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Whirlpool Dryer Screw, 10-16 x 7/8"

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$631     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  

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SKU: WP3387230

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Key Features

  • Genuine OEM to optimize your performance
  • 10-16 x 7/8 inch
  • Check your model number below to ensure this is the correct part for your appliance
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  • Contact our Customer Care Centre if you are unsure if this product will fit your model

Whirlpool Genuine OEM WP3387230 Dryer Screw, 10-16 x 7/8".

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric, & IKEA.

Edmonton (DC): 0
Edmonton (South): 0
Calgary: 0
British Columbia
Richmond: 0
Surrey: 0
Winnipeg: 0
Saskatoon: 0
Hamilton: 0
London: 0
Mississauga: 3
Scarborough: 2
Windsor: 0
Stock shown on hand can change at anytime without notice or may already be spoken for. Please inquire by phone to confirm precise amounts available at that time.

Product Specifications

Skill Level:

Works with the Following Brands

  • Admiral Logo
  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
  • Whirlpool Logo

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