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Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Heater

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$5554     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  

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SKU: WP60106-35

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Whirlpool Genuine OEM WP60106-35 Refrigerator Defrost Heater. This heater has a glass element design. This part is approximately 21" long. This glass defrost heater uses 450 watts. The defrost heater melts frost from the evaporator fins during the automatic defrost cycle.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric & Ikea.

Possible Repair Solution For:
Fridge section is too cold, fridge section is too warm, freezer section is too cold, freezer section is too warm, frost buildup, fridge is running for too long.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.
Edmonton (DC): 6
Edmonton (South): 2
Calgary: 2
British Columbia
Richmond: 2
Surrey: 1
Winnipeg: 2
Saskatoon: 0
Hamilton: 1
London: 3
Mississauga: 0
Scarborough: 4
Windsor: 2
Stock shown on hand can change at anytime without notice or may already be spoken for. Please inquire by phone to confirm precise amounts available at that time.

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Works with the Following Brands

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  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
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3376 60106-14 60106-2 6010620 6010626 60106-26 6010629
6010635 60106-35 60106-35OEM 63001387 9W-8XM8-EGAV AH11743094 AH2056791
AP3333568 AP4065858 AP6009920 B00A8O08CS B018A44IM8 B81-116 EA11743094
EA2056791 EAP11743094 EAP2056791 PS11743094 PS2056791
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NNT219JA (BOM: 8A32A) NNT219JA (BOM: 8A38A) NNT219JA (BOM: 9G47A) NNT219J (BOM: 8A32A) NNT219J (BOM: 8A38A) NNT219J (BOM: 9G47A) NNT219JH (BOM: 8A32A) NNT219JH (BOM: 8A38A) NNT219JH (BOM: 9G47A) NNT219KA (BOM: BC80A) NNT219KA (BOM: BC80B) NNT219KA (BOM: CC80A) NNT219K (BOM: BC80A) NNT219K (BOM: BC80B) NNT219K (BOM: CC80A) NNTI219KA (BOM: AC78A) NNTI219KA (BOM: AC78B) NNTI219KA (BOM: BC78A) NNTI219KA (BOM: BC78B) NNTI219KA (BOM: CC78A) NNTI219KA (BOM: CC82A) NNTI219K (BOM: AC78A) NNTI219K (BOM: AC78B) NNTI219K (BOM: BC78A) NNTI219K (BOM: BC78B) NNTI219K (BOM: CC78A) NNTI219K (BOM: CC82A) NR580A (BOM: AF56B) NR580 (BOM: AF56B) NR580H (BOM: AF56B) NT194M (BOM: DC61A) NT194M (BOM: DE59A) NT194MW NT194NA NT194NW NT194PA NT194PW NT197MA (BOM: DE61A) NT197MW (BOM: DE60A) NT198MA NT198MA (BOM: DE58A) NT198MW NT198MW (BOM: DE57A) NT198NA NT198NB NT198NW NT199NW NT19B8VA (BOM: 5A74A) NT19B8VA (BOM: 5A74B) NT19B8VA (BOM: 7A27A) NT19B8V (BOM: 5A74A) NT19B8V (BOM: 5A74B) NT19B8V (BOM: 7A27A) NT19B8VH (BOM: 5A74A) NT19B8VH (BOM: 5A74B) NT19B8VH (BOM: 7A27A) NT19G7A (BOM: 5E47A) NT19G7 (BOM: 5E47A) NT19G7H (BOM: 5E47A) NT19H6A (BOM: 7A54A) NT19H6A (BOM: 7A54B) NT19H6A (BOM: 8A06A) NT19H6A (BOM: 9B07A) NT19H6 (BOM: 7A54A) NT19H6 (BOM: 7A54B) NT19H6 (BOM: 8A06A) NT19H6 (BOM: 9B07A) NT19H6H (BOM: 7A54A) NT19H6H (BOM: 7A54B) NT19H6H (BOM: 8A06A) NT19H6H (BOM: 9B07A) NT19H8A (BOM: 7A56A) NT19H8A (BOM: 7A56B) NT19H8A (BOM: 8A07A) NT19H8 (BOM: 7A56A) NT19H8 (BOM: 7A56B) NT19H8 (BOM: 8A07A) NT19H8H (BOM: 7A56A) NT19H8H (BOM: 7A56B) NT19H8H (BOM: 8A07A) NT19HXA (BOM: 7D28A) NT19HXA (BOM: 9D03A) NT19HX (BOM: 7D28A) NT19HX (BOM: 9D03A) NT19HXH (BOM: 7D28A) NT19HXH (BOM: 9D03A) NT19J4A (BOM: 8A10A) NT19J4 (BOM: 8A10A) NT19J4H (BOM: 8A10A) NT19J7A (BOM: 8A11A) NT19J7 (BOM: 8A11A) NT19J7H (BOM: 8A11A) NT19K9A (BOM: 9A04B) NT19K9A (BOM: 9A04C) NT19K9A (BOM: 9A04D) NT19K9A (BOM: 9A61A) NT19K9A (BOM: 9A62A) NT19K9 (BOM: 9A01B) NT19K9 (BOM: 9A01C) NT19K9 (BOM: 9A61A) NT19K9 (BOM: 9A62A) NT19L6A (BOM: AA51A) NT19L6A (BOM: AA51B) NT19L6A (BOM: BA51A) NT19L6A (BOM: BA51B) NT19L6A (BOM: BA51C) NT19L6A (BOM: CA51A) NT19L6 (BOM: AA51A) NT19L6 (BOM: AA51B) NT19L6 (BOM: BA51A) NT19L6 (BOM: BA51B) NT19L6 (BOM: BA51C) NT19L6 (BOM: CA51A) NT19L6H (BOM: AA51A) NT19L6H (BOM: AA51B) NT19L6H (BOM: BA51A) NT19L6H (BOM: BA51B) NT19L6H (BOM: BA51C) NT19L6H (BOM: CA51A) NT19L8A (BOM: AA55A) NT19L8A (BOM: BA55A) NT19L8A (BOM: BA55B) NT19L8A (BOM: BA55C) NT19L8A (BOM: CA55A) NT19L8 (BOM: AA55A) NT19L8 (BOM: BA55A) NT19L8 (BOM: BA55B) NT19L8 (BOM: BA55C) NT19L8 (BOM: CA55A) NT19L9A (BOM: AA62A) NT19L9A (BOM: AA62C) NT19L9A (BOM: AA62D) NT19L9A (BOM: BA62A) NT19L9A (BOM: BA62B) NT19L9A (BOM: BA62C) NT19L9A (BOM: CA62A) NT19L9 (BOM: AA61A) NT19L9 (BOM: AA61C) NT19L9 (BOM: AA61D) NT19L9 (BOM: BA61A) NT19L9 (BOM: BA61B) NT19L9 (BOM: BA61C) NT19L9 (BOM: CA61A) NT218MA (BOM: DD72A) NT218MFA (BOM: DD74A) NT218MFW (BOM: DD73A) NT218MW (BOM: DD71A) NT218NFA NT218NFW NT21B6VA (BOM: 5A75A) NT21B6V (BOM: 5A75A) NT21B6VH (BOM: 5A75A) NT21B8VA (BOM: 5A76A) NT21B8V (BOM: 5A76A) NT21B8VH (BOM: 5A76A) NT21H6A (BOM: 7A57A) NT21H6 (BOM: 7A57A) NT21H6H (BOM: 7A57A) NT21H8A (BOM: 7A58A) NT21H8A (BOM: 8A76A) NT21H8A (BOM: 8A79A) NT21H8 (BOM: 7A58A) NT21H8 (BOM: 8A76A) NT21H8 (BOM: 8A79A) NT21H8H (BOM: 7A58A) NT21H8H (BOM: 8A76A) NT21H8H (BOM: 8A79A) NT21K9A (BOM: 9A05B) NT21K9A (BOM: 9A64A) NT21K9 (BOM: 9A02B) NT21K9 (BOM: 9A63A) NT21L6A (BOM: CA77A) NT21L6A (BOM: CA78A) NT21L6 (BOM: CA77A) NT21L6H (BOM: CA77A) NT21L6H (BOM: CA78A) NT21L6W (BOM: CA78A) NT21L9A (BOM: AA72C) NT21L9A (BOM: BA76A) NT21L9A (BOM: BA76B) NT21L9A (BOM: BA76C) NT21L9A (BOM: CA76A) NT21L9 (BOM: AA71C) NT21L9 (BOM: BA75A) NT21L9 (BOM: BA75B) NT21L9 (BOM: BA75C) NT21L9 (BOM: CA75A) NT21L9FA (BOM: BA74A) NT21L9FA (BOM: BA74B) NT21L9FA (BOM: BA74C) NT21L9F (BOM: BA73A) NT21L9F (BOM: BA73B) NT21L9F (BOM: BA73C) NT21L9FW (BOM: CA73A) RB184PDA (BOM: DG43A) RB184PDV (BOM: DG42A) RB184PLDA (BOM: DG45A) RB184PLDV (BOM: DG44A) RB184RDA (BOM: DG47A) RB184RDV (BOM: DG46A) RB184RLDA (BOM: DG49A) RB184RLDV (BOM: DG48A) RB18DA-3AW (BOM: 4B48A) RB18DN-3AW (BOM: 4B48A) RB18DY-3AW (BOM: 4B48A) RB18EA-3AW (BOM: 5B47A) RB18EA-3AW (BOM: 5B67A) RB18EA-3AW (BOM: 7B03A) RB18EA-3AWL (BOM: 5B47B) RB18EA-3AWL (BOM: 5B67B) RB18EA-3AWL (BOM: 7B03B) RB18EN-3AW (BOM: 5B47A) RB18EN-3AW (BOM: 5B67A) RB18EN-3AW (BOM: 7B03A) RB18EN-3AWL (BOM: 5B47B) RB18EN-3AWL (BOM: 5B67B) RB18EN-3AWL (BOM: 7B03B) RB18EY-3AW (BOM: 5B47A) RB18EY-3AW (BOM: 5B67A) RB18EY-3AW (BOM: 7B03A) RB18EY-3AWL (BOM: 5B47B) RB18EY-3AWL (BOM: 5B67B) RB18EY-3AWL (BOM: 7B03B) RB18FA-3AL (BOM: 7B20B) RB18FA-3AW (BOM: 7B04A) RB18FA-3AW (BOM: 7B20A) RB18FN-3AL (BOM: 7B20B) RB18FN-3AW (BOM: 7B04A) RB18FN-3AW (BOM: 7B20A) RB18FY-3AL (BOM: 7B20B) RB18FY-3AW (BOM: 7B04A) RB18FY-3AW (BOM: 7B20A) RB18HA-3AL (BOM: 8B22B) RB18HA-3AW (BOM: 8B22A) RB18HN-3AL (BOM: 8B22B) RB18HN-3AW (BOM: 8B22A) RB18HY-3AL (BOM: 8B22B) RB18HY-3AW (BOM: 8B22A) RB18JA-4AL (BOM: 9A31B) RB18JA-4AL (BOM: 9A82A) RB18JA-4AL (BOM: 9A84A) RB18JA-4AW (BOM: 9A32A) RB18JA-4AW (BOM: 9A32B) RB18JA-4AW (BOM: 9A81A) RB18JA-4AW (BOM: 9A83A) RB18JN-4AL (BOM: 9A31B) RB18JN-4AL (BOM: 9A82A) RB18JN-4AL (BOM: 9A84A) RB18JN-4AW (BOM: 9A31A) RB18JN-4AW (BOM: 9A32B)
RB18JN-4AW (BOM: 9A81A) RB18JN-4AW (BOM: 9A83A) RB18KA-4AL (BOM: AG44B) RB18KA-4AL (BOM: AG44C) RB18KA-4AL (BOM: AG45C) RB18KA-4AL (BOM: BG44A) RB18KA-4AL (BOM: BG45A) RB18KA-4AL (BOM: BG45C) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: AG42B) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: AG42C) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: AG43B) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: AG43C) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: BG42A) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: BG42C) RB18KA-4AW (BOM: BG43A) RB18KA-4BL (BOM: BG47A) RB18KA-4BW (BOM: BG46A) RB18KN-4AL (BOM: AG44B) RB18KN-4AL (BOM: AG44C) RB18KN-4AL (BOM: AG45C) RB18KN-4AL (BOM: BG44A) RB18KN-4AL (BOM: BG44C) RB18KN-4AL (BOM: BG45A) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: AG42B) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: AG42C) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: AG43B) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: AG43C) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: BG42A) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: BG42C) RB18KN-4AW (BOM: BG43A) RB18KN-4BL (BOM: BG47A) RB18KN-4BW (BOM: BG46A) RB190PW (BOM: DE70A) RB190PW (BOM: DG53A) RB191ALV RB191AM RB191AV RB191PA RB191PA (BOM: DE77A) RB191PA (BOM: DG55A) RB191PLA RB191PLA (BOM: DE78A) RB191PLV RB191PLV (BOM: DE69A) RB191PV RB191PV (BOM: DE68A) RB191PV (BOM: DG51A) RB191PV (BOM: DG51B) RB191TA RB191TLM RB191TLV RB191TM RB191TV RB191TW RB1920TM RB1920TV RB192PA (BOM: DE72A) RB192PW (BOM: DE71A) RB192TA RB192TM RB192TV RB192TW RB193AB RB193AM RB193AV RB193PA RB193PA (BOM: DE74A) RB193PW RB193PW (BOM: DE73A) RB193TA RB193TCV RB193TM RB193TV RB193TW RB194PA (BOM: DE76A) RB194PV (BOM: DE75A) RB194RV (BOM: DG68A) RB19EA-2A (BOM: 5C47A) RB19EA-2A (BOM: 5C47B) RB19EA-2A (BOM: 7C07A) RB19EA-2AL (BOM: 5E60A) RB19EA-2AL (BOM: 7C07B) RB19EA-3A (BOM: 5C48A) RB19EA-3A (BOM: 5C48B) RB19EN-2A (BOM: 5C47A) RB19EN-2A (BOM: 5C47B) RB19EN-2A (BOM: 7C07A) RB19EN-2AL (BOM: 5E60A) RB19EN-2AL (BOM: 7C07B) RB19EN-3A (BOM: 5C48A) RB19EN-3A (BOM: 5C48B) RB19EY-2A (BOM: 5C47A) RB19EY-2A (BOM: 5C47B) RB19EY-2A (BOM: 7C07A) RB19EY-2AL (BOM: 5E60A) RB19EY-2AL (BOM: 7C07B) RB19EY-3A (BOM: 5C48A) RB19EY-3A (BOM: 5C48B) RB19FA-1A (BOM: 7C17A) RB19FA-1A (BOM: 7C37A) RB19FA-1AL (BOM: 7C17B) RB19FA-1AL (BOM: 7C37B) RB19FA-2A (BOM: 7C18A) RB19FA-2A (BOM: 7C38A) RB19FA-2AL (BOM: 7C18B) RB19FA-2AL (BOM: 7C38B) RB19FA-3A (BOM: 5E77A) RB19FA-3A (BOM: 7C19A) RB19FN-1A (BOM: 7C17A) RB19FN-1A (BOM: 7C37A) RB19FN-1AL (BOM: 7C17B) RB19FN-1AL (BOM: 7C37B) RB19FN-2A (BOM: 7C18A) RB19FN-2A (BOM: 7C38A) RB19FN-2AL (BOM: 7C18B) RB19FN-2AL (BOM: 7C38B) RB19FN-3A (BOM: 5E77A) RB19FN-3A (BOM: 7C19A) RB19FY-1A (BOM: 7C17A) RB19FY-1A (BOM: 7C37A) RB19FY-1AL (BOM: 7C17B) RB19FY-1AL (BOM: 7C37B) RB19FY-2A (BOM: 7C18A) RB19FY-2A (BOM: 7C38A) RB19FY-2AL (BOM: 7C18B) RB19FY-2AL (BOM: 7C38B) RB19FY-3A (BOM: 5E77A) RB19FY-3A (BOM: 7C19A) RB19GA-3A (BOM: 7C39A) RB19GA-3A (BOM: 7C39B) RB19GN-3A (BOM: 7C39A) RB19GN-3A (BOM: 7C39B) RB19GY-3A (BOM: 7C39A) RB19GY-3A (BOM: 7C39B) RB19HA-1A (BOM: 8C69A) RB19HA-1AF (BOM: 8C66A) RB19HA-1AFL (BOM: 8C66B) RB19HA-1AL (BOM: 8C69B) RB19HA-1AL (BOM: 9B56A) RB19HA-2A (BOM: 8C68A) RB19HA-3A (BOM: 8C67A) RB19HN-1A (BOM: 8C69A) RB19HN-1A (BOM: 9B55A) RB19HN-1AF (BOM: 8C66A) RB19HN-1AFL (BOM: 8C66B) RB19HN-1AL (BOM: 8C69B) RB19HN-1AL (BOM: 9B56A) RB19HN-1AR (BOM: 9B64A) RB19HN-2A (BOM: 8C68A) RB19HN-2A (BOM: 9B59A) RB19HN-3A (BOM: 8C67A) RB19HY-2A (BOM: 8C68A) RB19HY-3A (BOM: 8C67A) RB19JA-4A (BOM: 9A22A) RB19JA-4A (BOM: 9A22B) RB19JA-4A (BOM: 9A22C) RB19JN-4A (BOM: 9A21A) RB19JN-4A (BOM: 9A21B) RB19JN-4A (BOM: 9A21C) RB19KA-00 (BOM: AG41A) RB19KA-00 (BOM: BG41A) RB19KA-00 (BOM: BG41C) RB19KA-1A (BOM: AG51A) RB19KA-1A (BOM: AG51B) RB19KA-1A (BOM: BG51A) RB19KA-1A (BOM: BG51B) RB19KA-1A (BOM: BG51C) RB19KA-1AL (BOM: AG52A) RB19KA-1AL (BOM: AG52B) RB19KA-1AL (BOM: BG52A) RB19KA-1AL (BOM: BG52C) RB19KA-2A (BOM: AG58A) RB19KA-2A (BOM: AG58B) RB19KA-2A (BOM: BG58A) RB19KA-2A (BOM: BG58B) RB19KA-2A (BOM: BG58C) RB19KA-2A (BOM: CG58A) RB19KA-2AD (BOM: BL52A) RB19KA-3A (BOM: AG60A) RB19KA-3A (BOM: BG60A) RB19KA-3A (BOM: BG60B) RB19KA-3A (BOM: BG60C) RB19KA-3A (BOM: CG60A) RB19KA-3AT (BOM: BL51A) RB19KA-4A (BOM: AG64C) RB19KA-4A (BOM: AG64D) RB19KA-4A (BOM: AG65A) RB19KA-4A (BOM: AG65B) RB19KA-4A (BOM: AG65C) RB19KA-4A (BOM: AG65D) RB19KA-4A (BOM: BG64A) RB19KA-4A (BOM: BG64B) RB19KA-4A (BOM: BG65A) RB19KA-4A (BOM: BG65B) RB19KA-4A (BOM: BG65C) RB19KA-4A (BOM: CG65A) RB19KN-00 (BOM: AG41A) RB19KN-00 (BOM: BG41A) RB19KN-00 (BOM: BG41C) RB19KN-1A (BOM: AG51A) RB19KN-1A (BOM: AG51B) RB19KN-1A (BOM: BG51A) RB19KN-1A (BOM: BG51B) RB19KN-1A (BOM: BG51C) RB19KN-1AL (BOM: AG52A) RB19KN-1AL (BOM: AG52B) RB19KN-1AL (BOM: BG52A) RB19KN-1AL (BOM: BG52C) RB19KN-2A (BOM: AG58A) RB19KN-2A (BOM: AG58B) RB19KN-2A (BOM: BG58A) RB19KN-2A (BOM: BG58B) RB19KN-2A (BOM: BG58C) RB19KN-2A (BOM: CG58A) RB19KN-2AD (BOM: BL52A) RB19KN-3A (BOM: AG60A) RB19KN-3A (BOM: BG60A) RB19KN-3A (BOM: BG60B) RB19KN-3A (BOM: BG60C) RB19KN-3A (BOM: CG60A) RB19KN-3AT (BOM: BL51A) RB19KN-4A (BOM: AG64A) RB19KN-4A (BOM: AG64B) RB19KN-4A (BOM: AG64C) RB19KN-4A (BOM: AG64D) RB19KN-4A (BOM: AG65C) RB19KN-4A (BOM: AG65D) RB19KN-4A (BOM: BG64A) RB19KN-4A (BOM: BG64B) RB19KN-4A (BOM: BG64C) RB19KN-4A (BOM: BG65A) RB19KN-4A (BOM: BG65B) RB19KN-4A (BOM: BG65C) RB19KN-4A (BOM: CG64A) RB19KW-1A (BOM: CG53A) RB19KW-1AL (BOM: CG54A) RB19KY-2A (BOM: AG58A) RB19KY-2A (BOM: AG58B) RB19KY-2A (BOM: BG58A) RB19KY-2A (BOM: BG58B) RB19KY-2A (BOM: BG58C) RB19KY-2A (BOM: CG58A) RB19KY-3A (BOM: AG60A) RB19KY-3A (BOM: BG60A) RB19KY-3A (BOM: BG60B) RB19KY-3A (BOM: BG60C) RB19KY-3A (BOM: CG60A) RB19KY-3AT (BOM: BL51A) RB2120TA