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PennBarry Zephyr Exhaust Fan, 469/728 CFM

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PennBarry Zephyr Series Ceiling and Inline Centrifugal Fan, Right Angle Discharge

Ceiling and Inline centrifugal fans are designed and constructed to create a quiet and reliable product. Extensive combinations of wheel sizes and speeds enable the Zephyr to cover a wide range of CFM. All Zephyrs feature acoustically insulated housings, custom designed blower and motor pairings, motor mounted on vibration isolators, and duel inlet blowers.

Low Sound- For sound critical applications, the Zephyr S series delivers the lowest sound ratings.
Housings- Housings are fabricated of galvanized steel. Acoustical insulation is used to minimize sound.
EasyTap Speed Selection- Dual speed motors designed to run at nominal speeds of 1050 and 1550 RPM. By simply changing one wire tap, a fan’s speed can be switched. This ability to alter speed and air flow allows on the spot adjustments to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Systems deficiencies can be accommodated in the field quickly and without the added cost of replacing a fan.
Motors- All units have permanently lubricated motors manufactured to PennBarry’s exacting specifications. Motors feature built in overload protection and plug in disconnects.
Grilles- Constructed of attractive molded white plastic, aerodynamically designed grilles feature an 85% free area. To make for easy removal and cleaning, the grilles are held in place with spring clips.
Wheels- Wheels are dynamically balanced and performance matched with the motor.
Quick Access Wiring- Access to the motor leads is through a panel in the side of the unit; there is no need to remove the power pack. However, if the need to remove the power pack ever arises, a quick connect plug makes the process simple and easy
Field Conversion- The Zephyr cabinet is designed for quick transition from right angle discharge to top discharge or into an inline configuration. Simply remove two (or four depending upon model) sheet metal screws, switch positions of the access panel and top panel, re-attach screws, and a right angle discharge becomes a top discharge fan. There is no need to remove the power pack. The blower remains oriented in one position while the panels change places. The transformation to an inline fan is accomplished by the replacement of the grille with an access panel. Again, only two (or four) screws are involved in the process
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Product Specifications

  Airflow (CFM): 469/728
  Amperage: 2.50 (469 CFM), 3.60 (728 CFM)
  Collar Material: Metal
  Duct Size (in): 6" x 8"
  Energy Star Qualified: No
  Grille Dimensions (in): 15-1/2" x 19-3/8"
  Grille Finish: White
  Heater: No
  Housing Height (in): 14-1/8"
  Housing Length (in): 14-1/8"
  Housing Width (in): 18"
  Hz: 60
  Light: No
  RPM: 1,050 (469 CFM), 1,550 (728 CFM)
  Sones: 4.5 (469 CFM), 8.6 (728 CFM)
  Speed: Multi-Speed
  Volts (V): 120
  Watts (W): 243.0 (469 CFM), 390.0 (728 CFM)

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