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Whirlpool Range Ignitor

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$10535     Genuine OEM Factory Parts  
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SKU: 786324

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Whirlpool Genuine OEM 786324 Gas Range Ignitor. This is a flat style ignitor. This part is approximately 5-1/4" long. The oven ignitor glows white hot to ignite the gas for the oven burner.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric, & IKEA.

Possible Repair Solution For:
Little heat when baking, no heat when baking, not heating evenly, element will not heat, will not start, gas smell.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.

This part is also known as an igniter.

The appliance this part fits is also referred to as a stove, oven, cooktop, wall oven, or range oven.
Stock shown on hand can change at anytime without notice or may already be spoken for. Please inquire by phone to confirm precise amounts available at that time.
Edmonton (DC): 5
Edmonton (South): 5
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British Columbia
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Winnipeg: 2
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Hamilton: 3
London: 2
Mississauga: 4
Scarborough: 6
Windsor: 3
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Amre Branch # of Days
Calgary: 29
Edmonton Downtown: 39
Edmonton South: 30
Hamilton: 35
London: 29
Mississauga: 29
Richmond: 33
Saskatoon: 28
Scarborough: 30
Surrey: 33
Windsor: 23
Winnipeg: 33

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Works with the Following Brands

  • Admiral Logo
  • Amana Logo
  • Caloric Logo
  • Crosley Logo
  • Estate Logo
  • Hardwick Logo
  • IKEA Logo
  • Inglis Logo
  • Jenn-Air Logo
  • KitchenAid Logo
  • Magic Chef Logo
  • Maytag Logo
  • Modern Maid Logo
  • Norge Logo
  • Roper Logo
  • Whirlpool Logo

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RJS369-OF (BOM: RJS3690OF) RJT369 RKD395 RKS395 RKS-396 RLR345 RLR359 RLR364 RLR395 RLR398 RMR345 RMR359 RMR364 RMR395 RMR398 RSD307 RSD350 RSD352 RSD353 RSD354 RSD359 RSD363 RSD369 RSD379 RSD398 RSD399 RSF3200L (BOM: P1141255N) RSF3200W (BOM: P1141255N) RSF3200W (BOM: P1141264N) RSF320OUL (BOM: P1141255N) RSF320OUL (BOM: P1141264N) RSF320OUL (BOM: P1141271N) RSF320OUW (BOM: P1141255N) RSF320OUW (BOM: P1141264N) RSF320OUW (BOM: P1141271N) RSF3300L (BOM: P1141256N) RSF3300W (BOM: P1141256N) RSF3300W (BOM: P1141265N) RSF330OUL (BOM: P1141256N) RSF330OUL (BOM: P1141265N) RSF330OUW (BOM: P1141256N) RSF330OUW (BOM: P1141265N) RSF3400UL (BOM: P1141222N L) RSF3400UW (BOM: P1141222N W) RSF3400UWG (BOM: P1141222NWG) RSF3410L (BOM: P1141257N) RSF3410UL (BOM: P1141257N) RSF3410W (BOM: P1141257N) RSF341OUW (BOM: P1141257N) RSK3700UK (BOM: P1141223N K) RSK3700UK (BOM: P1141247N K) RSK3700UK (BOM: P1141253N K) RSK3700UL (BOM: P1141223N L) RSK3700UL (BOM: P1141247N L) RSK3700UL (BOM: P1141253N L) RSK3700UW (BOM: P1141223N W) RSK3700UW (BOM: P1141247N W) RSK3700UW (BOM: P1141253N W) RSK3700UWW (BOM: P1141223W W) RSK3700UWW (BOM: P1141247W W) RSK3700UWW (BOM: P1141253W W) RSS307 RSS307-OF (BOM: RSS3070OF) RSS343 RSS352 RSS352-OF (BOM: RSS3520OF) RSS353 RSS353-OF (BOM: RSS3530OF) RSS354 RSS354-OF (BOM: RSS3540OF) RSS356UL (BOM: P1130975N L) RSS356UL (BOM: P1141233N L) RSS356UL (BOM: P1141234N L) RSS356UL (BOM: P1141249N L) RSS356UL,W (BOM: P1130975NLW) RSS356UL,W (BOM: P1141233NLW) RSS356UL,W (BOM: P1141234NLW) RSS356UL,W (BOM: P1141249NL,) RSS356UW (BOM: P1130975N W) RSS356UW (BOM: P1141233N W) RSS356UW (BOM: P1141234N W) RSS356UW (BOM: P1141249N W) RSS358UL (BOM: P1130875N L) RSS358UL (BOM: P1130888N L) RSS358UL (BOM: P1130974N L) RSS358UL (BOM: P1141226N L) RSS358UL (BOM: P1141231N L) RSS358UL (BOM: P1141235N L) RSS358UL (BOM: P1141250N L) RSS358ULCO (BOM: P1130891N L) RSS358ULCO (BOM: P1141207N L) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1130891N L) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141218N L) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141218N W) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141226NLG) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141226NWG) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141232N L) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141232N W) RSS358ULG (BOM: P1141250NLG) RSS358ULGCO (BOM: P1141219N L) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1130875NLW) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1130888NL) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1130974NL) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1141226NLW) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1141231NL) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1141235NL) RSS358UL,W (BOM: P1141250NL,) RSS358UW (BOM: P1130875N W) RSS358UW (BOM: P1130888N W) RSS358UW (BOM: P1130974N W) RSS358UW (BOM: P1141226N W) RSS358UW (BOM: P1141231N W) RSS358UW (BOM: P1141235N W) RSS358UW (BOM: P1141250N W) RSS358UWCO (BOM: P1130891N W) RSS358UWCO (BOM: P1141207N W) RSS358UWG (BOM: P1130891N W) RSS358UWG (BOM: P1141218N W) RSS358UWG (BOM: P1141226NWG) RSS358UWG (BOM: P1141232N W) RSS358UWG (BOM: P1141250NWG) RSS358UWGCO (BOM: P1141219N W) RSS359 RSS359-OF (BOM: RSS3590OF) RSS361 RSS361-OF (BOM: RSS3610OF) RSS363 RSS363-OF (BOM: RSS3630OF) RSS369 RSS369-OF (BOM: RSS3690OF) RSS380 RSS380-OF (BOM: RSS3800OF) RSS398 RSS399 RST307 RST308U (BOM: P1130723N K) RST308U (BOM: P1130723N L) RST308U (BOM: P1130723N W) RST308U (BOM: P1130724NWW) RST308U (BOM: P1130725N K) RST308U (BOM: P1130725N L) RST308U (BOM: P1130725N W) RST308U (BOM: P1130726NWW) RST308U (BOM: P1130728NWW) RST308UK (BOM: P1130723N K) RST308UK (BOM: P1130727N K) RST308UL (BOM: P1130723N L) RST308UL (BOM: P1130727N L) RST308UW (BOM: P1130723N W) RST308UW (BOM: P1130727N W) RST308UWW (BOM: P1130723NWW) RST308UWW (BOM: P1130725NWW) RST309 RST310UK (BOM: P1130738N K) RST310UL (BOM: P1130738N L) RST310UW (BOM: P1130738N W) RST310UWW (BOM: P1130739N) RST354 RST354/ALL (BOM: RST354/AL L) RST359 RST359/ALL (BOM: RST359/AL L) RST361 RST361/ALL (BOM: RST361/AL L) RST362
RST362/ALL (BOM: RST362/AL L) RST369 RST369/ALL (BOM: RST369/AL L) RST376 RST376/ALL (BOM: RST376/AL L) RST378UL (BOM: P1141203N L) RST378UW (BOM: P1141203N W) RST380 RST380/ALL (BOM: RST380/AL L) RST381 RST381/ALL (BOM: RST381/AL L) RST382U (BOM: P1141220N K) RST382UK (BOM: P1141220N K) RST382UK (BOM: P1141228N K) RST387 RST387/ALL (BOM: RST387/AL L) RST387UWW RST388U (BOM: P1141221NWW) RST388U (BOM: P1141229NWW) RST388UWW (BOM: P1141221N W) RST388UWW (BOM: P1141246NWW) RST399UL (BOM: P1132621N L) RST399UL (BOM: P1132622N L) RST399UL (BOM: P1132635N L) RST399UL (BOM: P1132642N L) RST399UL (BOM: P1141267N L) RST399UW (BOM: P1132621N W) RST399UW (BOM: P1132622N W) RST399UW (BOM: P1132635N W) RST399UW (BOM: P1132642N W) RST399UW (BOM: P1141267N W) RWS202 RWS202UD (BOM: P1132404N) RWS202UD (BOM: P1132439N) RWS202UD (BOM: P1132441N) RWS212 RWS212U0 (BOM: P1132405N) RWS214 (BOM: P1132434N) RWS214U0 (BOM: P1132407N) RWS214UD (BOM: P1132434N) RWS214UD (BOM: P1132436N) RWS214UD (BOM: P1132442N D) RWS214UWW (BOM: P1132432N) RWS214UWW (BOM: P1132437N) RWS214UWW (BOM: P1132442NWW) RWS216 RWS216U0 (BOM: P1132409N) RXS212 RXS212U0 (BOM: P1132410N) RXS214 RXS214U0 (BOM: P1132412N) RXS216 RXS216U0 (BOM: P1132414N) SAK26TC SB100PES0 SB100PES1 SB100PES2 SB100PES3 SB100PES4 SB130PER1 SB130PER2 SB130PER3 SB130PER4 SB130PER5 SB130PERW0 SE960PEPW0 SE960PEPW1 SE960PEPW2 SE960PEPW3 SE960PEPW5 SE960PEPW6 SF3600EPW0 SF3600EPW1 SF365BEPW0 SF365BEPW1 SF365BEPW2 SF365BEPW7 SF365BEWN0 SF365BEWN1 SF365BEWN2 SF365BEWN3 SF365BEWW0 SF365BEWW1 SF365BEWW2 SF365BEWW3 SF370PEWN0 SF370PEWN1 SF370PEWN2 SF370PEWN3 SF370PEWN4 SF370PEWQ0 SF370PEWQ1 SF370PEWW0 SF370PEWW1 SF370PEWW2 SF370PEWW3 SF370PEWW4 SF370PEWW5 SF370PEWZ0 SF375BEPW0 SF375BEPW1 SF375BEPW2 SF375BEPW4 SF375BEPW7 SF375PEWN0 SF375PEWN1 SF375PEWN2 SF375PEWN3 SF375PEWW0 SF375PEWW1 SF375PEWW2 SF375PEWW3 SF376PEPW0 SF376PEWW0 SF376PEWW1 SF376PEWW2 SF376PEWW3 SF378PEWN0 SF378PEWQ0 SF378PEWQ1 SF378PEWW0 SF378PEWZ0 SF378PEWZ1 SF380PEWN0 SF380PEWQ0 SF380PEWW0 SF380PEWZ0 SF388PEWN0 SF388PEWQ0 SF388PEWW0 SF388PEWZ0 SF395BEPW1 SF395PEPW0 SF395PEPW1 SF395PEPW2 SF395PEPW4 SF395PEPW7 SF395PEWN2 SF395PEWW0 SF395PEWW1 SF395PEWW2 SF396PEPW0 SF396PEPW7 SGS395XX0 SGS395XX1 SGS395XX2 SM958PEPW0 SM958PEPW1 SM988PEPW0 SM988PEPW1 SM988PEPW2 SM988PESW0 SM988PESW3 SM988PESW7 SM988PESW8 SS363BETT0 SS363BETT2 SS363BETT3 SS363BETT4 SS373PEX1 SS373PEXT0 SS630PER1 SS630PER2