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Doktor Doom Foaming Outdoor Ant Eliminator, 544g

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**Approved For Use In All Provinces**
Foaming residual outdoor ant eliminator (killer). Kills ants in cracks and crevices. Reaches where they hide. The nozzle and formula of this product is designed to produce a foam that reaches ants where they hide. The foam expands leaving an effective residue that kills ants on contact. 544grams

Application Tips to Eliminate Ant Hills

Use this Jet Foam for the ant hills and along with #11606 Residual Spray to surround the ant hill as a perimeter barrier. The queen tunnels out of the nest you treated with the Jet Foam and pops up within a few feet of the old nest, hence the Residual spray treatment to areas around the existing nest-you need to eliminate the queen to rid yourself of the nest.

Inject the ant foam into equidistant holes throughout the nest until the foam comes out the top of the hill. After this feather the yellow residual spray away from the hill on the sod for a good 2-3 feet. Cover this with a sheet of plywood or a garbage can lid with a rock on it for a few days and the ant hill is done. Some nests are huge- Repeat application if Nest returns.

Always do this early in the morning or later at night and not if you are expecting rain within a few hours of the treatment.

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