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Residential Door Knobs & Levers

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30-D006434PC Taymor Vega Passage Lever, Chrome 30-D006434PC In-Stock
30-D006424PC Taymor Vega Privacy Lever, Chrome 30-D006424PC In-Stock
36-D6205SC Taymor Perspective Passage Lever, Satin Chrome, 26D 36-D6205SC In-Stock
360 Spin Image 30-644PC Taymor Vega Dummy Lever, Polished Chrome 30-644PC In-Stock
30-D006434PCFC Taymor Vega Passage Lever, Fire Can Included, Polished Chrome 30-D006434PCFC In-Stock
36-D6203SC Taymor Perspective Privacy Lever, Satin Chrome, 26D 36-D6203SC In-Stock
36-D4205SC Taymor Gala Basic Ball Passage Knob, Satin Chrome, 26D 36-D4205SC In-Stock
34-FV1334 Taymor Villa Passage Set, Satin Chrome, C26D 34-FV1334 In-Stock
34-FV5334 Taymor Villa Passage Set, Satin Stainless Steel, C32D 34-FV5334 In-Stock
36-D8305SN Taymor Orleans Passage Lever, Satin Nickel 36-D8305SN In-Stock
34-FV5324 Taymor Villa Privacy Set, Satin Stainless Steel, C32D 34-FV5324 In-Stock
36-D4203SC Taymor Gala Basic Ball Privacy Knob, Satin Chrome, 26D 36-D4203SC In-Stock
34-FV7634 Taymor Hampton Passage Lever, Satin Chrome C26D 34-FV7634 In-Stock
34-FV1324 Taymor Villa Privacy Set, Satin Chrome, C26D 34-FV1324 In-Stock
34-FV1134 Taymor Villa Passage Set, Polished Brass, C3 34-FV1134 In-Stock
36-D8303BSN Taymor Orleans Privacy Lever, Satin Nickel 36-D8303BSN In-Stock
SPVL331HFL26RDTB Weiser Halifax Round Rose Privacy Lever, Chrome SPVL331HFL26RDTB In-Stock
9GLC1010-062 Weiser Breton Square Rose Passage Lever, Polished Chrome 9GLC1010-062 In-Stock
34-FV1124 Taymor Villa Privacy Set, Polished Brass, C3 34-FV1124 In-Stock
SPSL101HFL26RDTB Weiser Halifax Round Rose Passage Lever, Chrome SPSL101HFL26RDTB In-Stock
34-FV5314 Taymor Villa Entry Set, Satin Stainless Steel, C32D 34-FV5314 In-Stock
36-D4210SC Taymor Gala Basic Ball Entry Knob, Satin Chrome, 26D 36-D4210SC In-Stock
SPVL331HFL26SQTMS Weiser Halifax Square Rose Privacy Lever, Chrome SPVL331HFL26SQTMS In-Stock
SPSL101HFL26SQTMS Weiser Halifax Square Rose Passage Lever, Chrome SPSL101HFL26SQTMS In-Stock
34-FV1314 Taymor Villa Entry Set, Satin Chrome, C26D 34-FV1314 In-Stock
J10SOL619 Schlage Dexter Solstice Passage Lever, Satin Nickel J10SOL619 In-Stock
36-D4205PB Taymor Gala Basic Ball Passage Knob, Polished Brass, 26D 36-D4205PB In-Stock
J10STR619 Schlage Dexter Stratus Passage Knob, Satin Nickel J10STR619 In-Stock
GAC331F26D Weiser Fairfax Privacy Set, Satin Chrome, 6 GAC331F26D In-Stock
36-D7505SN Taymor Silver Moon Passage Lever, Satin Nickel 36-D7505SN In-Stock
F10ORB626 Schlage Orbit Passage Knob, Satin Chrome F10ORB626 In-Stock
36-DW4410CC Taymor Gala Entry Set, Polished Brass, C3 36-DW4410CC In-Stock
J54STR619 Schlage Dexter Stratus Keyed Entry Knob, Satin Nickel J54STR619 In-Stock
36-D6210SC Taymor Perspective Entry Lever, Satin Chrome 36-D6210SC In-Stock
F51AORB626 Schlage Orbit Keyed Entry Knob, Satin Chrome F51AORB626 In-Stock
7691CR Richelieu Garage Door Locking T-Handle 7691CR In-Stock
J54SOL619 Schlage Dexter Solstice Keyed Entry Lever, Satin Nickel J54SOL619 In-Stock
J40SOL619 Schlage Dexter Solstice Privacy Lever, Satin Nickel J40SOL619 In-Stock
31-FV004524SN Taymor Essex Privacy Lever, Auto Release, Satin Nickel, C15 31-FV004524SN In-Stock
33-D7464AR Taymor Hampton Entry Lever Stainless Steel, C32D 33-D7464AR In-Stock
J40STR619 Schlage Dexter Stratus Privacy Knob, Satin Nickel J40STR619 In-Stock
Showing 1 - 48 of 87 Products