NEW! Dyson Airblade - Only Dyson Airblade hand dyrers have all these benefits
We can make a difference - Help for Fort McMurray Evacuees - We are collecting items for both Emergecny Relief Services and the Food Bank. Feel free to drop off your dontations at either of our Amre Edmonton locations! Thank you for your help
Our BBQs will be bigger than ever! Draw prizes, special guests, great buys! New selection of eats and treats and so much more!
Seek Thermal - See the Unseen - Before you can fix it, you'll need to find it.
It's here! 360 spin - Spin. Zoom. Print. Spin view on hundreds of parts and products!
Don't Miss Out! Water Filter Sale! Get free shipping on any order with the purchase of a fridge water filters.

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New Dyson Hand Dryers and Free Offer! We're excited to announce that AMRE is now a Dyson Hand Dryer distributor! (More info ...)

Help Fort McMurray Evacuees and Mail Service Alert We are collecting items for both Emergency Relief Services and the Food Bank at any Edmonton or Ontario location! (More info ...)

BBQ's Are Back Like You've Never Seen Before! Come down and join us for our EVEN BIGGER annual BBQ's! (More info ...)

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