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Mir Classic Vinegar is your expert for automatic dish washing detergent. Over the past 40 years it has offered a wide range of innovative product solutions providing your dishes with perfect cleanliness and brilliant shine.

Mir Classic Vinegar Tabs can be used in all household dishwashing machines. It is a two-phase compact detergent with genuine separation of the active ingredients. When the dishwasher warms up, this phase loosens food residues containing starch and protein, so you can be sure that your dishes will come out sparklingly clean. The bleaches of the white phase only begin to act at higher temperatures and thus does not hamper the enzyme action. The oxygen-based bleaches remove tea, coffee and all other food residues.

Water soluble dishwasher cleaning tablets are fast acting and leave spotless dishes. Tablets are scored for easy breaking if you are doing smaller loads


Replaces Old Numbers:   3178040661066, 4015000318105, 4015000318198, SJ965, SJ970


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