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Auto Scrubbers

E847000 Betco MotoMop Small Area Cleaner, 13-1/2 E847000 Clearance
DB19352-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane Mini Compact Automatic Scrubber DB19352-C-AGM Special Order
DB19362-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane 450 XTT Compact Automatic Scrubber DB19362-C-AGM Special Order
DB19368-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane Rally Ride On Autoscrubber, 28 DB19368-C-AGM Special Order
DB19409 Dustbane DBX-Power AGM Battery DB19409 Special Order
DB19355-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane Maxi Compact Automatic Scrubber DB19355-C-AGM Special Order
E2740000 Betco GeneSys 28ORB Automatic Scrubber, with Standard Controls E2740000 Special Order
E2993500 Betco Stealth ASD20B Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber E2993500 Special Order
Betco GeneSys 28D Automatic Scrubber, with Battery & Charger E2730000 Special Order
DB19326-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane 900 XTT Ride on Autoscrubber, 28 DB19326-C-AGM Special Order
E2720000 Betco GeneSys 26D Automatic Scrubber E2720000 Special Order
DB19360-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane 900 XTT Cylindrical Ride on Autoscrubber, 30 DB19360-C-AGM Special Order
E2996100 Betco Stealth DRS 21 E2996100 Special Order