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Victor Fly-in Saucer Yellow Jacket Trap

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Victor Fly-In Saucer, Yellow Jacket and Flying insect Trap.

Trick 'em:
Flies - Use raw fish scrap or uncooked lean beef, partially immersed in water, or dead flies as bait.
Yellow Jackets - Approximately 1" of lemonade, grenadine, fruit-flavoured soda, fruit, fruit juices, beer, or sugar water.
Fruit Flies - Bananas, bread soaked with beer, lemonade, or sliced apples.

Trap 'em:
Keep liquid in trap at all times. Experiment with bait options to find which works best.
Outside, hang traps from tee or stake. Place traps in calm, sunny locations, about 25 feet from living areas.
Conditions like heat, humidity, light and location may determine trap's effectiveness.

Toss 'em:
When trap is 3/4 full, use the following disposal methods:
• For Fruit flies, run hot tapwater through any of the holes in the top of the trap and shake so water contacts all the flies.
• For yellow jackets, submerge closed trap in hot, soapy water. For added effectiveness, place a thin film of Vaseline around the inside neck of the bottle.
Dispose of contents, rinse trap, and re-bait.

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