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Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat

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$3162     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  

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SKU: WP52085-29

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Whirlpool Genuine OEM WP52085-29 Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat. This thermostat has a clip on the face. The defrost thermostat is a safety device against overheating.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric & Ikea.

Possible Repair Solution For:
Frost buildup, fridge section is too warm, fridge section is too cold, freezer section is too warm, freezer section is too cold, leaking water.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.

This part is also known as a defrost bi-metal thermostat or defrost bimetal thermostat.
Edmonton (DC): 1
Edmonton (South): 0
Calgary: 1
British Columbia
Richmond: 1
Surrey: 0
Winnipeg: 0
Saskatoon: 0
Hamilton: 1
London: 0
Mississauga: 0
Scarborough: 1
Windsor: 1
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Product Specifications

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Works with the Following Brands

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  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
  • Whirlpool Logo

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1072 52085-13 52085-2 52085-29 AH11742795 AH2047350
AP4055031 AP6009627 B00A8O0E7C B01N38FO5W EA11742795 EA2047350
EAP11742795 EAP2047350 GL8509 GL8513 L40-25 PS11742795
PS2047350 SL8509 XQ-GM0J-42U2
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NENS227F (BOM: 5M50B) NENS227FH (BOM: 5M50B) NENS227GA (BOM: 5N63A) NENS227G (BOM: 5N63A) NENS227GH (BOM: 5N63A) NENS228GZA (BOM: 7L33A) NENS228GZH (BOM: 7L33A) NENS228GZW (BOM: 7L33A) NENS248GZA (BOM: 7L37A) NENS248GZH (BOM: 7L37A) NENS248GZW (BOM: 7L37A) NNS207FA (BOM: 5M52A) NNS207FA (BOM: 5M52B) NNS207F (BOM: 5M52A) NNS207F (BOM: 5M52B) NNS207FH (BOM: 5M52A) NNS207FH (BOM: 5M52B) NNS207GA (BOM: 5N61A) NNS207GA (BOM: 7L39A) NNS207G (BOM: 5N61A) NNS207G (BOM: 7L39A) NNS207GH (BOM: 5N61A) NNS207GH (BOM: 7L39A) NNS207JA (BOM: 8L34A) NNS207JA (BOM: 8L34B) NNS207JA (BOM: 9P01A) NNS207J (BOM: 8L34A) NNS207J (BOM: 8L34B) NNS207J (BOM: 9P01A) NNS207JH (BOM: 8L34A) NNS207JH (BOM: 8L34B) NNS207JH (BOM: 9P01A) NNS208FA (BOM: 5M54A) NNS208F (BOM: 5M54A) NNS208GA (BOM: 5N68A) NNS208GA (BOM: 7L40A) NNS208G (BOM: 5N68A) NNS208G (BOM: 7L40A) NNS208GH (BOM: 5N68A) NNS208GH (BOM: 7L40A) NNS208JA (BOM: 8L36A) NNS208J (BOM: 8L36A) NNS208JH (BOM: 8L36A) NNS227FA (BOM: 5M53A) NNS227FA (BOM: 5M53B) NNS227F (BOM: 5M53A) NNS227F (BOM: 5M53B) NNS227FH (BOM: 5M53A) NNS227FH (BOM: 5M53B) NNS227GA (BOM: 5N62A) NNS227G (BOM: 5N62A) NNS227GH (BOM: 5N62A) NNS227GZA (BOM: 7L34A) NNS227GZ (BOM: 7L34A) NNS227GZH (BOM: 7L34A) NNS227JA (BOM: 8L35A) NNS227JA (BOM: 9P10A) NNS227J (BOM: 8L35A) NNS227J (BOM: 9P10A) NNS227JH (BOM: 8L35A) NNS227JH (BOM: 9P10A) NNS228GA (BOM: 5N69A) NNS228GA (BOM: 7L41A) NNS228G (BOM: 5N69A) NNS228G (BOM: 7L41A) NNS228GH (BOM: 5N69A) NNS228GH (BOM: 7L41A) NNS228JA (BOM: 8L37A) NNS228J (BOM: 8L37A) NNS228JH (BOM: 8L37A) NNS248GA (BOM: 5N70A) NNS248GA (BOM: 7L42A) NNS248G (BOM: 5N70A) NNS248G (BOM: 7L42A) NNS248GH (BOM: 5N70A) NNS248GH (BOM: 7L42A) NNS248JA (BOM: 8L39A) NNS248J (BOM: 8L39A) NNS248JH (BOM: 8L39A) NR640A (BOM: AP01B) NR640 (BOM: AP01B) NS207MA (BOM: DR02A) NS207MW (BOM: DR01A) NS207NA NS207NW NS207PA NS207PW NS208MW (BOM: DR06A) NS208MW (BOM: DR07A) NS208NA NS208NW NS20F7A (BOM: 5L41A) NS20F7A (BOM: 5L41B) NS20F7 (BOM: 5L41A) NS20F7 (BOM: 5L41B) NS20F7H (BOM: 5L41A) NS20F7H (BOM: 5L41B) NS20F8A (BOM: 5L42A) NS20F8A (BOM: 5L42B) NS20F8 (BOM: 5L42A) NS20F8 (BOM: 5L42B) NS20F8H (BOM: 5L42A) NS20F8H (BOM: 5L42B) NS20H7A (BOM: 7L11A) NS20H7A (BOM: 8L22A) NS20H7A (BOM: 9N01A) NS20H7 (BOM: 7L11A) NS20H7 (BOM: 8L22A) NS20H7 (BOM: 9N01A) NS20H7H (BOM: 7L11A) NS20H7H (BOM: 8L22A) NS20H7H (BOM: 9N01A) NS20H8A (BOM: 7L12A) NS20H8 (BOM: 7L12A) NS20H8H (BOM: 7L12A) NS20JXA (BOM: 8L21A) NS20JX (BOM: 8L21A) NS20JXH (BOM: 8L21A) NS20L7A (BOM: AN01A) NS20L7A (BOM: BN01B) NS20L7A (BOM: BN01C) NS20L7A (BOM: BN01D) NS20L7 (BOM: AN01A) NS20L7 (BOM: BN01B) NS20L7 (BOM: BN01C) NS20L7 (BOM: BN01D) NS20L7H (BOM: AN01A) NS20L7H (BOM: BN01B) NS20L7H (BOM: BN01C) NS20L7H (BOM: BN01D) NS229NW NS22F8A (BOM: 5L44A) NS22F8A (BOM: 5L44B) NS22F8 (BOM: 5L44A) NS22F8 (BOM: 5L44B) NS22F8H (BOM: 5L44A) NS22F8H (BOM: 5L44B) NS22H7A (BOM: 7L15A) NS22H7 (BOM: 7L15A) NS22H7H (BOM: 7L15A) NS22H8A (BOM: 7L03A) NS22H8A (BOM: 8L25A) NS22H8 (BOM: 7L03A) NS22H8 (BOM: 8L25A) NS22H8H (BOM: 7L03A) NS22H8H (BOM: 8L25A) NS22HP8A (BOM: 7L04A) NS22HP8 (BOM: 7L04A) NS22HP8H (BOM: 7L04A) NS22L8A (BOM: AN11A) NS22L8A (BOM: AN11B) NS22L8 (BOM: AN11A) NS22L8 (BOM: AN11B) NS24F8A (BOM: 5L48A) NS24F8A (BOM: 5L48B) NS24F8 (BOM: 5L48A) NS24F8 (BOM: 5L48B) NS24F8H (BOM: 5L48A) NS24F8H (BOM: 5L48B) NS24H8A (BOM: 7L07A) NS24H8 (BOM: 7L07A) NS24H8H (BOM: 7L07A) PINS24F9A (BOM: 5L57A) PINS24F9A (BOM: 5L57B) PINS24F9 (BOM: 5L57A) PINS24F9 (BOM: 5L57B) PINS24F9H (BOM: 5L57A) PINS24F9H (BOM: 5L57B) PNS24H9A (BOM: 7L49A) PNS24H9 (BOM: 7L49A) PNS24H9H (BOM: 7L49A) RC200TV RC202PA (BOM: DS07A) RC202PW (BOM: DS08A) RC202TAV RC202TM RC202TV RC203PDA RC203PDA (BOM: DS06A) RC203PDA (BOM: DS10A) RC203PDV RC203PDV (BOM: DS05A) RC203PDV (BOM: DS09A) RC203TDM RC203TDV RC20CA-2A (BOM: 4M50B) RC20CN-2A (BOM: 4M50B) RC20CY-2A (BOM: 4M50B) RC20EA-2A (BOM: 5M41A) RC20EA-2A (BOM: 5M41B) RC20EN-2A (BOM: 5M41A) RC20EN-2A (BOM: 5M41B) RC20EY-2A (BOM: 5M41A) RC20EY-2A (BOM: 5M41B) RC20FA-2A (BOM: 5N56A) RC20FA-3AW (BOM: 5N35A) RC20FA-3AW (BOM: 9S10A) RC20FN-2A (BOM: 5N56A) RC20FN-3AW (BOM: 5N35A) RC20FN-3AW (BOM: 9S10A) RC20FY-2A (BOM: 5N56A) RC20FY-3AW (BOM: 5N35A) RC20HA-2A (BOM: 8N12B) RC20HN-2A (BOM: 8N12B) RC20HN-2A (BOM: 9S05A) RC20HY-2A (BOM: 8N12B) RC20KA-00 (BOM: AS03A) RC20KA-00 (BOM: BS03B) RC20KA-00 (BOM: BS03C) RC20KA-2A (BOM: AS01A) RC20KA-3AW (BOM: AS09A) RC20KA-3AW (BOM: AS10A) RC20KN-00 (BOM: AS03A) RC20KN-00 (BOM: BS03B) RC20KN-00 (BOM: BS03C) RC20KN-2A (BOM: AS01A) RC20KN-3AW (BOM: AS09A) RC20KN-3AW (BOM: AS10A) RC20KY-2A (BOM: AS01A) RC20LA-2A (BOM: BS01A) RC20LA-2A (BOM: BS01C) RC20LA-2A (BOM: BS01E) RC20LA-2A (BOM: BS01F) RC20LA-2A (BOM: BS01G) RC20LA-2AD (BOM: BU01A) RC20LA-3AW (BOM: BS09A) RC20LA-3AW (BOM: BS09B) RC20LA-3AW (BOM: BS09C) RC20LA-3AW (BOM: BS10A) RC20LA-3AW (BOM: BS10B) RC20LA-3AW (BOM: BS10C) RC20LA-3BW (BOM: BS08A) RC20LN-2A (BOM: BS01A) RC20LN-2A (BOM: BS01C) RC20LN-2A (BOM: BS01E) RC20LN-2A (BOM: BS01F) RC20LN-2A (BOM: BS01G) RC20LN-2AD (BOM: BU01A) RC20LN-3AW (BOM: BS09A) RC20LN-3AW (BOM: BS09B) RC20LN-3AW (BOM: BS09C) RC20LN-3AW (BOM: BS10A) RC20LN-3AW (BOM: BS10B) RC20LN-3AW (BOM: BS10C) RC20LN-3BW (BOM: BS08A) RC20LY-2A (BOM: BS01A) RC20LY-2A (BOM: BS01C) RC20LY-2A (BOM: BS01E) RC20LY-2A (BOM: BS01F) RC20LY-2A (BOM: BS01G)
RC223AFM RC223AFV RC223AM RC223AV RC223PA (BOM: DS12A) RC223PW (BOM: DS11A) RC223TM RC223TV RC224ADM RC224ADV RC224PDA (BOM: DS33A) RC224PDK (BOM: DS34A) RC224PDV (BOM: DS32A) RC224RDA (BOM: DS37A) RC224RDA (BOM: DS37B) RC224RDK (BOM: DS35A) RC224RDV (BOM: DS36A) RC224RDV (BOM: DS36B) RC22CA-3AI (BOM: 3N79B) RC22CA-3AI (BOM: 4L50B) RC22CN-3AI (BOM: 3N79B) RC22CN-3AI (BOM: 4L50B) RC22CY-3AI (BOM: 3N79B) RC22CY-3AI (BOM: 4L50B) RC22EA-3AI (BOM: 5M46A) RC22EA-3AW (BOM: 5M44B) RC22EN-3AI (BOM: 5M46A) RC22EN-3AW (BOM: 5M44B) RC22EY-3AI (BOM: 5M46A) RC22EY-3AW (BOM: 5M44B) RC22FA-3AW (BOM: 5N57A) RC22FN-3AW (BOM: 5N57A) RC22FY-3AW (BOM: 5N57A) RC22HA-3A (BOM: 9S01A) RC22HA-3AW (BOM: 8N79A) RC22HA-3BW (BOM: 8N79B) RC22HN-3A (BOM: 9S01A) RC22HN-3AW (BOM: 8N79A) RC22HN-3BW (BOM: 8N79B) RC22KA-3A (BOM: AS11B) RC22KA-3AW (BOM: AS31A) RC22KA-3AW (BOM: AS32A) RC22KN-3A (BOM: AS11B) RC22KN-3AW (BOM: AS31A) RC22KN-3AW (BOM: AS32A) RC22KN-3BW (BOM: BS35A) RC22KN-3BW (BOM: BS35C) RC22KN-3BW (BOM: BS35D) RC22KN-3BW (BOM: CS35A) RC22KN-3BW (BOM: CS36A) RC22LA-3A (BOM: BS11A) RC22LA-3A (BOM: BS11C) RC22LA-3A (BOM: BS11D) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: BS31A) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: BS31C) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: BS31D) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: BS32A) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: BS32C) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: BS32D) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: CS32A) RC22LA-3AW (BOM: CS34A) RC22LN-3A (BOM: BS11A) RC22LN-3A (BOM: BS11C) RC22LN-3A (BOM: BS11D) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: BS31A) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: BS31C) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: BS31D) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: BS32A) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: BS32C) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: BS32D) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: CS31A) RC22LN-3AW (BOM: CS33A) RC244ADM RC244ADV RC244PDA (BOM: DS82A) RC244PDV (BOM: DS81A) RC244RDA (BOM: DS84A) RC244RDV (BOM: DS83A) RC24BA-3AW (BOM: 1M51A) RC24BN-3AW (BOM: 1M51A) RC24BY-3AW (BOM: 1M51A) RC24CA-3AI (BOM: 3N48B) RC24CA-3AI (BOM: 3N80A) RC24CA-3AI (BOM: 3N80B) RC24CA-3AI (BOM: 4L51B) RC24CA-3AW (BOM: 4M47B) RC24CN-3AI (BOM: 3N48B) RC24CN-3AI (BOM: 3N80A) RC24CN-3AI (BOM: 3N80B) RC24CN-3AI (BOM: 4L51B) RC24CN-3AW (BOM: 4M47B) RC24CY-3AI (BOM: 3N48B) RC24CY-3AI (BOM: 3N80A) RC24CY-3AI (BOM: 3N80B) RC24CY-3AI (BOM: 4L51B) RC24CY-3AW (BOM: 4M47B) RC24DA-3AS (BOM: 4L52B) RC24DN-3AS (BOM: 4L52B) RC24DY-3AS (BOM: 4L52B) RC24EA-3AI (BOM: 5M46B) RC24EA-3AI (BOM: 5M47A) RC24EA-3AW (BOM: 5M45A) RC24EA-3PW (BOM: 5M76B) RC24EN-3AI (BOM: 5M46B) RC24EN-3AI (BOM: 5M47A) RC24EN-3AW (BOM: 5M45A) RC24EN-3PW (BOM: 5M76B) RC24EY-3AI (BOM: 5M46B) RC24EY-3AI (BOM: 5M47A) RC24EY-3AW (BOM: 5M45A) RC24EY-3PW (BOM: 5M76B) RC24FA-3PW (BOM: 5N59A) RC24FA-3PW (BOM: 7N21A) RC24FN-3PW (BOM: 5N59A) RC24FN-3PW (BOM: 7N21A) RC24FY-3PW (BOM: 5N59A) RC24FY-3PW (BOM: 7N21A) RC24HA-3AI (BOM: 8N72A) RC24HA-3AI (BOM: 8N80A) RC24HA-3AW (BOM: 8N13A) RC24HN-3AI (BOM: 8N72A) RC24HN-3AI (BOM: 8N80A) RC24HN-3AW (BOM: 8N13A) RC24HY-3AI (BOM: 8N72A) RC24HY-3AI (BOM: 8N80A) RC24HY-3AW (BOM: 8N13A) RC24KA-3AW (BOM: AS81A) RC24KA-3AW (BOM: AS82A) RC24KN-3AW (BOM: AS81A) RC24KN-3AW (BOM: AS82A) RC24LA-3AW (BOM: BS81A) RC24LA-3AW (BOM: BS81C) RC24LA-3AW (BOM: BS82A) RC24LA-3AW (BOM: CS82A) RC24LA-3AW (BOM: CS84A) RC24LN-3AW (BOM: BS81A) RC24LN-3AW (BOM: BS81C) RC24LN-3AW (BOM: BS82A) RC24LN-3AW (BOM: CS81A) RC24LN-3AW (BOM: CS83A) RC274TDM RC274TDV RCE20LA-2A (BOM: CS02A) RCE224RDA RCE224RDA (BOM: DS39A) RCE224RDV RCE224RDV (BOM: DS38A) RCE224TDM RCE224TDV RCE244RDA (BOM: DS86A) RCE244RDV (BOM: DS85A) RCE244TDM RCE244TDV RCW2000DAB RCW2000DAE RCW2010DAB RCW2010DAE RD22DA-3A (BOM: 4M49B) RD22DN-3A (BOM: 4M49B) RD22DY-3A (BOM: 4M49B) RD22EA-3A (BOM: 5M43A) RD22EA-3A (BOM: 5M43B) RD22EN-3A (BOM: 5M43A) RD22EN-3A (BOM: 5M43B) RD22EY-3A (BOM: 5M43A) RD22EY-3A (BOM: 5M43B) RD22FA-3A (BOM: 5N60A) RD22FN-3A (BOM: 5N60A) RD22FY-3A (BOM: 5N60A) RD24EA-3A (BOM: 5M77A) RD24EN-3A (BOM: 5M77A) RD24EY-3A (BOM: 5M77A) RISBS560B RISBS560N RNC20AA-3A (BOM: 2L46A) RNC20AA-3A (BOM: 3M51B) RNC20AA-3A (BOM: 3M65A) RNC20AA-3A (BOM: 4N50A) RNC20AN-3A (BOM: 2L46A) RNC20AN-3A (BOM: 3M51B) RNC20AN-3A (BOM: 3M65A) RNC20AN-3A (BOM: 4N50A) RNC20AY-3A (BOM: 2L46A) RNC20AY-3A (BOM: 3M51B) RNC20AY-3A (BOM: 3M65A) RNC20AY-3A (BOM: 4N50A) RNC20CA-2A (BOM: 4M48B) RNC20CN-2A (BOM: 4M48B) RNC20CY-2A (BOM: 4M48B) RNC20EA-3A (BOM: 5M67A) RNC20EN-3A (BOM: 5M67A) RNC20EY-3A (BOM: 5M67A) RNC22AA-3A (BOM: 2L47A) RNC22AA-3A (BOM: 3M52B) RNC22AA-3A (BOM: 4N51B) RNC22AN-3A (BOM: 2L47A) RNC22AN-3A (BOM: 3M52B) RNC22AN-3A (BOM: 4N51B) RNC22AY-3A (BOM: 2L47A) RNC22AY-3A (BOM: 3M52B) RNC22AY-3A (BOM: 4N51B) RNC22EA-3A (BOM: 5M68B) RNC22EN-3A (BOM: 5M68B) RNC22EY-3A (BOM: 5M68B) RND22AA-3A (BOM: 2L48A) RND22AA-3A (BOM: 3M53B) RND22AA-3A (BOM: 4N52B) RND22AN-3A (BOM: 2L48A) RND22AN-3A (BOM: 3M53B) RND22AN-3A (BOM: 4N52B) RND22AY-3A (BOM: 2L48A) RND22AY-3A (BOM: 3M53B) RND22AY-3A (BOM: 4N52B) RND22EA-3A (BOM: 5M78B) RND22EN-3A (BOM: 5M78B) RND22EY-3A (BOM: 5M78B) RND24AA-3A (BOM: 2L49A) RND24AA-3A (BOM: 3M54B) RND24AA-3A (BOM: 4N53B) RND24AN-3A (BOM: 2L49A) RND24AN-3A (BOM: 3M54B) RND24AN-3A (BOM: 4N53B) RND24AY-3A (BOM: 2L49A) RND24AY-3A (BOM: 3M54B) RND24AY-3A (BOM: 4N53B) RND24EA-3A (BOM: 5M69B) RND24EN-3A (BOM: 5M69B) RND24EY-3A (BOM: 5M69B) RSB2000DAE RSBS20010 RSBS22D010 RSC2000AAL (BOM: CM01A) RSC2000AAL (BOM: CM01B) RSC2000AAW (BOM: CM01A) RSC2000AAW (BOM: CM01B) RSC20A (BOM: 9M01A) RSC20A (BOM: AM01A) RSC20A (BOM: AM01C) RSC20A (BOM: BM01A) RSC20A (BOM: BM01B) RSCA207AAE RSCA207AAM RSD2000AAL (BOM: CM05B) RSD2000AAW (BOM: CM05A) RSD2000CAE (BOM: DM05A) RSD2000CAL (BOM: DM06A) RSD2000DAE RSD2000DAM RSD2050AGE