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Auto Scrubbers

E847000 Betco MotoMop Small Area Cleaner, 13-1/2 E847000 In-Stock
DB19409 Dustbane DBX-Power AGM Battery DB19409 In-Stock
E8303900 Betco Genie B All Purpose Auto Scrubber, 14 E8303900 Special Order
DB19362-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane 450 XTT Compact Automatic Scrubber DB19362-C-AGM Special Order
DB19355-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane Maxi Compact Automatic Scrubber DB19355-C-AGM Special Order
E2740000 Betco GeneSys 28ORB Automatic Scrubber, with Standard Controls E2740000 Special Order
E2993500 Betco Stealth ASD20B Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber E2993500 Special Order
DB19352-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane Mini Compact Automatic Scrubber DB19352-C-AGM Special Order
E2720000 Betco GeneSys 26D Automatic Scrubber E2720000 Special Order
DB19368-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane Rally Ride On Autoscrubber, 28 DB19368-C-AGM Special Order
DB19360-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane 900 XTT Cylindrical Ride on Autoscrubber, 30 DB19360-C-AGM Special Order
E2996100 Betco Stealth DRS 21 E2996100 Special Order
DB19326-C-AGM Dustbane Hurricane 900 XTT Ride on Autoscrubber, 28 DB19326-C-AGM Special Order
Betco GeneSys 28D Automatic Scrubber, with Battery & Charger E2730000 Special Order