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Whirlpool Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor Kit, CW, 2W/115V

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$6236     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  

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SKU: 833697
Case Quantity:   12

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Key Features

  • Genuine OEM to optimize your performance
  • Check your model number below to ensure this is the correct part for your appliance
  • Please note that there are no returns on electrical.
  • Clockwise turn, 2 watts and 115 volts
  • Moves air across the condenser coil
  • Includes mtor, shaft speed nut, screws, wire nuts, and instructions

Whirlpool Genuine OEM 833697 Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor Kit. This motor turns clockwise and uses 2 watts and 115 volts. The condenser fan motor moves air across the condenser coil to cool the hot refrigerant before it enters the evaporator. This kit includes the motor, shaft speed nut, screws, wire nuts, and instructions.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric & Ikea.

Possible Repair Solution For:
Will not start, refrigerator is too warm, refrigerator is too cold, freezer is too warm, freezer is too cold, refrigerator runs for too long, unusual noises.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.
Edmonton (DC): 4
Edmonton (South): 3
Calgary: 2
British Columbia
Richmond: 2
Surrey: 3
Winnipeg: 4
Saskatoon: 0
Hamilton: 4
London: 1
Mississauga: 12
Scarborough: 3
Windsor: 5
Stock shown on hand can change at anytime without notice or may already be spoken for. Please inquire by phone to confirm precise amounts available at that time.

Product Specifications

  Watts (W): 2
  Volts (V): 115
Skill Level:

Works with the Following Brands

  • Admiral Logo
  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
  • Whirlpool Logo

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DA31A) AT17M4A (BOM: DA24C) AT17M4W (BOM: DA25C) AT17M6A (BOM: DA27A) AT17M6W (BOM: DA26A) AT19EM8A (BOM: DA56A) AT19EM8V (BOM: DA55A) AT19M6A (BOM: DA52A) AT19M6A (BOM: DA52B) AT19M6A (BOM: DE52A) AT19M6W (BOM: DA51A) AT19M6W (BOM: DA51B) AT19M6W (BOM: DE51A) AT19M8A AT19M8A (BOM: DA54A) AT19M8A (BOM: DE56A) AT19M8V AT19M8V (BOM: DA53A) AT19M8V (BOM: DE55A) AT19M9A (BOM: DE54A) AT19M9V (BOM: DE53A) AT19N8E AT19N8M AT21EM9A (BOM: DA78A) AT21EM9FA (BOM: DA80A) AT21EM9FV (BOM: DA79A) AT21EM9V (BOM: DA77A)
AT21M6A (BOM: DD62A) AT21M6W (BOM: DD61A) AT21M8A (BOM: DA68A) AT21M8FA AT21M8FV AT21M8V (BOM: DA67A) AT21M9A (BOM: DD66A) AT21M9FA (BOM: DD64A) AT21M9FV (BOM: DD63A) AT21M9V (BOM: DD65A) AT23M9A (BOM: DD99A) AT23M9V (BOM: DD98A) ATB1511ARA ATB1511ARW ATB1710DRA ATB1710DRQ ATB1710DRW ATB1712ARA ATB1712ARW ATB1713ARA ATB1713ARW ATB1910DRQ ATB1910DRW ATB1912ARA ATB1912ARW ATB1913ARA ATB1913ARW ATB1914ARA ATB1914ARW ATB2110DRQ ATB2110DRW ATB2113ARQ ATF1910DRA ATF1910DRQ ATF1910DRW ATF1913ARA ATF1913ARW ATF2110DRA ATF2110DRQ ATF2110DRW AUF16 AUF16P AUF16T AUF16TC AUF16Y AZS22000 (BOM: 5L60A) B15A-2RNTP (BOM: 4D42A) B15N-2RNTP (BOM: 4D42A) B15Y-2RNTP (BOM: 4D42A) B17A-2RNTP (BOM: 4D43A) B17N-2RNTP (BOM: 4D43A) B17Y-2RNTP (BOM: 4D43A) BB20VE (BOM: P1321301W E) BB20VE (BOM: P1321307W B) BB20VPSE (BOM: P1321302W E) BB20VPSE (BOM: P1321308W B) BB20VSE (BOM: P1321301W S) BB20VSE (BOM: P1321307W S) BB20VW (BOM: P1321301W W) BB20VW (BOM: P1321307W W) BBI20TE (BOM: P1199101W E) BBI20TL (BOM: P1199101W L) BBI20TPE (BOM: P1199102W E) BBI20TPL (BOM: P1199102W L) BBI20TPSW (BOM: P1199103W W) BBI20TPW (BOM: P1199102W W) BBI20TW (BOM: P1199101W W) BC20BA (BOM: P6023517W A) BC20B (BOM: P6023517W) BC20BC (BOM: P6023517W C) BC20BG (BOM: P6023517W G) BC20BL (BOM: P6023517W L) BC20CA (BOM: P6023520W A) BC20C (BOM: P6023520W) BC20CC (BOM: P6023520W C) BC20CG (BOM: P6023520W G) BC20CL (BOM: P6023520W L) BC20DA (BOM: P747021WA) BC20D (BOM: P6023522W) BC20D (BOM: P747021W) BC20DC (BOM: P747021WC) BC20DG (BOM: P747021WG) BC20DL (BOM: P747021WL) BC20EA (BOM: P747023WA) BC20EA (BOM: P747025WA) BC20E (BOM: P747023W) BC20E (BOM: P747025W) BC20EC (BOM: P747023WC) BC20EC (BOM: P747025WC) BC20EG (BOM: P747023WG) BC20EG (BOM: P747025WG) BC20EL (BOM: P747023WL) BC20EL (BOM: P747025WL) BC20EL (BOM: P747026WL) BC20K (BOM: P602351W) BC20N (BOM: P602353W) BC20N (BOM: P602354W) BC20N (BOM: P602355W) BC20N (BOM: P602356W) BC20N (BOM: P602357W) BC20WA (BOM: P6023510W A) BC20WA (BOM: P6023511W A) BC20WA (BOM: P6023513W A) BC20WA (BOM: P6023515W A) BC20WAG (BOM: P6023510W G) BC20WAG (BOM: P6023511W G) BC20WAG (BOM: P6023513W G) BC20WAG (BOM: P6023515W G) BC20W (BOM: P6023510W) BC20W (BOM: P6023511W) BC20W (BOM: P6023513W) BC20W (BOM: P6023515W) BC20WC (BOM: P6023510W C) BC20WC (BOM: P6023511W C) BC20WC (BOM: P6023513W C) BC20WC (BOM: P6023515W C) BC21V1C (BOM: P1325022W C) BC21V1C (BOM: P1325027W C) BC21V1W (BOM: P1325022W W) BC21V1W (BOM: P1325027W W) BC21VC (BOM: P1325004W C) BC21VC (BOM: P1325016W C) BC21VL (BOM: P1321506W L) BC21VL (BOM: P1325004W L) BC21VW (BOM: P1321506W W) BC21VW (BOM: P1325004W W) BC21VW (BOM: P1325016W W) BCI20BA (BOM: P6023518W A) BCI20B (BOM: P6023518W) BCI20BC (BOM: P6023518W C) BCI20BG (BOM: P6023518W G) BCI20BL (BOM: P6023518W L) BCI20CA (BOM: P6023521W A) BCI20C (BOM: P6023521W) BCI20CC (BOM: P6023521W C) BCI20CG (BOM: P6023521W G) BCI20CL (BOM: P6023521W L) BCI20DA (BOM: P747022WA) BCI20D (BOM: P6023524W) BCI20D (BOM: P747022W) BCI20DC (BOM: P747022WC) BCI20DG (BOM: P747022WG) BCI20DL (BOM: P747022WL) BCI20EA (BOM: P747024WA) BCI20EA (BOM: P747026WA) BCI20E (BOM: P747024W) BCI20E (BOM: P747026W) BCI20EC (BOM: P747024WC) BCI20EC (BOM: P747026WC) BCI20EG (BOM: P747024WG) BCI20EG (BOM: P747026WG) BCI20EL (BOM: P747024WL) BCI20EL (BOM: P747026WL) BCI21V1C (BOM: P1325023W C) BCI21V1C (BOM: P1325029W C) BCI21V1W (BOM: P1325023W W) BCI21V1W (BOM: P1325029W W) BCI21VC (BOM: P1325005W C) BCI21VC (BOM: P1325017W C) BCI21VL (BOM: P1321507W L) BCI21VL (BOM: P1325005W L) BCI21VW (BOM: P1321507W W) BCI21VW (BOM: P1325005W W) BCI21VW (BOM: P1325017W W) BD16E BD16LE BDI16E BDI16LE BDNS24A9RA (BOM: 4N49B) BDNS24A9R (BOM: 4N49B) BDNS24A9RH (BOM: 4N49B) BDNS24F9A (BOM: 5L56A) BDNS24F9A (BOM: 5L56B) BDNS24F9 (BOM: 5L56A) BDNS24F9 (BOM: 5L56B) BDNS24F9H (BOM: 5L56A) BDNS24F9H (BOM: 5L56B) BDNS24J9A (BOM: 8N24A) BDNS24J9A (BOM: 8N67A) BDNS24J9A (BOM: 8N67B) BDNS24J9A (BOM: 8N68A) BDNS24J9A (BOM: 8N68B) BDNS24J9 (BOM: 8N23A) BDNS24J9 (BOM: 8N67A) BDNS24J9 (BOM: 8N67B) BDNS24J9 (BOM: 8N68A) BDNS24J9 (BOM: 8N68B) BDNS24L9A (BOM: AN91A) BDNS24L9A (BOM: AN92A) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BN91A) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BN91D) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BN91E) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BN92A) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BN92D) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BU85A) BDNS24L9A (BOM: BU86A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: AN91A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: AN92A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BN91A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BN91D) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BN91E) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BN92A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BN92D) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BU85A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: BU86A) BDNS24L9 (BOM: CN91A) BDNS24L9K (BOM: BN91D) BDNS24L9K (BOM: BN91E) BDNS24L9K (BOM: BN92D) BDNS24L9K (BOM: BU85A) BDNS24L9K (BOM: BU86A) BDNS24L9K (BOM: CN92A) BDNT22C9A (BOM: 3H42A) BDNT22C9 (BOM: 3H42A) BDNT22C9H (BOM: 3H42A) BDNT22E9A (BOM: 4B64A) BDNT22E9 (BOM: 4B64A) BDNT22E9H (BOM: 4B64A) BDNT22F9A (BOM: 5B44A) BDNT22F9 (BOM: 5B44A) BDNT22F9H (BOM: 5B44A) BDNT22H9A (BOM: 7B22A) BDNT22H9 (BOM: 7B22A) BDNT22H9H (BOM: 7B22A) BDNT22J9A (BOM: 8B16A) BDNT22J9 (BOM: 8B15A) BDNT22J9LA (BOM: 8B16B) BDNT22K9A (BOM: 9A57A) BDNT22K9A (BOM: 9A57B) BDNT22K9 (BOM: 9A55A) BDNT22K9 (BOM: 9A55B) BDNT22K9LA (BOM: 9A58A) BDNT22K9LA (BOM: 9A58B) BDNT22K9L (BOM: 9A56A) BDNT22K9L (BOM: 9A56B) BDNT22L9 (BOM: AA85B) BDNT22L9K (BOM: AA87B) BFF105 BFF105L BFF125 BFF125L BFF98 BFF98L BFFS105 BFFS105L BFFS125 BFFS125L BFFS98 BFFS98L BFR105
BFR105L BFR95 BFR95L BG18VL (BOM: P1320704W L) BG18VW (BOM: P1320704W W) BG21V1C (BOM: P1325020W C) BG21V1C (BOM: P1325026W C) BG21V1W (BOM: P1325020W W) BG21V1W (BOM: P1325026W W) BG21VC (BOM: P1325001W C) BG21VC (BOM: P1325013W C) BG21VL (BOM: P1321501W L) BG21VL (BOM: P1325001W L) BG21VW (BOM: P1321501W W) BG21VW (BOM: P1325001W W) BG21VW (BOM: P1325013W W) BICNS24D9A (BOM: 4L45B) BICNS24D9 (BOM: 4L45B) BICNS24D9H (BOM: 4L45B) BICNS24F9A (BOM: 5L54B) BICNS24F9 (BOM: 5L54B) BICNS24F9H (BOM: 5L54B) BICNT22F9A (BOM: 5B54A) BICNT22F9 (BOM: 5B54A) BICNT22F9H (BOM: 5B54A) BICT18F9LA (BOM: 5B52A) BICT18F9L (BOM: 5B52A) BICT18F9LH (BOM: 5B52A) BKI-20E-A (BOM: P7470207W A) BKI20EA (BOM: P747027WA) BKI-20E (BOM: P7470207W) BKI20E (BOM: P747027W) BKI-20E-C (BOM: P7470207W C) BKI20EC (BOM: P747027WC) BKI-20E-G (BOM: P7470207W G) BKI20EG (BOM: P747027WG) BKI20EL (BOM: P7470207W L) BKI20EL (BOM: P74702LWL) BNS22F5A (BOM: 5L53A) BNS22F5A (BOM: 5L53B) BNS22F5 (BOM: 5L53A) BNS22F5 (BOM: 5L53B) BNS22F5H (BOM: 5L53A) BNS22F5H (BOM: 5L53B) BNT15B4VA (BOM: 5A63A) BNT15B4VA (BOM: 5A63B) BNT15B4VA (BOM: 7A17A) BNT15B4V (BOM: 5A63A) BNT15B4V (BOM: 5A63B) BNT15B4V (BOM: 7A17A) BNT15B4VH (BOM: 5A63A) BNT15B4VH (BOM: 5A63B) BNT15B4VH (BOM: 7A17A) BNT15H4A (BOM: 7A67A) BNT15H4A (BOM: 7A69A) BNT15H4 (BOM: 7A67A) BNT15H4 (BOM: 7A69A) BNT15H4H (BOM: 7A67A) BNT15H4H (BOM: 7A69A) BNT17B4VA (BOM: 5A67B) BNT17B4VA (BOM: 7A21A) BNT17B4V (BOM: 5A67B) BNT17B4V (BOM: 7A21A) BNT17B4VH (BOM: 5A67B) BNT17B4VH (BOM: 7A21A) BNT17H4A (BOM: 7A68A) BNT17H4A (BOM: 7A70A) BNT17H4 (BOM: 7A68A) BNT17H4 (BOM: 7A70A) BNT17H4H (BOM: 7A68A) BNT17H4H (BOM: 7A70A) BNT21LEA (BOM: 5A47A) BNT21LEA (BOM: 7A60A) BNT21LE (BOM: 5A47A) BNT21LE (BOM: 7A60A) BNT21LEH (BOM: 5A47A) BNT21LEH (BOM: 7A60A) BNT23J9A (BOM: 8A22A) BNT23J9 (BOM: 8A21A) BNT23J9LA (BOM: 8A22B) BNT23K9A (BOM: 9A42A) BNT23K9 (BOM: 9A41A) BNT23L8A (BOM: BL91A) BNT23L8A (BOM: BL93A) BNT23L8A (BOM: BL95A) BNT23L8A (BOM: BL96A) BNT23L8 (BOM: BL91A) BNT23L8 (BOM: BL91B) BNT23L8 (BOM: BL93A) BNT23L8 (BOM: BL95A) BNT23L8 (BOM: BL96A) BNT23L8KA (BOM: BL96B) BNT23L8K (BOM: BL95B) BPNS24H9A (BOM: 7N17A) BPNS24H9 (BOM: 7N17A) BPNS24H9H (BOM: 7N17A) BR16E BR16LE BR18V1C (BOM: P1320706W C) BR18V1C (BOM: P1320707W C) BR18V1E (BOM: P1320706W B) BR18V1E (BOM: P1320707W B) BR18V1S (BOM: P1320706W S) BR18V1S (BOM: P1320707W S) BR18V1W (BOM: P1320706W W) BR18V1W (BOM: P1320707W W) BR18VC (BOM: P1320703W C) BR18VE (BOM: P1320703W E) BR18VL (BOM: P1320703W L) BR18VSE (BOM: P1320703W S) BR18VW (BOM: P1320703W W) BR22S6E (BOM: P1196703W E) BR22S6E (BOM: P1196706W E) BR22S6L (BOM: P1196703W L) BR22S6L (BOM: P1196706W L) BR22S6W (BOM: P1196703W W) BR22S6W (BOM: P1196706W W) BR22V1C (BOM: P1325024W C) BR22V1C (BOM: P1325025W C) BR22V1E (BOM: P1325024W B) BR22V1E (BOM: P1325025W B) BR22V1W (BOM: P1325024W W) BR22V1W (BOM: P1325025W W) BR22VC (BOM: P1325003W C) BR22VC (BOM: P1325015W C) BR22VE (BOM: P1321505W E) BR22VE (BOM: P1325003W E) BR22VE (BOM: P1325015W B) BR22VL (BOM: P1321505W L) BR22VL (BOM: P1325003W L) BR22VW (BOM: P1321505W W) BR22VW (BOM: P1325003W W) BR22VW (BOM: P1325015W W) BRD18V1C (BOM: P1326501W C) BRD18V1C (BOM: P1326502W C) BRD18V1E (BOM: P1326501W B) BRD18V1E (BOM: P1326502W B) BRD18V1S (BOM: P1326501W S) BRD18V1S (BOM: P1326502W S) BRD18V1W (BOM: P1326501W W) BRD18V1W (BOM: P1326502W W) BRD924B BRF20TE (BOM: P1199201W E) BRF20TE (BOM: P1199202W E) BRF20TL (BOM: P1199201W L) BRF20TL (BOM: P1199202W L) BRF20TLW (BOM: P1199201W L) BRF20TW (BOM: P1199201W W) BRF20TW (BOM: P1199202W W) BRF20VC (BOM: P1321303W C) BRF20VC (BOM: P1321309W C) BRF20VCPC (BOM: P1321306X C) BRF20VCPCR (BOM: P1321312W C) BRF20VCPE (BOM: P1321306X E) BRF20VCPER (BOM: P1321312W B) BRF20VCPSE (BOM: P1321306X S) BRF20VCPSER (BOM: P1321312W S) BRF20VCPW (BOM: P1321306X W) BRF20VCPWR (BOM: P1321312W W) BRF20VE (BOM: P1321303W E) BRF20VE (BOM: P1321309W B) BRF20VL (BOM: P1321303W L) BRF20VSE (BOM: P1321303W S) BRF20VSE (BOM: P1321309W S) BRF20VW (BOM: P1321303W W) BRF20VW (BOM: P1321309W W) BS24X9DB BS24X9DK (BOM: DN92A) BS24X9DV (BOM: DN91A) BS24Y9DB BS24Y9DBC BS24Y9DV BX21V1C (BOM: P1325021W C) BX21V1C (BOM: P1325028W C) BX21V1E (BOM: P1325028W B) BX21V1W (BOM: P1325021W W) BX21V1W (BOM: P1325028W W) BX21VC (BOM: P1325002W C) BX21VE (BOM: P1321503W E) BX21VE (BOM: P1325002W E) BX21VE (BOM: P1325014W B) BX21VL (BOM: P1321503W L) BX21VL (BOM: P1325002W L) BX21VW (BOM: P1321503W W) BX21VW (BOM: P1325002W W) BXF19TL (BOM: P1311901W L) BXF19TW (BOM: P1311901W W) BXI21VE (BOM: P1321504W E) BXI21VL (BOM: P1321504W L) BXI21VW (BOM: P1321504W W) C17A-2RNTP (BOM: 4D58A) C17N-2RNTP (BOM: 4D58A) C17Y-2RNTP (BOM: 4D58A) CB19G6Q CB19G6W CB22G6Q (BOM: PCB22G600C0) CB22G6W (BOM: PCB22G600W0) CDNS22T9A (BOM: 8L07A) CDNS22T9A (BOM: 8L07B) CDNS22T9 (BOM: 8L07A) CDNS22T9 (BOM: 8L07B) CDNS22T9H (BOM: 8L07A) CDNS22T9H (BOM: 8L07B) CDNS24T9A (BOM: 8L08B) CDNS24T9 (BOM: 8L08B) CDNS24V9A (BOM: AR85A) CDNS24V9A (BOM: AR86A) CDNS24V9A (BOM: BR85A) CDNS24V9A (BOM: BR85C) CDNS24V9A (BOM: BR86A) CDNS24V9A (BOM: BR86C) CDNS24V9A (BOM: BR86E) CDNS24V9A (BOM: BR86F) CDNS24V9A (BOM: CR86A) CDNS24V9 (BOM: AR85A) CDNS24V9 (BOM: AR86A) CDNS24V9 (BOM: BR85A) CDNS24V9 (BOM: BR85C) CDNS24V9 (BOM: BR85E) CDNS24V9 (BOM: BR85F) CDNS24V9 (BOM: BR86A) CDNS24V9 (BOM: BR86C) CDNS24V9 (BOM: CR85A) CDNT18T9A (BOM: 8B29A) CDNT18T9 (BOM: 8B29A) CDNT18T9H (BOM: 8B29A) CDNT18V9A (BOM: AC48A) CDNT18V9A (BOM: BC48A) CDNT18V9A (BOM: BC48C) CDNT18V9A (BOM: CC48A) CDNT18V9 (BOM: AC44A) CDNT18V9 (BOM: BC44A) CDNT18V9 (BOM: BC44C) CDNT18V9 (BOM: CC44A) CDNT18V9LA (BOM: BC49A) CDNT18V9LA (BOM: CC45A) CDNT18V9LA (BOM: CC49A) CDNT18V9L (BOM: BC45A) CDNT18V9L (BOM: CC45A) CDNT18V9L (BOM: CC49A) CDNT22T9A (BOM: 8B30A) CDNT22T9A (BOM: 8B30B) CDNT22T9 (BOM: 8B30A) CDNT22T9 (BOM: 8B30B) CDNT22V9A (BOM: CC88A) CDNT22V9 (BOM: CC86A) CIM105 CIM105L CIM125