx2) ABD2533DEQ ABD2533DES ABD2533DEW ABD2533DEW (BOM: ABD2533DEx2) ABL1922FES12 ABL1922FES3 ABL1922FES4 ABL1922FES5 ABL1922FES6 ABL1922FES (BOM: ABL1922FES0) ABL1927FES12 ABL1927FES (BOM: ABL1927FES0) ABL1927VES1 ABL1927VES10 ABL1927VES2 ABL1927VES3 ABL1927VES4 ABL192ZFES12 ABL192ZFES3 ABL192ZFES4 ABL192ZFES5 ABL192ZFES6 ABL192ZWES0 ABL192ZWES1 ABL2037FES12 ABL2037FES (BOM: ABL2037FES0) ABL2222FES12 ABL2222FES3 ABL2222FES4 ABL2222FES5 ABL2222FES6 ABL2222FES (BOM: ABL2222FEx0) ABL2227FES12 ABL2227FES (BOM: ABL2227FES0) ABL2227VES1 ABL2227VES10 ABL2227VES2 ABL2227VES3 ABL2227VES4 ABL2233FES12 ABL2233FES (BOM: ABL2233FES0) ABL2522FES12 ABL2522FES (BOM: ABL2522FES0) ABL2527FES12 ABL2527FES (BOM: ABL2527FEx0) ABL2533FES12 ABL2533FES (BOM: ABL2533FES0) ABR1922FES12 ABR1922FES3 ABR1922FES4 ABR1922FES5 ABR1922FES6 ABR1922FES (BOM: ABR1922FES0) ABR1927FES12 ABR1927FES (BOM: ABR1927FES0) ABR1927VES1 ABR1927VES10 ABR1927VES2 ABR1927VES3 ABR1927VES4 ABR192ZFES12 ABR192ZFES3 ABR192ZFES4 ABR192ZFES5 ABR192ZFES6 ABR192ZWES0 ABR192ZWES1 ABR2037FES12 ABR2037FES (BOM: ABR2037FES0) ABR2222FES12 ABR2222FES3 ABR2222FES4 ABR2222FES5 ABR2222FES6 ABR2222FES (BOM: ABR2222FEx0) ABR2227FES ABR2227FES12 ABR2227VES1 ABR2227VES10 ABR2227VES2 ABR2227VES3 ABR2227VES4 ABR2233FES12 ABR2233FES (BOM: ABR2233FES0) ABR2522FES12 ABR2522FES (BOM: ABR2522FES0) ABR2527FES12 ABR2527FES (BOM: ABR2527FEx0) ABR2533FES12 ABR2533FES (BOM: ABR2533FES0) AC2224GEKB12 AC2224GEKS13 AC2224GEKW12 AC2224PEKB AC2224PEKB12 AC2224PEKW AC2224PEKW12 AC2225GEKB13 AC2225GEKS14 AC2225GEKW13 AC2228HEKB AC2228HEKB13 AC2228HEKB (BOM: AC2228HEKx0) AC2228HEKS AC2228HEKS14 AC2228HEKS (BOM: AC2228HEKx0) AC2228HEKW AC2228HEKW13 AC2228HEKW (BOM: AC2228HEKx0) ACD2232HRB ACD2232HRS ACD2232HRW ACD2234HRB ACD2234HRQ ACD2234HRS ACD2234HRW ACD2234KRS ACD2238HTS ACE2082 (BOM P1331301M) ACE2082 (BOM: P1331301M) ACE208 (BOM P1324401M) ACE208 (BOM: P1324401M) ACE208 (BOM P1324410M) ACE208 (BOM: P1324410M) ACE208D2 (BOM P1331302M) ACE208D2 (BOM: P1331302M) ACE208D (BOM P1324404M) ACE208D (BOM: P1324404M) ACE208D (BOM P1324411M) ACE208D (BOM: P1324411M) ACE208SB2 (BOM P1331303M) ACE208SB2 (BOM: P1331303M) ACE208SB (BOM P1324413M) ACE208SB (BOM: P1324413M) ACE208SBC2 (BOM P1331304M) ACE208SBC2 (BOM: P1331304M) ACE208SBC (BOM P1324414M) ACE208SBC (BOM: P1324414M) ACE2302 (BOM P1331305M) ACE2302 (BOM: P1331305M) ACE230 (BOM P1324403M) ACE230 (BOM: P1324403M) ACE230 (BOM P1324412M) ACE230 (BOM: P1324412M) ACE230SBC2 (BOM P1331306M) ACE230SBC2 (BOM: P1331306M) ACE230SBC (BOM P1324415M) ACE230SBC (BOM: P1324415M) ACE5302 (BOM: P1331307M) ACE530 (BOM: P1325902M) ACE530 (BOM: P1325907M) ADD1927DEB14 AEC2000 (BOM: P1323018M) AFB2234WEB0 AFB2234WEB10 AFB2234WEB2 AFB2234WEB3 AFB2234WEB4 AFB2234WES0 AFB2234WES10 AFB2234WES2 AFB2234WES3 AFB2234WES4 AFB2234WES5 AFB2234WES6 AFB2234WEW0 AFB2234WEW10 AFB2234WEW2 AFB2234WEW3 AFB2534DEB AFB2534DEB13 AFB2534DEQ AFB2534DES AFB2534DEW AFB2534DEW13 AFB2534FES12 AFB2534FES (BOM: AFB2534FES0) AFC2033DRB AFC2033DRQ AFC2033DRS AFC2033DRW AFD2535DEB AFD2535DEB10 AFD2535DEB11 AFD2535DEB14 AFD2535DEB5 AFD2535DEB6 AFD2535DEB7 AFD2535DEB8 AFD2535DEB9 AFD2535DEQ AFD2535DEQ14 AFD2535DEQ5 AFD2535DEQ6 AFD2535DES AFD2535DEW AFD2535DEW10 AFD2535DEW11 AFD2535DEW14 AFD2535DEW5 AFD2535DEW6 AFD2535DEW7 AFD2535DEW8 AFD2535DEW9 AFD2535FES11 AFD2535FES12 AFD2535FES3 AFD2535FES4 AFD2535FES5 AFD2535FES6 AFD2535FES7 AFD2535FES8 AFD2535FES9 AFD2535FES (BOM: AFD2535FES0) AFF2534FEB AFF2534FEB11 AFF2534FEB2 AFF2534FEB3 AFF2534FEB4 AFF2534FEB5 AFF2534FES AFF2534FES11 AFF2534FES2 AFF2534FES3 AFF2534FES4 AFF2534FES5 AFF2534FES6 AFF2534FES7
AFF2534FES8 AFF2534FEW AFF2534FEW11 AFF2534FEW2 AFF2534FEW3 AFF2534FEW4 AFF2534FEW5 AFI2538AEB AFI2538AEB00 AFI2538AEB12 AFI2538AEB13 AFI2538AEB3 AFI2538AEB4 AFI2538AEB5 AFI2538AEQ AFI2538AEQ00 AFI2538AEQ12 AFI2538AEQ13 AFI2538AEQ3 AFI2538AEQ4 AFI2538AES AFI2538AES00 AFI2538AES12 AFI2538AES13 AFI2538AES3 AFI2538AES4 AFI2538AES5 AFI2538AES6 AFI2538AES7 AFI2538AEW AFI2538AEW00 AFI2538AEW12 AFI2538AEW13 AFI2538AEW3 AFI2538AEW4 AFI2538AEW5 AFI2539ERB00 AFI2539ERM00 AFI2539ERM01 AFI2539ERW00 AKC-3B (BOM: P8512307S) AKC-4B (BOM: P8512308S) AKF1B (BOM: P8512502S) AKG-1B (BOM: P8512403S) AKG-2B (BOM: P8512404S) AMH202 (BOM: P1331101M) AMH20 (BOM: P1330801M) AOR27DE (BOM: P1132341N E) AOR27DEW (BOM: P1132341N W) ARB1905CB (BOM: PARB1905CB0) ARB1905CC (BOM: PARB1905CC0) ARB1905CS (BOM: PARB1905CS0) ARB1905CW (BOM: PARB1905CW0) ARB190RCB (BOM: PARB190RCB0) ARB190RCC (BOM: PARB190RCC0) ARB190RCW (BOM: PARB190RCW0) ARB190ZCB (BOM: PARB190ZCBO) ARB190ZCC (BOM: PARB190ZCC0) ARB190ZCS (BOM: PARB190ZCS0) ARB190ZCW (BOM: PARB190ZCW0) ARB1914CB (BOM: PARB1914CB0) ARB1914CC (BOM: PARB1914CC0) ARB1914CSL (BOM: PARB1914CS0) ARB1914CSR (BOM: PARB1914CS1) ARB1914CW (BOM: PARB1914CW0) ARB1917CB (BOM: PARB1917CB1) ARB1917CC (BOM: PARB1917CC1) ARB1917CSL (BOM: PARB1917CSO) ARB1917CSR (BOM: PARB1917CS1) ARB1917CW (BOM: PARB1917CW1) ARB194RCB (BOM: PARB194RCB0) ARB194RCC (BOM: PARB194RCC0) ARB194RCW (BOM: PARB194RCW0) ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB0) ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB1) ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB2) ARB2107AB (BOM: PARB2107AB3) ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC0) ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC1) ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC2) ARB2107AC (BOM: PARB2107AC3) ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS0) ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS1) ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS2) ARB2107AS (BOM: PARB2107AS3) ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW0) ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW1) ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW2) ARB2107AW (BOM: PARB2107AW3) ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB0) ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB1) ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB2) ARB2109ABR (BOM: PARB2109AB3) ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC0) ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC1) ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC2) ARB2109ACR (BOM: PARB2109AC3) ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS0) ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS1) ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS2) ARB2109ASR (BOM: PARB2109AS3) ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW0) ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW1) ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW2) ARB2109AWR (BOM: PARB2109AW3) ARB210BAC (BOM: PARB210BAC0) ARB210BAC (BOM: PARB210BAC1) ARB210BAW (BOM: PARB210BAW0) ARB210BAW (BOM: PARB210BAW1) ARB2117AB (BOM: PARB2117AB0) ARB2117AB (BOM: PARB2117AB1) ARB2117AC (BOM: PARB2117AC0) ARB2117AC (BOM: PARB2117AC1) ARB2117AS (BOM: PARB2117AS0) ARB2117AS (BOM: PARB2117AS1) ARB2117AW (BOM: PARB2117AW0) ARB2117AW (BOM: PARB2117AW1) ARB2117BB (BOM: PARB2117BB0) ARB2117BB (BOM: PARB2117BB1) ARB2117BC (BOM: PARB2117BC0) ARB2117BC (BOM: PARB2117BC1) ARB2117BS (BOM: PARB2117BS0) ARB2117BS (BOM: PARB2117BS1) ARB2117BW (BOM: PARB2117BW0) ARB2117BW (BOM: PARB2117BW1) ARB2205CB (BOM: PARB2205CB0) ARB2205CC (BOM: PARB2205CC0) ARB2205CS (BOM: PARB2205CS0) ARB2205CW (BOM: PARB2205CW0) ARB220RCB (BOM: PARB220RCB0) ARB220RCC (BOM: PARB220RCC0) ARB220RCW (BOM: PARB220RCW0) ARB220ZCB (BOM: PARB220ZCB0) ARB220ZCC (BOM: PARB220ZCC0) ARB220ZCS (BOM: PARB220ZCS0) ARB220ZCW (BOM: PARB220ZCW0) ARB2214CB (BOM: PARB2214CB0) ARB2214CC (BOM: PARB2214CC0) ARB2214CSL (BOM: PARB2214CS0) ARB2214CSR (BOM: PARB2214CS1) ARB2214CW (BOM: PARB2214CW0) ARB2217CB (BOM: PARB2217CB0) ARB2217CB (BOM: PARB2217CB1) ARB2217CC (BOM: PARB2217CC0) ARB2217CC (BOM: PARB2217CC1) ARB2217CSL (BOM: PARB2217CS0) ARB2217CSL (BOM: PARB2217CS2) ARB2217CSR (BOM: PARB2217CS1) ARB2217CSR (BOM: PARB2217CS3) ARB2217CW (BOM: PARB2217CW0) ARB2217CW (BOM: PARB2217CW1) ARB224RCB (BOM: PARB224RCB0) ARB224RCC (BOM: PARB224RCC0) ARB224RCW (BOM: PARB224RCW0) ARB2257CB (BOM: PARB2257CB0) ARB2257CC (BOM: PARB2257CC0) ARB2257CSL (BOM: PARB2257CS0) ARB2257CSR (BOM: PARB2257CS1) ARB2257CW (BOM: PARB2257CW0) ARB2259CB (BOM: PARB2259CB0) ARB2259CC (BOM: PARB2259CC0) ARB2259CS (BOM: PARB2259CS0) ARB2259CW (BOM: PARB2259CW0) ARB2517CB (BOM: PARB2517CB0) ARB2517CC (BOM: PARB2517CC0) ARB2517CSL (BOM: PARB2517CS0) ARB2517CSR (BOM: PARB2517CS1) ARB2517CW (BOM: PARB2517CW0) ARB2557CB (BOM: PARB2557CB0) ARB2557CC (BOM: PARB2557CC0) ARB2557CSL (BOM: PARB2557CS0) ARB2557CSR (BOM: PARB2557CS1) ARB2557CW (BOM: PARB2557CW0) ARB8057CB (BOM: PARB8057CB0) ARB8057CB (BOM: PARB8057CB1) ARB8057CC (BOM: PARB8057CC0) ARB8057CC (BOM: PARB8057CC1) ARB8057CSL (BOM: PARB8057CS1) ARB8057CSL (BOM: PARB8057CS2) ARB8057CSR (BOM: PARB8057CS0) ARB8057CSR (BOM: PARB8057CS3) ARB8057CW (BOM: PARB8057CW0) ARB8057CW (BOM: PARB8057CW1) ARB9058CB (BOM: PARB9058CB0) ARB9058CB (BOM: PARB9058CB1) ARB9058CS (BOM: PARB9058CS0) ARB9058CS (BOM: PARB9058CS1) ARB9058CW (BOM: PARB9058CW0) ARB9058CW (BOM: PARB9058CW1) ARB9059CS (BOM: PARB9059CS0) ARB9059CS (BOM: PARB9059CS1) ARS2304AB (BOM: PARS2304AB0) ARS2304AC (BOM: PARS2304AC0) ARS2304AW (BOM: PARS2304AW0) ARS2364AB (BOM: PARS2364AB0) ARS2364AC (BOM: PARS2364AC0) ARS2364AW (BOM: PARS2364AW0) ARS2365AB (BOM: PARS2365AB0) ARS2365AC (BOM: PARS2365AC0) ARS2365AW (BOM: PARS2365AW0) ARS2366AB (BOM: PARS2366AB0) ARS2366AC (BOM: PARS2366AC0) ARS2366AW (BOM: PARS2366AW0) ARS2367AB (BOM: PARS2367AB0) ARS2367AC (BOM: PARS2367AC0) ARS2367AS (BOM: PARS2367AS0) ARS2367AW (BOM: PARS2367AW0) ARS236XAW (BOM: PARS236XAW0) ARS2464BB (BOM: PARS2464BB0) ARS2464BC (BOM: PARS2464BC0) ARS2464BS (BOM: PARS2464BS0) ARS2464BW (BOM: PARS2464BW0) ARS2604AB (BOM: PARS2604AB0) ARS2604AC (BOM: PARS2604AC0) ARS2604AW (BOM: PARS2604AW0) ARS2606BB (BOM: PARS2606BB0) ARS2606BC (BOM: PARS2606BC0) ARS2606BW (BOM: PARS2606BW0) ARS2661BB (BOM: PARS2661BB0) ARS2661BC (BOM: PARS2661BC0) ARS2661BS (BOM: PARS2661BS0) ARS2661BW (BOM: PARS2661BW0) ARS2663AC (BOM: PARS2663AC0) ARS2663AW (BOM: PARS2663AW0) ARS2664AB (BOM: PARS2664AB0) ARS2664AC (BOM: PARS2664AC0) ARS2664AW (BOM: PARS2664AW0) ARS2664BB (BOM: PARS2664BB0) ARS2664BC (BOM: PARS2664BC0) ARS2664BS (BOM: PARS2664BS0) ARS2664BW (BOM: PARS2664BW0) ARS2665AB (BOM: PARS2665AB0) ARS2665AC (BOM: PARS2665AC0) ARS2665AW (BOM: PARS2665AW0) ARS2666AB (BOM: PARS2666AB0) ARS2666AC (BOM: PARS2666AC0) ARS2666AW (BOM: PARS2666AW0) ARS2667AB (BOM: PARS2667AB0) ARS2667AC (BOM: PARS2667AC0) ARS2667AS (BOM: PARS2667AS0) ARS2667AW (BOM: PARS2667AW0) ARS2667BB (BOM: PARS2667BB0) ARS2667BC (BOM: PARS2667BC0) ARS2667BS (BOM: PARS2667BS0) ARS2667BW (BOM: PARS2667BW0) ARS266KBB (BOM: PARS266KBB0) ARS266KBC (BOM: PARS266KBC0) ARS266KBW (BOM: PARS266KBW0) ARS266RBB (BOM: PARS266RBB0)